"To the Pearl..." Capt. Jack Sparrow

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  1. The Plot

    This roleplay is a fanbased Pirate's of the Caribbean roleplay, or just pirate's in general trying to find the next big thing to make them live forever!

    Who I Will Be Playing
    ^Since I came up with this, I will be playing the infamous Jack Sparrow. ;P

    Who I Need
    ^Lord Cutler Beckett

    Misc. CS
    ^ Will
    ^ Elizabeth -- xxcookiecreamxx
    ^ The Govenor
    ^ Soi Fang of Singapor

    Note: You can play as your own pirate character! You don't have to play someone from PotC if you don't want. This is meant to be a large group roleplay so if you do however want to play as a character I need, say so and I will edtit the list. Hope to see you all here!
  2. Please could I play Elizabeth
  3. Hmm. I suppose so. Although I hadn't exactly intended her to be in the story line.