To Unite With the Dark.

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horror, fantasy, magical, paranormal, hetero romance
It was the year 3490. The future was great with technology, but after 2012, magic and supernatural had been leaking out of the universe straight into Earth. Few humans were gifted with magic or powers, but their brains adapted to the advanced technology, and soon flying cars or smart houses were common place. Along with extremely powerful cures for diseases, laser-tech surgeries for practically everything; and fewer poverty-stricken people as businesses and corporations stepped up to meet the demands of proud working class people and other classes. Vampires and Humans were trying to form a truce of sorts, considering the werewolves, demons, and various other dark creatures were almost overwhelming in numbers, and all wanted to dominate the race of humans and vampires both. One particular young woman with amnesia since childhood, knew nothing of her family, or if she'd ever belonged to anyone special. But she went out every night, while other people were mostly inside their houses, locked in and barricaded against the evil forces that prowled every street; her name was Liana Courdes, and while she was hunting one particularly rainy night, she didn't realize she was soon about to get more than a wake up call. She didn't look like much of a hunter, even with her all black hunting outfit, and silver sword with the ruby hilt attached to her back, or the belt full of wooden, black stakes around her waist. Her long wavy blond hair was tied back in a waist-length braid, her piercing silver-blue eyes constantly searching every alley way or corner, or the middle of the streets for enemies. She'd grown up on her own and was fiercely independent. At 5'2 her short height was an advantage. Taller creatures went straight for her, thinking 'oooo easy target' only to be quickly decapitated and burned with unreal speed the next moment. Right now she was tired, she had a long day at work, and hunting right after her job seemed harsh to her body. But it was used to her abusing it by now. And these monsters better hurry and show themselves or this hunter is going home.~ She thought to herself, before passing through another alley...
He ran through the dark alleyways as quickly as he possibly could while checking his watch for the time. 5:14.....Damn it! Only one more hour til sunrise, and I still haven't found her!!!! Where are you...? Landion didn't know whether to give up or keep searching. He was a Vampire walking through the streets of Earth. If he didn't get killed by the rising sun, some Human would come around and kill him instead. He was treading on deadly land. He needed to make a choice. Either find his Empress and get back to the shuttle, or abandon the task once more and return to the Dark World empty-handed yet again. Of course, there were a couple of other "Dark Creatures" lurking about Earth that the Human's crappy military failed to eliminate. Landion wasn't worried about them, though. They were his "brothers". He didn't attack them and they didn't attack him. Landion stopped reluctantly at the curb. Pounding his sword on the ground, Landion put his mouth up to what looked like his wristwatch. "I don't see her Braun......I....I'm sorry. We'll have to try again tommorow night," he whispered. A voice then came from the watch. ".........HUH?! Are you sure, Lan?! I mean....Come on! You gotta keep looking!" it said. Landion frowned. "I TOLD you! I've looked just about everywhere! We've been at it for 5 months now! I don't----"

Suddenly, the roar of a werewolf pierced the night. Landion knew for a fact that Werewolves never roared like that unless there was a Human nearby. He quickly ran across the street towards the direction of the sound. His feet felt like they were hovering as they slammed against the pavement and his heart beat wildly in his chest. This could be her, and if it wasn't her, he'd risk the chance of his presence being made known to the Human military which would lead to more arising tensions between the Humans and Vampires. As if the Demon attacks weren't already more than they could bear. When Landion reached the nearby alleyway, he stopped and hid behind the corner. It was the Empress. Apparently, she was Hunting again. Looking at his wristwatch again, the Vampire soldier sighed stressfully. 5:30! Dang it!......At least I finally found her......But I only have 30 minutes to get both her and I out of here, and the space shuttle is a mile from here! Swiftly pulling the loaded tranquilizer gun from out of its holster, he aimed at the Empress, and after muttering a few words in the Dark Language, he pulled the trigger.

Hoisting her unconsious body over his shoulder, Landion began to run off quickly when a creature appeared from the shadows.

"Leave the girl, "Brother"!" the Werewolf exclaimed.

Landion turned around. The Werewolves only spoke to Vampires and other Dark Beings, but never to Humans. Running his fingers through his hair, he replied firmly. "I cannot, "Brother". She is our Sister. If I let you take her, our people will die."

