To Solve a Murder



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Levi, a normal high school student of 16, was simply walking to his friend's house. Today they were planning on going out Levi.jpgto the mall or some other place to hang out and talk, maybe help each other with homework even. It was merely a day to go out and have some fun.

Today, it was sunny yet cold. Snow covered the earth in a light, fluffy blanket that made a crunching noise with every step Levi took. As he walked to his friend's house to pick him up, he read a book. It was a habit of his to walk and read at the same time. Though he was told time and time again that he shouldn't do it or else he'd run into something, Levi continued to do it. Books were a way to occupy his time and let his mind go to a different world for a while.

Since he knew the way to his friend's house by heart and mind, Levi made it there with no problems. He closed his book and rung the doorbell, then waited for someone to answer the door.
Alice was the name she went by, just Alice. Alice had long dark red hair, pale skin, slim but build and a 5'6 in height. She was one of those people who just stood out from everyone but one than stood out from more than anything, her eyes. They where a vibrate purple they almost look like they were glowing in low light. She went to school (She went to the same school as Levi) but never talk to anyone or made/had any friends. She would always read and try to avoid from talking to anyone if possible. Everyone just try to ignore or leave her alone and would most likely never would have met or talk to Levi until the murder happened.

~No. This wasn't suppose to happen. This shouldn't have happen but how did they do it.~ She though. Her mind a mess as she watched the house waiting for police to come.

~That boy! What is he doing here?! Dangit! It must be one of the boys friends. Wait that boy he seems familiar. . .~ Her thoughts were cut off as she ran towards him trying to get hm out if here.

Her movements quick but silent as she ran behind him, a book in his hand as she grabbing him lightly not trying to scare him.

"You have to leave now. Unless you want the police taking you to jail come with me now. Please." Her voice almost song like as she lightly pulled him where she was hiding. "I will explain later but now I can't we don't have time the pol. . " She was cut off my the screeching police alarms and theirs flashing bright lights as they head to the house. She put her figure to her mouth shushing him and to keep it that way as the wait for them to leave.
Levi looked over to see a girl grabbing him. Leave now unless you want the police taking you to jail? What was this girl getting at anyway? Did something happen to his friend while he was on his way here? He didn't resist as the girl pulled him into her hiding spot. She looked familiar to him. A girl from his school maybe? It was highly possible.

Opening his mouth to speak, Levi was only shushed by the girl before he could even get a sound out. Closing his mouth, he listened to the police sirens getting closer and closer to their location. The curiosity of what was going on just grew within him with every passing second. He wanted to know what happened, and he had a feeling this girl... Alice. Now he remembered her name. Levi knew her name since she was in one of his classes with him, and he remembered the teacher calling out her name before, and he saw her face when she raised her hand. He had a feeling Alice knew what was going on, and he just needed to ask her.

Despite her shushing him, Levi spoke but in a hushed tone. "What the hell is going on?" He asked, looking at Alice. If she didn't tell him now, then he would figure it out by listening to the police. They would need to move though. The police would surely cheek the area thoroughly for any signs of...whatever it was they were called for.
Alice stared straight at him her indecent purple eyes locking with his and she fear and shock in his soft caramel eyes a small wave of sadness came over her but she was used to it. As she good at good look at him she did know him it was Levi from her school they shared the same classes but right now it didn't really matter and it was going to make things worse. Her face soften and full of even more regret and sorrow but she never moved her eyes from his gaze knowing it would only make it worse.

Her mind searching going though every thought, every word anything that would make this less painful this horrid and what she came up with was nothing and that's what made it even worse. But she knew it must be done and before he sees it with his own eyes.

She lightly and gently hugged him before she let go, even if she didn't know him this was the first time in her life she hugged or been hugged, it felt . . nice. Yes. Nice that's that the word I think it's called. But he needed it to her and soon see it or he will break down.

