To The Ends Of the Universe

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Alright folks! Things have begun to die down just a little bit, so I figure it was time for another go at a request thread! Now, as always, I am up for brainstorming and listening to any ideas you may have, but I happen to have one already!

To The Edge Of The Universe
So, before we go any further, it is, you guessed it, a space RP. This is one I've been wanting to do for a while. I would like for this to be a long term thing, but I have no problem if it's short term.
Okay, so, enough babbling. The RP involves two space pilots serving aboard a large ship, now, why are they the only ones aboard the ship, don't ask me, that's the fault of the company that hired them. I know that's pretty vague, but I want this to be pretty open in terms of what we can do. This can be a simple RP about a space adventure, it can have romance and love in it, it can really have whatever.​

I know that was all pretty vague, but like I said, I want this to be really open. So, if you have any interest, let me know!​
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