The Werewolf furled his eyebrows. "In what way is she our Sister?"

Landion shuffled in his spot. It was 5:45. 15 minutes til sunrise. "I can't explain, now, Brother!......She is the Empress! The one who will save our people from the Demons! I must go!" Landion ran as quickly as he could down the streets. He spoke into his wristwatch again. "BRAUN! I need a teleport beam at 545 Cheston Road, stat!" As he reached Cheston, a large blue, glowing portal appeared in the middle of the street. Bracing himself, he jumped through, the girl still in tow. And in minutes, he was in the cockpit of the space shuttle. Of course, Braun had a fit about having to exhibit such a sudden teleport beam on Human territory, but the soldier didn't care. He was able to retrieve and bring back their Empress safely. That was all that mattered. As the shuttle took off, Landion watched the Medics carry the young woman off to the Infirmary.............

In the Dark, you are our Light. Protect us. Help your People. Our bodies may be unappealing, but our hearts are golden. Do not leave us. You are The One.
Liana crumpled to the ground just as soon as she was tranqed! She was carried off by a stranger, but her mind was so far gone, she didn't even hear or feel anything around her.... except for the strange words in her mind that told her she was the only hope.... only hope for what?? or who? Then, she couldn't think at all. When she woke up, she didn't know where she was, or who was with her! Terror gripped Liana for a moment, until she found all of her weapons were still close by. That was the only reassuring thing about this place. Her head ached, but all of her recent injuries from various hunting incidents were patched up, and she felt more rested than she had in years......

Now the most important matter: Where was she? She had no idea... she seemed to be in some sort of room, but the atmosphere felt different, colder, than what she was used to.. "Is there someone here.....?" She asked, her voice oddly weak. Whatever had knocked her out had managed to knock her out to the point she was still tired after waking up!
Landion sat in the Weaponry Room stretching his feet out in the chair next to him. Briefly lighting a cigarette, he smoked away his tiredness, and held his head back in relief. He was pretty much sitting in there conversing with Braun, who was already hard at work loading and preparing the guns and other weapons in case of any in-flight mishaps. Walking through the door holding a heaping pile of tools and equipment, the very strong and muscularly built, 6'10 Vampire, said in a strained voice, "Hey, no smoking in the airship at all times! Besides.....It's bad for your health, and we Vampires already have enough bad health as it is!" Scoffing, Landion sat upright. "Tsk! It's not like it's written in stone or whatever!" This made Braun point to a sign on the nearby wall that said in bold print: "SMOKING ON THE AIRSHIP IS PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES DURING FLIGHT!!!!". Landion chuckled grimly then put out his cigarette making a snobbish remark. "Well, aren't you the Proud Hypocrite? Schooling me on "Good Health" when I see you smoking cigars in the Cargo Hold with most of the crew!" "Hey! It's a different story you and me! I'm just a lowly Weapons Master, but YOU my good Sir, are the Empress' Guardian. My health doesn't matter compared to yours. Besides, how can you be so crabby towards your bestest friend when I got you this!" Braun then proceeded to pull from behind his back, after dropping all the equipment on the table in front of them, a bucket of piping hot Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Landion immediately perked up and snatched the bucket from out of his hand. "No way! Really? How'd you get this, dude?!" The Assassin's mouth watered as he bit into the chicken. A flavor he hadn't tasted in years.