"What I'm saying is true but you can't yell or scream or anything I'm here for support if you need to bit or kick or hit please do it on me but please don't make noise I don't what you to go to jail foe something you didn't do." She spoke softly and truthfully with a sorrow filled smile. "Your friend has been murdered. I know it won't make it any better but I am and you need to know it." She lightly but firmly put her hand on his shoulder, still gazing him giving all the support this boy would need now.

As if on cue the boy's friends body and his family where being taken out, there body you couldn't even tell what they truly looked like and impossible to describe but it will make someone have nightmares for the rest of their lives and also make an average person take many years of therapy and mental help. She noticed it a little to late as the boy already saw it for a second before she went behind him as she covered his eyes with her pale soft hand as she softly stroked his caramel hair and shushing and telling him it will be alright as she silently cried to herself.
Levi watched Alice, noticing her unusual purple eyes. Was she wearing contacts? No, that wasn't an important question. Not relevant to the situation at hand. It seemed for a while that she was avoiding his question, yet his gaze never hardened on the young girl. He wasn't the type to do something like that.

Eyes widening at the sudden hug, he felt shocked and confused that she would do that. What she said next was even more confusing. Don't yell or scream? He could injure her for it? What was it anyway? The thing she said wasn't something he would have guessed. His friend...was murdered... And they were going to hang out today. couldn't be happening, she had to be making it up. Yet that didn't seem like something Alice would do.

Hearing the door open, Levi looked over. There was nothing she could of said that would have prepared him for the sight. His eyes widened even more, and his legs started to feel weak. Despite Alice covering his eyes and stroking his hair comfortingly, Levi's legs gave out and he slid to the snowy ground. It didn't matter that it was freezing. He was too shocked to notice or care for that matter. Levi was even too shocked about what he saw to cry over his friend's death.
Her tears still fell quietly from the regret and failure and what happened because of her failure. Knowing this was her fault clawed at her, the burden with always be heavily on her but right now the boy was more important than anything. Even if he's eyes where covered and she tried to comfort him so knew what has been seen can never be unseen and nothing will ever change that. If. If only he didn't com here if only.

She felt his knees weaken and fall onto the snow cover fall his body in shock as she kneed in front of him wrapping her abnormally warm arms around him pushing them closer, his head placed gently into her neck and shoulder. Her white dress becoming wet as her bare feet numb but she didn't mind it as she comfort him giving him warmth and letting him know she was here. Her tears still falling hotly down her cheek like fire as she placed her head on top of his caramel hair and then she felt them. Tears. His tears falling on her upper chest as she smiled sadly knowing she caused all of this now she had to take responsibility for what she has done.

The sat their for minutes only hearing the police and the gentle wind before she spoke. "We should leave now. You shouldn't go back home, not in your state please stay with me. It's nothing big or great but it's safe and warm." She added, her voice soft. Her warm hand gently against his cold cheek, she was still shaken but better but not better enough to leave on his own. "Okay?" Her voice sweet but her smile bitter-sweet.
It wasn't happening. It just couldn't be. He can't be dead. He just can't be. They just made plans a few hours ago...and now he was gone? Levi was completely shocked by all this, even more so from the look of the body. It was ... horrifying. Something that would haunt him for the rest of his life every time he would close his eyes.

The girl's body was warm, he noticed. It felt nice, despite all that was happening. Feeling Alice do her best to comfort him, it was just... nice. Her warm body helped to keep him a little bit warmer that he was right now. His eyes were still wide open from the shock, even though his head was now between her neck and shoulder.

As if the reality of what happened finally dawned on him, Levi felt himself start to choke up and tears form in his eyes. They fell down his face as Alice moved up so her head was on his now, making his tears fall onto her upper body. They both sat there as he sobbed quietly, closing his eyes and leaning into her a little bit more. Then he heard her speak after those few, long moments of hearing nothing but the police, the wind, and his soft sobs.

