To Seek a King

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Will join rejoin and if so, what would you prefer for the story??

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First off guys: I need to know. Would you be interested in playing this again and, if so, would you wish to continue or restart?
Continue with me and angel rewinding to the night of the first day
Since Kami's still in, I am too. I'd much rather just continue on. ^^

I'll still play Blade for you too, Kitticakes. <3
I seem to be the only one voting restart, and I did that because I got way behind in the version before the crash and wouldn't really know what's going on without the deleted data...
But eh.
Xindaris is back =D

Hmm.... If we restart I guess to could have Meg start at the same time too.

unless we have Meg and Xindaris catch up before continuing.
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