The Vampires really didn't get all of the indulging fast food like they used to on Earth. It's quite a shocker that they eat Human food at all, but that's what is now considered a delicacy aside from real blood. Braun laughed as he watched his best friend gnaw on the chicken passionately. He never really got to see him happy at all. Landion had been a cold, hard, emotionless shell for years. "I'm glad ya liked it! I sent the cadets out to get it while you were searching around for the Empress!" When Braun said this, it made Landion turn from pleased to his normally closed-in self all over again. "What?! You mean to tell me that while I was out there risking my life for the good of our people, you were sending out cadets to get fried chicken?!......Wow, Braun. You know, you never cease to amaze! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!" Then, they both got really quiet the whole room silent to the point where all you could hear was the ticking of the clock on the wall and the occasional sound of footsteps walking up and down the hall outside the door. All of a sudden, the 2 best friends burst into laughter, a warm feeling filling the room. Braun wiped his forehead, and, looking at his friend sympathetically, said, "Landion, words just can't express how glad I am that you're alive.....". Landion didn't know why he was looking so sad and pitying, but didn't bother to ask or think about it. Then, Braun hopped onto the table, and put his face close to the dark-haired soldier saying, "Now, then! Don't you have some very important business to take care of?!?! Go and guard the Empress, remember?! You ARE her Guardian after all!!!!" Landion sprang to his feet and ran down the hallways as quickly as he could. He had forgotten all about her. Which is shocking since it's the only person he could ever think about for the past couple of months.

As Landion reached the western part of the space shuttle, he could hear a young woman yelling down the hall in the Infirmary. The Empress?.....No....She isn't supposed to wake up til tommorow morning! Unfortunately, his predictions were wrong. The girl was wide awake and yelling for assistance.

"Is there someone here.....?" She asked, her voice oddly weak.

Landion quickly punched the password into the keypad to unlock and open the Infirmary door. Followed by a long whirring sound as the door slid open, he stepped inside to see the girl from across the room. She was just as beautiful as she had remembered her. A long time ago.......when the Demons weren't around, and they all still lived with the Humans on Earth. Mesmerized, Landion had to force his words to come out. "Wow.......It's nice see you so awake......and so alert, Empress. You were looking for someone? I'm here if you need me......"
Liana heard footsteps and instantly tried to stand up, but her body protested fiercely as a wave of dizziness kept her from moving all that much! "Empress...? I'm afraid you have the wrong person if you think I'm an empress..... I'm merely a hunter." She said, looking uneasy at being in such unusual surroundings. "Where am I.....? I need to go back home." She told him, feeling out of sorts, and still trying to stand to her feet. One thing about Liana, she'd depended on her body's stubbornness and refusal to stay down or asleep for longer than a few hours at a time. She hadn't had a good rest in -years-. She also had little time to tend to her own needs, which explained her rail-thin appearance. She looked lost right then-- almost as if she could vanish right there before his eyes. "I really do -think- you have the wrong person...... " She said apologetically, deciding somehow he was friend, not foe. But her memory was so skewed, she couldn't actually say if she'd even been here in this strange place before or not.

What was wrong with her? She felt too dizzy- as if every nerve in her body wanted her to just lie down and let all the other problems sort themselves out later. Trouble was, there were just too many questions and issues right now to let her rest!
Amnesia. He had forgotten all about that. He was so used to speaking to her with such ease ever sice they were just kids that he had forgotten the Liana he once knew was pretty much gone. Sighing, he reluctantly replied, "You are, Liana........the Empress, I mean. Empress Courdes.....It may be hard for you to believe, but you have amnesia......We lost you....a long time ago......You really don't know what kind of serious crap we've went through trying to get you back....". Leaning against the wall, he looked at the young woman with regret. It's like looking into a all seems so real....and, then.....when you reach out to touch realize it's only a sad memory. Lighting another cigarette, Landion spoke to her half-heartedly, this time. "You can't go home. Sorry. You'd be much better off staying with us in the Dark World, once we get there. Demons have been attacking there like crazy. A lot of our Brothers are dying. You need to go and protect your people, Empress Courdes. We are your least that's what you told us all....Heh! But you probably don't remember that, now do you?". Scoffing, he put out his cigarette, and headed out for the door, but before he left he said one last thing to her: "I may be your Guardian, but that doesn't mean you can run around all willy-nilly getting into all kinds of crap. I'm not a babysitter. So, behave." And he was gone, leaving the door wide open for her to get out and look around if she pleased.