He shouldn't go back home? ... Stay with her? Should he really do those things? Levi didn't have parents anymore, and lived on his own. Being in that place all by himself now after what had happened...he was sure to go insane. He simply nodded his head at the girl, accepting her kind offer.
Alice smiled softly as she picked him up like a father would with there child as her's and Levi's tears still fall. She hid Levi from the world and from her so he couldn't see her weakness putting his face and front of his body against her's as she went home. The wind sharp as a knife and colder than any ice water as her body started to feel burning cold from the snow as her bare feet started to feel nothing but cold numbness well she ran though the snow. Her breath in puffs of smoke but beginning to shorten as she kept running and running, many started at the strange child others looked confused in her dress wear but she kept running for 20 minutes then she finally stopped.

It was an old European three story home with a garden with blooming snow flowers that most can't remember the name any more. The house was beautiful as it gave off a royal atmosphere to it but old with age even if it still looked new. She entered the house not a light on but only candle light to guide you through the house with several books everywhere some in English but most in different ones as she knew everyone but many don't anymore. The house was beautiful and warm as she promised warming both up quickly while she took them into what looked like a living room.

It was in red and cream colors with once again filled with books and a computer on, roses in clear crystal bowls surround the room leaving a faint smell of roses behind. She placed the boy on a couch turned bed while she layered him in warm thick blankets.

"I'll go make some warm tea for us as you stay here and warm up okay?" Her voice gently as before while she left the room to the kitchen to make apple cinnamon tea for them. She was in hearing distance so if anything happens she will be right in there in a matter on seconds.
Levi didn't mind Alice picking him up. He didn't even notice that they were moving now. He was still in shock over his friend's death. The only friend he really had. No parents, no relatives...and now no friends. Levi felt alone, yet not at the same time. Alice's company and willingness to help filling the void in his heart a little.

Before he knew it, Levi was lying in a bed in Alice's house. He didn't notice them coming inside, but he felt warm now. The atmosphere of this place was calming, as well as the smell of roses. His tears had stopped, and now he just felt exhausted even though it wasn't even lunch yet. Alice's gentle voice helped Levi to calm down even more.

He watched her leave the room. As comfy as he was, he didn't like having his jacket and boots on while in bed. He pulled the covers off him and sat up on the edge of the bed, pulling his jacket off and setting it down on the floor neatly. Levi took his boots off next, setting them aside neatly as well before lying back down on the bed, covering himself up again.
Alice started to hum lightly to herself as she finishes making the hot apple cinnamon tea for them the smell drifting into the other room while she heard him removing some clothes. She has always loved to cook she was good at it also but she picked up an old habit of humming a tone of old, her voice sweet like honey. As she grabbed to two crystal cups putting them on the counter putting four spoonful off honey in her's but stopping at Levi. Did he like sweet things? She could see him with something sweet but still what if it was more bittersweet? She debated to put three spoonfuls before stirring them and going back to the living room.

She saw his jacket also boots on the floor as he was layered in blankets lightly shivering but looked a lot better than before. A smile danced on he lips at this well she gave the cup to the boy there hands brush each other, she imminently pulled back while h still have a grip on it. Her hand felt like frozen fire as her white dress slightly damp from the snow as she turned away from him holding her hand.

"Sorry. But this will warm you up in no time. Also you can stay here as long as you want but you shall stay here for the night the storm is getting worse. I'll take the guest room you can have my bed. If you need anything please ask." Her voice was gently.
The smell of the tea and hearing Alice's footsteps kept Levi from falling asleep right then and there. The bed was so comfortable, and the house was nice and cozy. It would be hard for him not to fall asleep yet. He sat up, revealing to Alice he was wearing a light brown sweater. "Thanks..." He said, blushing very slightly when their hands brushed each other.

