To Take Back What Was Ours... (With Sen)

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  1. "Mistoreria...

    It was once a city of advanced magical progress and technology. Bright lights that shone through windows of buildings, showing off their brilliance. Humans and Mages thrived together in this city, with no worries at all. Everyday people would stroll along to their workplace. Children would play magical board games and sports in the park. All was well until...

    Suddenly, black drops fell from the sky. The sky went completely dark crimson. Everyone there could not resist but to study what was going on. It was a phenomenon no one had ever seen before. Then, a giant spaceship appeared and opened up a hatch, dropping eggs down to humanity.

    They crawled out of their shells and slithered along the ground. Then they transformed into a giant hideous creature that was beyond description. Immediately, one grabbed a poor innocent civilian and squished him until all of his insides oozed out. So many people were horrified at the sight of the corpse. That was when the spaceship finally announced...

    'We will kill everyone...this city is ours...'

    People ran for their lives. However, they were merely ants compared to the giant goos of death. Many prestigious buildings and mansions were destroyed in quick succession.

    Even more humans were murdered...

    It was only then when I finally received a distress call. I instantly jumped out of my house and see what was happening. However, when I reached the now-completely destroyed city, they were gone...

    Of course not...and one is coming at me"
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  2. Mistoreria was a beautiful place, perfect for a vacation. Before what was now known as the 'Invasion', Dragon was relaxing in her hotel, sipping a cup of jasmine tea. Normally the dragon girl would be dashing around the globe with her partner, but for once she was allowed to take a break. A month of rest sounded good to her.

    She was surprised at the screams and looked out of the window, staring at the egg like objects as they crashlanded. She dismissed it at first, turning back to her cup of tea until the ground rumbled and the screams got louder. Dragon watched in terror as the eggs split spontaneously, a black ooze like substance dripping out onto the ground before hediously reforming as gigantic goo like bipedal creatures. As if it was showing off it's power, one of the alien creatures grabbed a man and killed him within seconds, his still-warm innards falling onto the floor. The mothership above them announced their arrival, and with its disembodied voice it broadcasted it's eerie message.

    'We will kill everyone...this city is ours...'

    Immediately the citizens scattered, running for their lives. Dragon didn't know what to do, should she flee as well? But she knew she could not simply stand from afar and watch this city crumble to the ground. She grabbed her staff, made from magically hardened coral from the Dragon Palace. Even though she was wearing a clearly Japanese inspired shortened kimono, she leapt out of the window and landed on the roof, quickly scanning the area. A few of the aliens spotted her and used their elastic bodies to slingshot themselves forward towards her. Dropping into a defensive stance, she hoped she wasn't the only person trying to save this city.
  3. Saturn was trying his best to hold off swarms of the goo creatures at the same time. However, all of his darkness magic spells just passed through like it was nothing.

    As time went on, he got more and more infuriated by their abilities. Summoning his scythe, Saturn slashed a monster in half with one swift strike.

    'Please die you little shit!' He prayed.

    Nope. In fact, the outcome was the complete opposite of what he wished for. They became two smaller blobs of goo. One swung its arm at Saturn. Thanks to the latter's mobility, he dodged the attack unscathed. However, it was impossible for him to kill any of the creatures right now. He had to retreat, much to his annoyance

    'Why does it feel like I'm the only one trying to save this place?' He thought as he tries to flee. 'I really need some backup.'
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  4. Dragon opened her wings and allowed one of the creatures to slam headfirst into the rock solid back scales of her wings, using force to throw one of them back. She had no time to get ready for another, instead back flipping over the first alien and avoiding the impact of the second and third aliens. She flung her staff, creating blue floating holographic-like rune circles, "Neeru!" Fast jets of water erupted from the runes, splattering the creatures. The water was powerful enough to create a hole that went straight through their bodies, but Dragon watched astonishingly as their gooey flesh closed over the wound. The creatures grinned menacingly, before the three of them began throwing punches at them. For a while Dragon deflected most of them with the back of her wings.

    Realising she couldn't do anything to this hideous creations, she spun around and took flight, flying towards the safety of another building. The creatures did not give up, however, pulling back on their bodies they shot themselves after her.
  5. As he ran, he noticed from afar what seems to be a Half-Human-Half-Bird creature in danger. Should he keep retreating and let her fall to her demise so he could live another day?

    Of course not. The hoards of black sludge after him slungshot themselves towards him.

