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    -"Boss, what should we do?" Asked a pretty muscle-build man, shaved and rags as clothes. He looked towards his boss who had a large dark brown beard, sharp green eyes and was dirty all over the face while he had a little better rags on, a long jacket which is dark brown but the color starts to evaporate a little here and there, a shirt with wires hanging, good boots against the cold and dark brown pants. He played with the knife that was in his hand and looked at his subject.
    -"Find those bastards, kill them if you must." He said with a tone that made one feel uncomfortable around, a serious and cold voice it was. Yet a voice that you could give respect to.
    -"Y-yes sir." He said and ran out of the room, he opened the door and the snowflakes poured in and a wind swept in with a cold draft. The room was once again hot when the door was closed and he looked down at his map and studied it well. He then smashed down the knife against the wooden table.


    Two bandits have escaped from their own gang of bandits, they are now out in the cold and will try to find a way to freedom and away from the past. However, as they encounter a pair of thieves, they fall and find a hidden temple with ancient writings on its walls, a story about a treasure hidden for several hundred years ago. A very large treasure that you can almost swim in and appreciate its dignity, but ... how do they get there?


    My Character sheet:


    (Nickname: You don't have to put this in here, but just in case you want to shorten your name.)









    Name: Aleister J. Henry Crown

    Nickname: Al

    Age: 25

    Aleister (open)

    Likes: Not much, except for operas and his weapon

    Hates: Clingy people , thieves, low food such as soup that does not taste anything , dry bread so that it takes apart the teeth instead of vice versa, and so on.

    Background: He lived as a poor peasant but was kidnapped by some bandits, but when the parents didn├Ąt do anything he got thrown out and alone on the streets, he found another town some distance away and met a young boy like himself, he presented himself and asked if he wanted to be in a gang. He said yes, but did not know that this "gang" were bandits, he was forced to stay there for a while before he escaped and found an old cottage hidden in the darkness. In the cabin so he found a staff that he felt was valuable and kept it, he stopped at an opera concert hall and lived there for a while until the gang found him again.

    Weapon: (As you can see in the appearence picture above) A magical rod made in gold that he found when he was younger. It carries a strange power with it and he understands that it is very important. He accidently turned it on and stopped the time, but don't remember how he did that. He have tried to do that again several times but failed.

    Other: He is a quiet guy but is very kind, the only annoying thing is all the women that goes after him probably because of his golden rod and that the rod makes it looks like he's rich. But not everyone is annoying of course, but those he've met....
    When he also gets the time he goes to an opera house and sneaks in to watch, but he've got caught once.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.