Levi took a sip of the tea, feeling warmer already. He studied Alice, only just now realizing what she was wearing. "Wouldn't you feel better if you changed into something warmer?" He asked, feeling concerned for her. "I don't want you being cold. You are free to lie down next to me under the blankets to warm up." He said.
Alice looked down to her lack of clothing as she smiled darkly for a moment before she stood up once again. She forgot that if see gets to cold than see can die but then again see was used to drastic temperature change but he forgot to remind her again. Speaking of him where is he? Most likely hiding because of Levi I better go find him and tell him. Alice smiled at Levi tenderly while she walked over to him.

"I'm going to go change and take care of something okay? You should drink all your tea before it's cold and you may sleep afterwards if you want. But I'll be back soon but if need anything just call." She lend down giving him a gentle kiss on the forehead before leaving the room.

Alice went to the second story of the house to see a pure black cat waiting for her at the top. His impossibly blue eyes fixed on her, watching, waiting for her before he did anything. She sighed at him as she went into one of the rooms that was filled with clothes as the cat followed her. She turned her back on him as she picked up old worn in warm pj's before facing him.

"Yes he is staying here for the time being. No you don't have to stay like that you can change if you wish but only show one side of yourself to him. Yes I-I did fa-fail. I-I'm sorry Vincent." Her voice low as tears threaten to fall while the cat just come up to her and purred.

Alice smiled weakly as she patted Vincent softly knowing he already knew everything and why it happened. Vincent walked away from her to the door way quickly disappearing from sight to only god knows where, knowing this was her time to leave. She quietly left the room as she headed down stairs to where Levi was.
Levi looked at Alice, then to his tea once she was out of sight. Feeling exhausted, he drank the rest of the tea and set the cup down on a nightstand beside the bed. He laid down on the bed again, pulling the covers up and stared at the ceiling for a while. Why am I so trusting of this girl? He asked himself. did she know about my friend's death? What was she doing there in the first place? These thoughts bounced around in his head and he tried to think of possible answers.

Sighing to himself when he couldn't think of reasonable answers to the many questions in his head, Levi turned onto his side and closed his eyes. He laid there for a while, his breathing calm as he was drifting off to sleep. The last thing he heard was the girl's footsteps as she headed down the stairs. Then he fell asleep.
Alice quietly went into the room where Levi was located at finding him sleeping peacefully, childlike even. A ghost of a smile found Alice's lips as she glided over to him pushing his messy caramel hair away from him face. This was the first time she really got a good look at the boy. Soft caramel hair that framed his face without forcing in, still some roundness in his fair skin face, slim but built figure and he was simply beautiful but not in a girly way. Her vibrate purple eyes stayed on him for a few more moments before she covered him in warm blankets making him as comfortable as possible before she stood up.

She moved books away from him so he or the books wouldn't get damage as well as taking the cup of tea, her eyes warm when she saw it empty. She momentarily left the room as she returns she once again went to the boy kneeling, her face full of sorrow for the child as she bed down softly kissing his forehead as she whispered 'I'm sorry' her voice heartbreaking before she quietly got up and laid on the floor beside him in case he need him. The floor was slightly cool but nothing to bad and Levi had all the blankets but once again she didn't as she laid here her eyes fluttering to sleep as her heart was filled will mixed emotions.


Soft light peered though the window as well as the sound of the gentle wind pushing against the house as if trying to awaken them for school. Alice didn't even move in deep sleep and she was not a morning person and it took what seem for an eon to awaken her but now it was going to be harder than usual.
The face of his now dead friend haunted Levi's dreams, turning them into horrific nightmares. He tossed and turned in bed that night. Everywhere he looked in his dream, he would see that face. It was maddening for the boy. No matter what he did he couldn't escape it. He couldn't wake himself up either. That is...until he fell in a pit in his dream. The shock of it startled him awake in the middle of the night. Levi sat up quickly, panting slightly and sweating.

