To The Soldiers

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  1. Dare the unwilling to challenge their Fate
    Estimate the length of Infinity that will take
    Suffer the hardships of Truths unnumbered
    Take on the mission of which we encumber
    Inside we look for our own calling to Life
    Never wondering about our starvation or strife
    Your name transforms and strength grows inside
    Proactive to fight, walk, run; we won’t die
    Rage grows in us to extinguish the fear
    Our hearts pound like drums to the choir we hear
    Calling like Angels, Like Demons we fight
    Lord, Be with us, May out feet take this flight
    Air borne may we be, Land or waters of the Sea
    Intimidated by none, We’ll be the number one
    Mind set, Boots laced, I’m ready, Here comes the race
    Soldiers are We, the Brave, in the land of the Free.