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TO SUPERNOVA, is a Korean roleplay, based around the trend of survival shows, that i don't think is ever going to die in Korea and China. TO SUPERNOVA, is a survival show roleplay. Create a male idol trainee, and compete for your right to debut in your companies new boy group SUPERNOVA. The group aims to be 7 members, however that number is allowed to fluctuate. I'd like to have a total of 14 trainee's or more, which means people can create 2 characters for this if they want. And of course some can also create additional characters for the Trainers, Hosts, And if comfortable they might be asked to create someone to be a special guest from a already debuted gift.

Always accepting!

be respectful of others.
play nice
ask any questions you got
oc's only.
no double fcs.
more to be added.
due date


coming soon

code by @pasta on rpn


carpe verpam
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i'm interested in this!