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Will join rejoin and if so, what would you prefer for the story??

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  1. Yes. Restart.

  2. Yes. Continue.

  3. No.

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  1. Oh cool, I can play Ness and Lucas then. :) ( The post- subspace emissary version)
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Man i need to fight fo that lady
  4. I seem to be the only one voting restart, and I did that because I got way behind in the version before the crash and wouldn't really know what's going on without the deleted data...
    But eh.
  5. either way works for me >>
  6. Lets get straight to the point. As you can see on the map, there are typing symbols on top of individual cities/towns. 'Cause you're all super smart you've figured out that those typing symbols mean there's a gym leader there! Sadly, we clearly only have four, so get your butts over here and sign up. Fret not, this league isn't meant to be 200% competitive, and you don't have to win to get the gym leader spot. Just impress and express some creativity in your teams.

    If this is just a Pokemon league clan why do we need a map?
    Good question you random bystander who will soon be terminated for asking too many questions! Well, yesterday this kitten over posted something that got a little attention, and no, I know it was literally just three, but it was probably the most activity this group got since I created it and I thought "Damn, why not?" So this clan will have a story mode to it! Wowzers ain't that original?

    Goodbye, Vi. I had faith in thee.

    NO GET BACK HERE. LISTEN TO ME. Okay, so if you choose to participate in the story mode (which you don't if you don't want to, just makes things fun, ya feel?) you get to choose where you start off, your team (ban list still applies, and legendaries can be seen but not captured unless you're a part of the E4, we're normies after all), and even your own plot aside from the main plot. You don't even have to be a trainer; you can be the villain who I've named Team Basilisk.

    How gay.

    I'm going to beat you over the head with my frying pan. So, currently Team Basilisk only has one admin, their signature type is dragons. So grunt Pokemon would consist of Axew, Goomy, and Tyrunt. Including past Pokemon that has been bringing fear into the hearts of trainers since the day the game came out: Rattata and its lesser variants like Poochyana. The Main plot of this team is to bring down the Phoenix A.K.A our league. The Phoenix League and its members act as protectors (RESPECTABLE MEMBERS Mini moderators) to the region (clan), so it's a game of capture the flag. Of course stealing gyms and working their way to get to the E4's champion island isn't the only thing on the agenda, but that's up to you guys. If you venture into an unnamed territory (city/town), it's yours for the naming. Get creative with it! I'll need some major points/description of the location too.

    The villain of the Phoenix region doesn't have to follow the same watered down path of the anime counterparts. This is closer to the manga where death is present. Please don't go around killing trainers and Pokemon for the hell of it. Agree to it before hand. Now that that's all done I'll be going back into my hole. I'll have the Admin skeleton up for the team, and the head(s) of Phoenix's research departments. If you have any questions or are confused about anything please ask, I'm willing to bet a limb I was unclear about a lot of things.
    Feiora Map (open)

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