Liana was just realizing she'd been insulted when she smirked behind Landion's back, before unsteadily climbing to her feet. She felt like she'd been in a swimming pool just getting out, but after several moments, her head cleared a little as she strapped her weapons to their original places, before deciding to look around. The room she was in was very austere, with the faint smell of cleaning chemicals, a row of hospital beds, and full time nurses just beyond the hall. She started walking out the door, intending to go bug Landion. She felt oddly at ease with him, even though he could obviously be a brat! She walked around the corner, seeing Landion still against the wall. He was amused, but at the same time... he seemed kind of sad. Hopefully her memory would return, for his sake as well as hers. But for now, she poked him on the arm. "So Mr. Non-babysitter, any good people food to eat here?" She asked with a usual onery grin that he probably knew so well.
That smile..........She used to always smile like that. Landion turned towards his Empress, and smiling, showing his fangs, he said, "Everyone on this ship are Vampires, including me. So, unless you were one of us, which, you aren't, I would've offered you this." He retrieved a clear water bottle from out of his bag that was filled with what looked to be, blood. He wanted to get a good scare out of her by showing her that, but figured it was best to just leave her alone, for now. "Don't worry, It's not Human blood. It's just "Substitute Blood", invented by our very great Dr. Fujisawa. You'll be meeting him as soon as we get back home." He then gave her the KFC bucket of fried chicken that Braun had given him. Chuckling, he said, "It's half full beacause I ate some. We don't get Human food much anymore.........I hope you can walk and eat. Let me show you around the shuttle. It is yours, anyway.....the Courdes 415. It's not really made for battle. Mostly for travel alone. You used to ride on this a lot.....we were hoping that if you woke up here, maybe you'd remember it....oh well, though, I guess." Motioning for her to follow, Landion walked down the hallway. This doesn't feel the same at all.......I'll just drop her off at Fujisawa's once we land, and move on with my life.......without her. Holding his head up, proudly, he began to show Liana around the ship. Braun was right. Sometimes, when you love someone, you have to let them go........

She was already beginning to remember -some- things, which surprised even her. "I remember we used to do -everything- together, Landion." She said softly after practically scarfing the rest of the chicken, knowing it might be a while before she had regular human food again. Would she have to learn to drink blood to? Part of her didn't think so... She had an insane amount of images flash through her mind just then... all of them involving the Dark World.. and especially Landion! She froze, dizziness overwhelming her to the point she had to lean against a wall.... "I'm sorry.....I just got......blasted with memories...." She said apologetically to Landion. She closed her eyes a moment, trying to sort them out a little at a time!
As Landion strolled comfortably down the hall, he couldn't help but notice how happy some of the Vampires were that passed by, when they saw Liana. All of them whispered and pointed, especially once they reached mid-ship. He was just about to tell Liana, he would take her to the cockpit so she could see them jump galaxies, but she spoke first.

"I remember we used to do -everything- together, Landion." She said softly.

All he could do was look at her. Did she really remember him? Her amnesia was so deep......casted by Demons through their leader, whoever that was. Memories he shared with Liana began to flow through his mind, but he quicly shooed them away, refusing to see the past. He didn't want to believe she could remember anything. That part of his life was gone, now. Liana was here, but not to him. "The man you remember..........isn't me," he told her. It was probably a lie more or less, but.........but he didn't want to have anything to do with her. Not out of cruelty, but guilt. He was her Guardian, and he had failed to protect her that day.....He lost her. And, now, she's gone forever. Frowning at these thoughts, Landion shook his head and turned towards her about to speak when suddenly, she started leaning against the wall. She looked dizzy.

"I'm sorry.....I just got......blasted with memories...." She said apologetically to Landion.

Moving towards her slowly, the Vampire placed his hands on her shoulder. Could she really remember him? He looked at her, his face filled with regret and remorse, and then he turned his back on her. She couldn't remember him. He didn't want her to remember him. Pulling her forwards, Landion looked at her from the corner of his eyes saying, "The cockpit......Let me take you there.......It's a wonderful view as we jump the Dark World...." And after saying that, he walked upright with a quick pace leaving Liana to either catch up and follow him or not.

