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  1. Hey! So I uh... Really don't know what to say. I'm gonna be leaving iwaku. I barely have any time anymore, and my role play inspiration is about the equivalent to that of a rock. I'd much rather tell people this individually, but there are too many wonderful people and ahhhh!

    Anyways, I'm making this because I don't want people to look at my profile all like: Oh my gosh, she's not there, and she never said anything! What is this?!?! and all that stuff. As guilty as I feel for leaving on such short notice, I'm terribly, terribly sorry! Wow I feel bad. Gosh.

    I guess there is a possibility that I'll be returning? Honestly, I'm not sure. If I do leave, it'll probably be for quite a while. Blame high school, lack of inspiration, motivation, and the stress from having replies stack up (since I make the horrible decision of chewing more than I can swallow).

    Once again, terribly sorry! I know this is unfair for some of the role plays that I'm in, since they have to change things up and everyone has to adapt to the fact that my characters in the participating role plays are no longer there. Though if I return, I shall say this maaaagical word, and then you'll know it's me! Right? Gods, I hope so.

    But knowing me, the magic word will probably be something absolutely ridiculous and made up on the spot. Look OOGLY BOOGLY. Or something.

    If you still wanna contact me though, you could always just skype me. Just down below in this spoiler. Make sure to tell me who you are first though! Otherwise I'll think "Oh my gosh it's a person and I don't know who they are".

    Knowing my rock for a memory, you might need to name a role play that we both played in to jog up these rusty old gears. It was great knowing and role playing with you all! May we all see each other in the near future!

    Or not that works too ;u;

    My Skypu (open)
    FlandreScarletTouhou. Yes. I know. This was made when I was like 12 so I'm sorry if it's weird ;u;
  2. Take care hun! Iwaku will always be here should you wish to come back :D
  3. Aw, we'll be here when you need us ^.^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.