    'Obviously, it isn't safe to be on the ground anymore!' Saturn mumbled. He picked up his pace, opened up his huge jet-black wings and took off to cover for that person.
  6. Dragon weaved in and out of the aliens who kept flinging themselves at her, trying to get her off balance. To deter them, she fired jets of water, powerful enough to push them back a little but not stop them completely. She wasn't watching where she was going, and collided with another humanoid figure with wings. Thinking it was an alien, she lashed out, spraying him with hot water. It took her a minute of two to focus on the young boy, when she realised it was a human, she apologised immediately. "Oh, oh! I'm so sorry, I thought you were one of them!" She glanced below him, and noticed a few of the aliens point up at the winged duo and begin climbing a building, preparing to slingshot themselves.
  7. Saturn staggered and was shocked by the her attack that he lost a bit of altitude. He managed to quickly recover and shot back at her.

    "Jesus Christ not me!" he yelled, with his hands covering his face.
    "Oh, oh! I'm so sorry, I thought you were one of them!" the lady apologised.
    "Doesn't really help when I have black wings, doesn't it?" Saturn shook off the excess water in his hair. It was only then he realised he needed a haircut, the hair was whipping his face to the point that he can't see well.

    The duo looked down and saw the creatures scaling up the building, trying to catch them.

    "On the count of three...we dash" He exclaimed.
    The girl nodded in agreement.
    "One...Two..." He signalled with his two fingers.
    "THREE!" They shouted in unison and shot down to the creatures.

    Saturn swung his scythe in great force that he cut the monsters by using the air pressure he generated from the swing. Of course, he knew it was redundant effort, but he had to do something or else they would get disembowelled like the people on the ground.
  8. "On the count of three...we dash," the boy exclaimed.

    Dragon nodded, she flexed her wing muscles and waited for further instructions. As he counted down, he dashed down first, bringing his scythe down on one of the aliens. But it was useless, the creature simply merged with his sliced body, making it seem like it was never harmed in the first place. Dragon was right behind him, she was raised up to never make the first strike, making sure to focus on the defense and make them suffer for their offensive mistakes. As one of the aliens raised his fist and slammed it onto the ground, she skipped back. She jumped up and landed on the aliens head before bouncing off, she raised her staff. "The Body of Orochi, Terrae!" she chanted. A large rune circle appeared in front of the alien, whose attention was focused on Dragon. From the circle emerged the shadow of a large serpentine creature, revealing nothing but it's glowing red eyes. With a piercing screech the dragon head-butted the alien with tremendous force, sending it flying back before disappearing back into the rune circle - the latter shrunk until it was no more.

    She watched as another alien leapt towards her, fist raised. Dragon raised one of her war fans, named Ebb. The tips were lined with small sharp daggers which could be thrown at the flick of a hand - as long as you had the experience. She loosened one of the daggers and pulled her hand back, flicking her wrist. The loosened dagger shot forward, embedding itself into the alien's chest. It didn't kill him, and the alien did not bleed. But it was now occupied on trying to dig the shard out of it's chest, shoving it's hand into it's gooey body - feeling around for the dagger.
  9. Saturn took this chance to climb up to the body of the fumbling alien and reached for its head. The monster screeched in pain and tried to shake Saturn off its body ferociously. The latter managed to grasp oh its head and charged a darkness beam in his palm. He fired into the beast's brain, hoping it was enough. The monster disintegrated into smaller black sludge on the ground.

    "One down, another thousand to go." he dove to see the remains of the alien. He poked around the dead goo to see if it was alive. It did not respond. "I hope it stays that way." he flew away and met up with the lady again.
  10. "How did you kill it?" Dragon said to the boy who was approaching him, the alien beside her was making strange clicking noises as it stuffed both of its muscled arms into it's stomach, staggering as he tried to reach for the tiny shard stuck inside his chest. The alien she had knocked back earlier was in a daze, possibly unconscious as it was not moving, but didn't disintegrate like the one Saturn dispatched earlier. "They won't die."
  11. 'Uhh...I don't know...I don't know.' Saturn scratched his head as he tried to explain to the woman. 'I guess their brains' are their Achilies's heel.'

    As they flew to find more beasts to kill, the black remains of the dead goo revived into another monster, which looked more like a mutated octupus. Three of its tentacle shot and latched onto Saturn's wings.

    "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" He struggled to get released from its grip.
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  12. Dragon thought about it, "Brains, huh?" They were pretty tall, and Dragon wasn't exactly on par with these aliens when it comes to height. "Well, I guess I'll get Orochi to help me a bit," she muttered, smiling at Saturn and thanking him for telling her their weakness. She joined him in flight, flapping her wings lightly and effortlessly to catch up to him. Her wings were what she was most proud of, years of exercising had toughened them so much, but they were also her most sensitive body parts. If there was even a cut on the inside of her wings, which was soft and leathery, she would not be as mobile in the air.