Liana followed Landion, but as the memories settled, she did remember him..... and she hurried to catch up. "I remember you did -everything- you could, Landion. It wasn't your fault the demons had the upper hand that day." She told him, knowing somehow he was planning on leaving her... But would she be okay without him? She didn't think so.... "Landion.... please.... I'm not gone. I'm a little fucked up right now... but not gone." She said, hating how distant he seemed from her just then. It hurt. It really did.
Landion ignored Liana as they walked down the hall. Gone.......Forever. As they reached the cockpit, he punched in the password on the keypad and scanned his fingerprint, then door opened slowly with loud mechanical whirr and Landion marched inside, not caring whether she was behind him or not. The view of space was beautiful. Small meteors flew past as they reached the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. The pilot turned around towards Landion and said, "Better hold onto something, we're fixing to jump galaxies-----there'll be a very large jolt of turbulence!" As the Courdes 415 picked up speed, it flew through the galaxy followed by a bright white light, and shaking. Landion braced himself against the nearest wall as the space ship shook violently. Finally, it made it through to the next galaxy, or what's better known as, the Galaxy of Hades. Stars were here and there, but not a sun in sight. The pilot picked up speed, towards a large, black planet. It had infinite landmasses, and two moons circling around it. The Dark World. The place where all the Dark Creatures had been exiled for over 200 years now.

As everyone on the ship prepared for landing, Landion walked past Liana quickly without words or even a glance. He was bent on getting this one task done so he could start on his plan he had only thought up minutes ago. He would drop the Empress off at Dr. Fugisawa's, then, he would go to the General and retire his title as the Empress' Guardian. She didn't need him anymore. Besides, someone skilled and more trained like the Black Suits should be protecting her, not him. He was a soldier and a trained assassin. Not some baby-sitter. The 5'9 Vampire walked back into the Weaponry Room being sure to close the door behind him. Braun looked up from his work at his best friend. He didn't look to happy. Not one bit. "You look distressed, Lan....What's up?" he asked patiently. Landion stood there in his spot looking at Braun. Tears wanted to break through, but Landion wouldn't allow them. His voice breaking, he stated, "I'm resigning as the Empress' Guardian............I can't take this anymore....." The extremely tall man just didn't understand. "W-What?! What happened, man?! At first you were all dedicated on finding Empress Courdes, and now you're just gonna toss her to the side like an unwanted teddy bear?! This doesn't make any sense! I thought you said you love----" Fuming, Landion yelled without even realizing it, "I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!! WHEN I LOOK AT HER, ALL I SEE ARE MY OWN MISTAKES!!!" Then the room got deathly quitely, but the silence was broken by the pilot's voice over the intercom: "All passengers aboard the shuttle. Get ready, we're fixing to land.". Braun slowly put down his tools and walked towards the back room saying, "I don't know what happened, but for some reason, I knew you were going to do this." Landion didn't hear him, though. The last of my most terrible going to go away. Picking up his belongings, he headed out the door and prepared for landing.

Liana turned very, very ash pale when she heard Landion speak this way. She followed him without questioning or even saying that she'd overheard his outburst. She felt so shredded all the way to their destination it was impossible to even think positively anymore... When she was established as Empress again she'd never see him.. He'd be gone out of her life as if their friendship had never meant a damn thing. After her parents had abandoned her as a child, she grew up being used to people leaving her for no reason and without any warning. But this was such a personal blow, as if the last leg were kicked from her tower of hope, that everything else just sort of fell. She didn't even notice the scenery as they headed to the planet, staring darkly at her surroundings without really seeing anything. She felt so miserable, she didn't know what to say or do around Landion anymore.... why did he hate her so?
As the shuttle landed, and everyone began to unboard, Landion quietly led Liana out of the ship and into the world they both called home. The Dark World. The night sky was beautiful and it had been for over 200 years since there was no such thing as daytime here. It's two moons shone in the sky brightly, and the stars were like diamonds in a pool of black. This world was much different compared to Earth, lacking in tall buildings aside from the Empress' Palace and the military headquarters. The soldier looked back at Liana blankly and said sorely, "Welcome home, Empress.". The Vampire civilans looked on at them both in excitement and relief. Empress Courdes was finally home! To free her people from the clutches of the Demons. Landion was surprised and a little confused at how quiet she suddenly was and even attempted to make a sarcastic statement about it. "Chatty Cathy finally shuts up, huh?" he teased. They took a shuttle car to the lab, and when they got there, Landon made an attempt to be a little nicer. "........Ok, m'lady. Here we are. Dr. Fujisawa's lab." Black suits surrounded the building, making sure that no one tried to come in and kill the old scientist. Walking up to the entrance the door swung open, and a short, old, Japanese Human man appeared, beckoning them inside.

