To The Point of Insantiy (breaking point)

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    ( perhaps no hook lol and doesn't need to be mxm my character would be the brown haired boy)

    Sold to slavery as a young man with a lot of pride Rhett was strapped to a bed, beaten, starved and raped for years. I would like to possibly play out some of the trauma(even if it is in flashbacks) but the story line would primarily be interested with someone taking interest in saving him, in taking him home. His mind would have snapped through years of torment, he would be bonkers, in need of a lot of help... r maybe they like the insanity in him. Either or. I am cool wiith mXm or fXm
  2. I'm possibly tempted. Not fully sure, since it depends on what kind of bonkers, but I'm certainly interested. Or rather, one of my characters is likely very interested. Since she's too curious for her own good, and a therapist.
  3. Lol all kinds of bonkers, one he probably confuse pain with pleasure, he'd probably babble incessantly or not talk at all, he would have zero trust and at this point he would be addicted to sexual contact
  4. Hrm...This is a very interesting scenario. I'm very curious now, even more so than before. Will you let me have a go?
  5. Sure. I usually do the same rp with multiple people. So I will take a few more people if anyone else is interested. Gimme like 10 minutes and I will set up a starter post for us.
  6. Okay. But do you have a general type you'd like my character to be? Or is the one I mentioned fine? o.o;
  7. You can have your character be however you like hun
  8. I also am intrigued by the idea if you ever want to do another thread.
  9. Sure what's your character like
  10. ha ha... She's a sucker for the underdog. Wants to help everyone she can out of whatever bottomless pit they have found themself in. But not necessarily a push over either. I was thinking she would be the master of a plantation or something similar where all the workers on it are people she has "rescued". It's a thought in progress really. Nothing set in stone.
  11. Hmmm sounds interesting. Would you want me to start it or would you like to?
  12. If you would, that would be great. :)
  13. Okie dokie
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