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  1. Your admins have knelt before me. Now, the boards and the banhammer are under my control. The staff members do not have the power to fight me any more. However, if they insist on rebelling, I shall have you know the power of the banhammer. There are no longer any obstacles to my hegemony. Today, as of this moment, the site is in my hands. Sergeant Shovelslap commands you. Obey me, Iwaku!
    Just to clear up any misconceptions that I'm challenging leadership. I just needed something to post here, quite frankly.
  2. i love that the asylum is full of nuts and confusion...but this takes the nonexistent cake not sure about this
  3. No one can trust Paorou to medicate them all anymore, especially not when he's too busy finding gay porn.
    I'd do it, but no one trusts me with the lithium after I "accidentally" made it explode, so you're just going to have to deal >:[
  4. okies ^_^ but...what am i ^_^ hehehe
  5. Don't worry i have the proper prescription right here

    *dials in the orbital strike co-ordinates*
  6. I decide to give you guys a break after 3 days and this is all anyone can come up with?

  7. Well excuuuuuuse me, princess.
    Boredom leads to insanity, not procrastination.
    If you'd like, I can tell you about that time with the three badger,s a wombat, and a group of Norwegian schoolchildren wielding pickaxes.
    I'm pretty sure Batman was involved in it at some point.
  8. 2/10.

    It just doesn't flow well enough. ._.
  9. Paorou only gave you two points because you called him princess. Secretly, that pleases him.
  10. Kitti has a private collection of my pictures, and apparently plays dress up with them.

    Oh gawd.
  11. I didn't edit anything, Pao~
  12. I didn't mention any edits.

    I mentioned PLAYING DRESS UP.

    Youngsters and their technology these days. ;_; No more things such as privacy~
  13. I want a crown for both of my breasts now.
  14. ^ Dress-up level : Lady Gaga
  15. Are you sure about that...cuz i thought the breasts still belonged to madonna

    madonna-cone-bra.jpg (and YES i know those are cones and not crowns ^_^)
  16. Sure, why not?

  17. [​IMG]
  18. *Sips her coffee and looks for bowed admins.*

    I sure didn't wake up with any bows on. D: I feel jipped.