    Dragon was caught off guard as she watched the remains of the alien writhe grotesquely. From it's shrunken, lifeless blob emerged large tentacle like arms, grabbing onto the boy's wings, trying to throw him off balance. The alien had revived. What should she do? She couldn't just attack it, she'll injure the boy as well! She opened her palm and confidently chanted; "Neeru Sign, Whip!" From her palm a small sphere of water gathered, and this tiny body of water extended itself until it was a long thin whip. Wrapping it around the main body of the monster, she dived down, dragging the boy with her - but hoping the alien would let go.
  13. What the lady did not know was that she was merely rescuing an illusion of Saturn. He had already predicted that the monster would aim for him, so he replaced himself with a phoney and secretly dashed away from the site, but not too far so that he couldn't cover for the lady.

    During this time hidden away, he had to think of a plan so that they can take a rest and research about these creatures. What can he do? There weren't many options to take that allowed them to escape in one piece.

    However, while he watched the lady fighting off the goos, he realised that they took a extremely long time to turn to their back. It seems as if speed was something they never had, unlike Saturn's species. That was when it finally clicked, they could both escape by overwhelming them with speed!

    "Hey!" he yelled behind the lady, who had no idea about his trickery. "I think I have a plan for us to get out asses out of here!"
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  14. Dragon blinked. She had heard the boy's voice, but how was that possible? She was sure when she did the loop-the-loop earlier the tentacle monster had wrapped one of it's arms around his neck, preventing him from screaming and yelling - much less talk. She looked behind her, her face a picture of confusion as she noticed someone who looked exactly like the boy attached the the tentacle monster. "What the he-?" she stopped herself, how unladylike of her to say such a foul word. Dragon dashed straight towards one of the tall buildings next to the Saturn behind her and spun around at the last second, allowing the laws of force to help her slam the alien against the wall, careful not to squash the other Saturn in the process. As the monster let go, she unravelled her whip and wrapped it around other Saturn's leg instead. "How are there two of you?" she said, narrowing her eyes. Did he secretly have a twin? Or was this some sort of magic? She peered at the area surrounding the real Saturn and the other Saturn, scanning for the tell-tale signs of Duplication Magic. This type of magic could be easily spotted by a faint glowing aura, but she did not see something even similar to that. A different sort of magic, then?
  15. "Long story, lady" Saturn answered. 'I'll tell you when we actually find a safe place to hide!"

    Saturn clicked his fingers, allowing his illusion to disappear into thin air. He was actually surprised that the aliens fell for his trick, as he thought they would be smarter than that. Hell, it wasn't even a powerful illusion, too.

    "If you wanna live," Saturn continued, "We gotta flap away at our top speed. Not joking. We could find a base or something as we fly."
  16. She tried to control her anger but it sprouted out of her, she raised her palm and brought it down on the boy's cheek hard. "I wasted magic for you! Don't you EVER do that again!" she snarled. Swallowing the rest of her anger down, she took a few seconds to breath and then forced a smile. "Okay, let's fly then," she said, flapping her wings faster and faster and gaining speed.
  17. "Jeez, calm down crazy lady." Saturn rubbed his left cheek. Sadly, his signature ability was illusion magic, so he couldn't really stop using it just because one told him to stop.

    As they flew away, he found his favourite library. This library was well known for its extensive range of books. From story books to spell books, you name it, it has it all. He flew down and signalled the lady to come with him. Hopefully, he could find out something about these creature soon.

    "And by the way," He turned to the lady, as he only now realised that he didn't introduce himself, "I go by my alias, 'Saturn' and I'm a freelance bounty hunter."
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  18. Dragon merely followed him as they flew, she had no idea where to go in this large metropolis and she didn't know what place was where. But as they descended the building they were approaching seemed to be a library, she smiled to herself. She loved books, magic books were her favourite. Most of the elements she learnt was self-taught, although she needed a teacher to help her master the actual spells. She listened to his introduction, an alias? A freelance bounty hunter? Sounded like someone she knew. Tiger. How was he doing? She hoped he was well. "I have an alias too, Dragon," she pointed at herself. "I'm just a girl on vacation. Nothing special about me."
  19. "Cool," Saturn listened to what she had to say about herself. Just a girl on vacation? Nothing special about herself? Highly doubted it.

    When they finally arrived at the library, he was shocked. Most, if not everything, here was still well intact. Well, except the PCs, they were all destroyed. He counted himself lucky this time and search aisle to aisle, trying to find anything about these creatures.

    "Dragon, can you please do me a favour and look at the other aisles and see if there's anything about those aliens you saw?" He asked.

    Although he loved reading, he hated the fact that he has to go through every single aisle just to find one book.
  20. She nodded, "What keywords do I look for? What are these things called?" she said as she headed towards one of the aisles and began scanning for books about extraterrestrial creatures, she'd never seen creatures like them before, so she had no idea what to look for.
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