"Ohhhhh! She here!!! The beautiful Empress Courdes! Come in! Come in! Get comfortable! And don't look so sad, you two!" he exclaimed. Leading them to the back room, his lab, Dr. Fujisawa turned and smiled at the young woman, not forgetting to introduce himself, "I am Dr. Fujisawa! I introduce self beacause you have amnesia! You forget everything! But I know how to fix! Fix good! Look at these!" Motioning them both closer to look at some x-rays, he continued, "This your brain, Empress! Was taken right after you get amnesia but before you get taken away! See this part? That part controls memory! It swollen! But I have, fluid shot that goes in back of your head, to ease swelling so you remember more and more over time! So, cheer up! You remember soon!" Then, walking towards Landion, he whispered to him. "Ok, Guardian boy! You can leave! I fix Empress and she stay over night in the back! You can pick her up tommorow!" Of course, Landion knew he wasn't going to be coming back in the morning, but he decided not to say anything. As he turned to leave, his legs felt weak. Deep in his heart, he knew what he was about to do was hurtful, but nonetheless, needed to be done. Liana was just a moment in time, and now that moment was over. He needed to move on. Go his own way, as she went hers. But, something wouldn't let him leave. He stopped right in the middle of the hallway staring at the door. He knew that if he walked out that door. That would be it. But he couldn't leave. Why? Come on! I made this decision! Now it's time to leave for good! He tried as much as he could but his legs wouldn't budge, and, suddenly, he felt a tear fall down his cheek.

Liana noticed how happy every single vampire seemed to be now that she was home. She remembered many of them in brief flashes. These -were- her people. And Landion... her best friend... for years.But now he really didn't seem to want anything to do with such a messed up girl like herself and she didn't blame him. After thanking the doctor she looked squarely into Landion's eyes, hiding no pain or abandonment at all. "I give you my strongest blessing, Guardian Landion. In whatever you choose to do." But then she had to hurry away before he saw her heart break. She went with Dr. Fujisawa to the back of the room, trying her hardest not to cry in front of the elderly man as she was given the cure for her memory loss. She rested on the comfortable bed he told her to lie on, and was glad everything in the room was kept dark. This might possibly be the only time she'd ever be allowed to show emotions again, so she managed to cry silently in her pillow... for every year she'd missed with Landion, for not being able to remember sooner, for repelling him somehow with her amnesia... for so many things. Even as her memory was repaired, her heart and soul seemed shattered before the night was even over. Would there be no joy left?
Landion found himself outside the door of the back room where Liana was sleeping. Peeping inside he could hear her crying softly into her pillow. More tears ran down his own face, upon seeing this. He slid down on the floor outside of her room. He couldn't leave her. He just couldn't. Maybe, somewhere along the years of their seperation, he wanted to do more than just find her. Maybe......Maybe he wanted to make it up to her, too as an apology for losing her. Running his fingers through his hair, the tears finally stopped, and he could think clearly again. I know what I have to do......I'll start in the morning. Curling up on the cold, hard floor he closed his eyes, letting sleep embrace him. He even let the memories of their past swarm through in his mind. All the heart-filled moments they shared together came to him in his dreams. Landion was happy that this was all worthwhile, now, and laughed softly to himself at Braun's reaction when he tells him he changed his mind. Braun was right, but in this case, he was wrong. Sometimes you have to let love go, but.....if the love is strong will always come back.