Looking around the room he noticed Alice sleeping on the floor next to his bed. She looked like she was sleeping peacefully, unlike him. Levi felt bad about her sleeping on the floor, and he threw open the covers to be able to out of bed. He slid off the bed quietly, being careful not to wake Alice. Stepping over her, he turned around to face the young sleeping girl. Bending down and gently picking her up, Levi stood back up with Alice in his arms. So far she hadn't awakened, which meant he was successful so far. Ever so carefully did he walk the short distance between him and the bed, going around to the side that he didn't sleep on. Levi didn't want her to have to sleep on that side, only because he was sweating a lot last night.

Gently and carefully did he lay her down on the bed, covering her up with the blankets. It was freezing here in the room thanks to the snow outside. Levi guessed there was fresh snow on the ground by now. Quickly and quietly he went around to his side of the bed and got in, being careful not to wake up Alice as he did so. Covering up, he lay there on the bed. Honestly he was too nervous to fall back asleep. He didn't want to have to see that face again...

But eventually Levi was deep in sleep once more. This time the face didn't haunt him in his dream. It was just a normal one for him now, but it seemed a little happier than his usual dreams. He slept peacefully for the rest of the night, and did not awaken at the same time Alice did. The nightmare wore him out and made his body think it was still awake while it went on. Along with the sound of the gentle wind pushing against the house, there was the sound of Levi's soft and even breathing.
The black cat from the night before silently appeared into the room where both Alice and the boy named 'Levi' slept. A friction of anger appeared into his impossible blue eyes before be just sighed and walked towards the two children almost chuckling at the sight of them. Both of them we cuddled together for comfort or warmth maybe both no one knows but both seemed at ease, peace even as both of their hands woven together and legs entwined. It reminded him of young children who slept together on winter nights like this one and was almost to cute for him to try to awaken them for school but he knew he must unfortunately.

He looked at both deciding to awaken the boy first knowing he would have a better chance at awaken Alice than him or being cuddled to death again by her. Vincent took at long look at him first and felt sorrow, pity for the boy knowing that he can never to go to him normal live again and will forever be haunted by what was left of his friends body. This boy has to stay with us and even worse live with everything he has seen knowing what would happen if Alice took all his memories away but this boy still doesn't deserve this. His mind wondered for a moment before trying to wake the boy up repeatedly before the boy's eyes fluttered open signaling he was awaken. His head pointed towards the clock telling him it was time to get ready for school then pointed at Alice to wake her up if he could. He waited and watched the boy his eyes never leaving him.
The happy and peaceful dream was soon gone. Now Levi was laying in a completely dark room. Sitting up and looking around, he saw only darkness. He couldn't hear anything as well. There wasn't anything he could do so he just sat there...Until finally he heard faint footsteps. They were soft, light footsteps. An animal's maybe? It was possible. After all he was still asleep. Then came the tap on his shoulder. It felt like a paw. Not a finger of a person. So the footsteps were an animal's. And a small one at that. A cat perhaps? More taps came before he was finally taken out of his slumber. There, sitting on the bed, was a black cat that stared at him.

It was unsettling for Levi to wake up and have really anyone there and staring at him. He saw how the black cat moved its head to face the clock, which made him look as well. It was time to be getting ready for school. Did they really have to go? His only friend was murdered last night, he didn't feel like going anywhere. Suddenly he felt sick to his stomach when the image of his friend's mangled body came rushing back to his mind. He felt as if he needed to throw up but Levi managed to hold it back. He looked down to Alice, realizing how close they were only seconds later. His face flushed almost instantaneously. Levi had never been this close to a girl like this before. Were they sleeping like this? ... That would mean they had been like that for hours. He felt his face get a little hotter and possibly redder from this possibility.

He took in a deep breath to calm himself down before moving his right hand over to her shoulder. Levi shook her gently. "Alice...It's time to get up for school..." He said in a soft and kind voice. He wasn't going to be rude to the kind girl who took him in in his time of need. She was giving him the emotional support that he very much needed..and most likely craved at a few times. Besides he wasn't the type of guy to be rude or forceful with any girl.