To the Ends of the Earth

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  1. Private role play between Cats, LoveandHate91, and I. Feel free to lurk. Just don't post.
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  2. It was a pleasantly warm spring day in the country of Astreau. A woman and her small child played in a grassy meadow, shifting between forms. The dragoness shimmered in the sunlight, her twilight colored scales glinting in the warm rays. She turned and her form shimmered into the body of a young woman with flowing blue and purple hair. Her child mimicked his mother, though there was something unique about her offspring. Rather than a full fledged dragon, he seemed to have features that were more canine. His slender body was scaled but he had wolf's paws rather than talons. His head was coated with a thin layer of fur which continued in a mane down his back. His long reptilian tail was coated in black fur. As his mother stepped back and transformed into a humanoid figure he copied her, taking on the appearance of a small child of about five or six with messy jet black hair and glistening blue eyes. His mother smiled, her amber eyes brght with her love for him as she placed her hand on his head, ruffling his hair playfully. She looked up as she heard something moving along the forest path. She watched, waiting to see if there was any danger.
  3. A carriage carrying a King more like a tyrant was passing by he was looking around since he heard reports of a dragon with some strange creature out here and sees a women with a kid. He looks back to his personal guard. "I would like you to get me that kid we will then head back to the palace and see if that kid is one of the creatures that I have heard many rumors about two of my elite knights trained by you are on the guard horse in front take them with.
    "Yes my lord" The armored individual jumps out of the door and makes a hand signal to the two on horse and they turn there horse charging at the two people, the armored guy pulls out a sword strange in that land a large katana with a overly large handle.
  4. The female growled, pushing her son behind her. Her form shimmered and grew, her true form towering over the men. She hissed in warning, her large wing opening to make herself even larger. Seeing the two men on horses she let out a roar, startling the horses into a frenzy of bucking. Her tail coiled around her son, who had maintained his human form. "Leave this place if you wish to keep your lives!" She snarled at the swordsman.
  5. An old mage was standing on top of the hill watching the dragoness and her young ling play. He smiled as he watched the young dragon play, but the old mage knew what was going to happen. For he has seen what was going to happen in a vision he had. The old man wanted to stop what was about to happen, but he could not. If he interfered, then he would mess up the future and he would surely pay the price for it. So he just stood and watched as the people started to charge the woman and her child. The old leaned against his staff and waited to for the event to happen. As the men charged her, she quickly turned around and changed into her true form. The mage frowned, for the next part was going to be tragic.
  6. The two guys jump from there horses rolling to there feet with there hands on there blades as the rush in to strike at the large dragon one going for each side. As the Kings main bodyguard runs in with unnatural speed grabbing the small kid and getting a little ways away while the other two keep the dragon at bay.
    "And I was right about this being the creatures."
  7. She roared again, her scales glowing as bright purple light surrounded her. The two horsemen were engulfed in the light energy and turned to dust. The attack drained her strength, she landed on all fours, her tail wiping weakly. She lurched forward, grabbing for the carriage but using a soul energy attack left her incredibly weak. Her body trembled as she collapsed to the ground, a low mournful cry escaping her as her child was taken from her. Her son struggled against his captors, crying out for his mother.
  8. King
    "Well your son is worth there deaths I hope you find it worth it." The king gets a smile on his face as soon as he gets a hold of the kid. "I'm pretty sure using him to breed more monsters like him and you will benefit my kingdom greatly, maybe I should invite you to the castle so you can see your sweet son hard at work chained up with girls just ready to have his babies Orcs, Elfs, Goblins there are so many combinations its great."
    The carriage speeds away with the main guard on top of the carriage giving her a salute with his weapon and also seemed like a challenge as well.
  9. The mage watched as the king rode off in his carriage. "This is where I step in." the mage said as he slowly walked down the hill. It took the old man some time to walk down the hill, but he eventually made it. "Seems like you can use some help." The mage could tell that the dragon was worried that he might kill her. "Don't worry girl, I'm not going to hurt you. In fact I'm here to help you." He placed his hand on her side, and pat it. "There isn't much I can do for you while you're in this form, but if I turn you back to human form I can help you out." Once he came face to face with the dragon, he placed his hand on her forehead. A glowing light appeared from her head, and the dragon turned into human form. "There, that's better."
  10. Her stomach roiled at the vicious king's words. She watched with dospair as he rode away, her precious son on his grasp. She lay motionless for a while, tears trekking down her muzzle. When the old mage appeared she growled weakly, though there wasn't anything she could do. She shivered when the man turned her into her human form. She'd never been affected by another being's magic before. She watched him, her gaze cautious. "How can you help me, old man?"
  11. The old man chuckled. "I just helped you get back on your feet. Did I not?" He then started to walk around her. "I sometimes have visions. Sometimes they're right, and sometimes they're wrong." All of a sudden he stopped. "I had a vision of you're son being kidnapped, and it came true. So that means the other visions I had have something do with you." He said as he pointed at her. "I saw that I'm suppose to help you get back you're son, and then...." he shook his head. "I can't reveal to much. All I can say right now is that I'm suppose to take you to the king kingdom, and help you fight to get your son back." He then started to walk in the direction the carriage took off in.
  12. She rose to her feet, brushing the grass from her twilight colored dress, "Alright. I'll trust you for now, old man." She walked after him, slowly regaining the rest of her strength.
  13. "Do you know how to fight?" The old mage said as he kept walking. "Oh that reminds me, When get to the kingdom we need to get you some armor and weapons."
  14. She flexed her hand, summoning a sheathed rapier. She drew the blade, examining the strange purple steel. "I know my way around a blade," she answered, resheathing the blade, "What sort of place is this kingdom anyways?"
  15. His eyes opened wide to the sight of the girl summoning a weapon. "Sorry I said anything." The mage said with a smile. Along the way there the woman asked the old man a question. "It's a ruthless kingdom. The king rules with an iron fist, and everything is deiced by battle. That's probably what he'll make you do to get your son back."
  16. "Sounds simple enough," she replied, looking at the path ahead, "How long until we reach this city?"
  17. The king walks down into the dungeon with his head guard behind him to the kid who is in chains hanging from the ground. "Quite some good powers you have there which is good after your mother killed two of my guards im going to need replacements so I hope you can make a lot of kids ive got quite a few female monsters that would create great mix with you maybe I should go and get some right now."