Liana cried herself to sleep that night. She was the Empress of Vampires. She couldn't keep being weakened by emotions. What Landion did was up to him, she knew her duties were soley based on keeping demons off their world. And hopefully finding a way to free Earth from them as well. She didn't have luxuries like a best close friend, or even a boyfriend. Since her memories were restored, so were the use of -all- her powers. She instantly protected the Dark World from enemies. Those not- born or from Dark World now had no way of getting past her barriers, which many of the vampires could see a faint silver-glow in the atmosphere from how strong they were. Her heart was broken, shredded...perhaps unrepairable. But she knew she wasn't anymore important than her people. They came first. Not her. She brainwashed this into her own mind again, just as she had when she was little, when her parents walked out of her life. It was going to be another lonely existence for Liana, but she could cope... only because she had to.~
He tossed and turned frantically. His body was at rest, but his mind apparently wasn't. Landion was used to sleeping on the floor, but his thoughts, his memories kept waking him up countless times in the middle of the night. He jumped up sweating, this time. And, this time, he was wide awake. He couldn't sleep, and didn't know how to. He knew somehow Liana found about his plan. Had she eavesdropped on his conversation with Braun or did she just know by instinct? Landion couldn't tell how, but it didn't matter, beacause either way, he had broken her heart somehow. Getting up from the hard floor, he groaned. His back was hurting. Apparently, he wasn't really all that used to sleeping on the floor, after all. Looking at his watch, it was late. All he could hear was the crickets chirping outside, and the random hoot of an owl outside. He looked around the corner into Liana's room. She wasn't crying anymore. She must've cried herself to sleep. Walking slowly inside, being sure not to wake her, he bent down and looked at her. So beautiful......Maybe she's not as gone as I thought she was.......I'm such an ogre for pushing her away. Silently, he put his hand on her cheek, wiping away her teardrop, then crawled in the bed beside her. Curling up close to her, the Vampire put his arms around her. He would protect her. He was her Guardian, and always would be.


Liana felt her guardian slip under the covers with her and held him tightly, fixing his back problem with a small amount of her healing magic. "I'm sorry... I made you want to leave somehow....... " She said very quietly. She felt wretched still, but having Landion close to her again, even for a little while, made her feel at least some closure with him. She curled close against his chest, some of the stress ebbing away, but not all of it. If he left her, she'd still be broken, but she knew the choice was still up to him... She remembered she'd never see the sunlight here, but it didn't phase her. She remembered drawing at all hours when she was a child empress, and Landion would always have to pry her away to go do something fun once in a while to keep her from isolating so much. . .Her childhood had been wonderful thanks to Landion.... what was her life going to be like if he left her? Bleak. That's what it would be.
Morning came, but, of course, the moons still shone brightly in the night sky. Landion was still a little tired, and didn't really want to turn loose from the bed. He could hear someone with a gruff voice was talking outside the room with Dr. Fujisawa, but he didn't pay it too much attention. He just turned over still holding Liana close to him.

"Yo, Dr. Fuji! How's the Empress?"
"Right as rain, she is, or at least, should be! She still sleep in back room! I decide not to wake her and run tests when she wakes up!"
"Ahhhh, I see....."
"Now, why you here? Not to be rude, I have things to attend to! Busy! Busy! Busy!"
"Well, I came to see if Landion was here.....He didn't show up at HQ last night."
"Really? Last I check, he leave after I went to back with Empress to administer the shot! I don't know where he could be....."
"Oh......Well, can I check in the back to be sure? He did mention to me a lot about the Empress before he left. Maybe he stayed with her?"
".............Yah. You look. But ONLY LOOK. I catch you peep at Empress or anything naughty and I have your head!"
"Whoa! Whoa! Ok , Doc! I promise! Just a quick peep!"

If Landion hadn't been so half-asleep, he probably would've realized it was Braun looking for him, and it would've saved both him and Liana the embarrasment of what was to happen next. "HO HO HO!!!! AND MY LOVE RADAR DOESN'T LIE!!!! Awwww, Landy, you look so cute curled up to the Empress like that!" Braun yelled waking Landion up immediately. He shot up, and took a few steps back, embarrased. "I-I was protecting her!!! I'm her Guardian, remember?! And what gives you the right to scare people out of their sleep like that?!?!?!" Landion yelled back, and then started wrestling the 6'10 Vampire to the ground. Dr. Fujisawa ran in immediately when heard all the shouting, and stomped his foot in protest at the both of them. "WHAT YOU TWO DOING?!?! Stop horsing about and making noise! And Landion what you still doing here? Thought you left!" Landion and Braun both got really quiet, then trying to figure out what to say next.