    A female walks out of the shadows. "Master if you want I can have the first go with him."

    "Aww Tenshi my vampire follower well maybe no sex yet but feel free to drink some of his blood to get him used to the way vampires do things."

    Tenshi walks into the cage and bites the kids neck draining some blood from him. "hmm he does have tasty blood he will be quite a favorite to the vampires. I'm pretty sure some of the female Orc's would like to teach him a little about pain you know how violent they can get."

    "Sir since we lost two men do you want me to contact the three other members of my group and have them join one is a another great swordsman like me the two girls are good as well one has super strength the other super speed."

    "Oh yes bring them in and contact the dragon slayer as well."
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  18. The young child struggled against his bonds, hissing indignantly as the vampire drank his blood. He strained against the chains, even as young as he was, his strength pulled them taut but they held fast. He growled at his captor, "You won't get away with this. My mother will raze this kingdom to ashes to save me," it was a bluff but his voice remained steady, "Release me know and she may forgive this heinous crime." He bartered, his blue eyes hard as ice.
  19. King
    "Oh you got some fight in you hopefully the children that you make will be just as strong as you, and don't worry there is a reason I have a Dragon Slayer coming a guy who can single handedly kill a dragon, add that to all me elite troops and my army's and I could take a on a small army of dragons and win your mother wouldn't stand a chance and if she did your my insurance policy, she would have to listen or you would die." He pulls out a jeweled dagger and slash's the kids cheek before punching him in the mouth hard enough to knock out a tooth. "Maybe I'll be nice enough to lock your mom up down here with you and they you can watch as the monsters turn her into a sex toy and she can watch as you get raped as well,"
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  20. "Not long now." the old man said as he kept walking. After a few minutes of walking, the two finally made it to the kingdom. "See, not long at all." the kingdom was crowed with people. "Hm, there's more people than there usually are. I guess they knew we were coming." The mage kept walking through the crowd of people. The king probably announced that there was going to be a fight today. When there's a fight, the whole kingdom has to watch. The mage stopped and turned to look at the woman. "How do you want to do this? Do you just want to barge into the castle, or did you want to sneak in?"
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