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  1. [​IMG]
    Welcome to Urishima City. A beautiful town that is inhabited by the extremely gifted and mature adults of the world. Run and made for business, you can only be accepted into the paradise like world through money, and intelligence. The city circles great Mt. Turo. It has been said no one is allowed to enter except government officials. Rumors has spread ever since it was first made. Though these rumors were not started by the adults, they seem too busy with there work.

    They were made by the children, teenagers, and failing adults on the OUTER REALM.


    The inhabitants of Urishima City say that if you go into the OR you disappear. Saying its consumed by delinquents and the mentally ill. That every corner you turn is full of crime and thugs.
    "They don't even have wifi!"
    "Troublesome people, they are just trying to hard."
    "I bet they were all left by there parents because of how dumb they are."
    The OR is a topic of gossip for Urishima City. With no state of police or law inside the Outer Realm, its a death match. Doing anything to survive, many leaving there own families. Through the process of notes, small talk, and postings on buildings. The people of OR have been notified of many killings in the area. Bodies found, law ignored. The Government of Urishima City, which resides inside and on Mt. Turo has done nothing. Though the reaction from in inner city has been quiet, controlled almost. Eight children, teenagers, and young adults have been receiving notes from an unknown source, telling them they know who they are and what they can do. Some people wondered why they were in the Outer Realm, but this group of misfits know why. Especially when the Government doesn't want to get caught.

    Eight people form a group together, in order to breach Urishima City. No matter what the cost. Although the memories are hazy, they can remember the distant screams of there family as they taken away. They were different. They could see thing other couldn't. Ghosts, lies, the future, deaths, the past, plans, even mental scars. Those eyes. Ranging in different varieties of unusual colors. In a large timeline of unfortunate events, through being evicted and even bumping into each other, they meet. When those eyes meet, you can tell from the searing migraine now shot into your head, you can tell, there not human.

    [ The basic plot of this roleplay is for all characters to find each other through events. Through sharing there stories they band together in order to sneak into Urishima by any means, even terrorism. With the intention to not hurt. This group of thugs, thieves, bandits, and murders, join together to tell the truth of Government EX. Goverment EX took the characters at a young age from there families. Then tried to use there abilities against other countries. After being debated as the "Ruler" of many countries, they dropped the characters into the Outer Realm, a run down, poor, crime filled area.]​

    1. Rules of Iwaku, even in roleplay, don't break them.
    2. Notify me when you decide to leave the roleplay.
    3. No excessive gore. Violence is allowed, but not childish cursing (a curse word in ever sentence)
    4. No OP or God characters, everyone wants to have fun.
    5. Don't force your way into the center of plot. I already have to planned in a small way so that everyone gets an equal amount of plot.
    6. Don't snog of my forum please. If you going to do something like that chat with each other and do it. Kissing is allowed and relationships just don't bang on the forum thread.
    7. If you get into conflicts, please contact the other characters profile or me so that you have a plan to solve it or use it for plot.

    1. @roubo (will put character link soon + character name)
    2. @XxDreamingxX
    3. @RainyDays [Reserved ability for seeing future/past]
    4. Relixa Valium @BookDragon143
    5. @xwolfex
    6. @xwolfex
    7. @Karakui
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  2. ha first roleplay on this website time to get rollin
  3. * titles are optional

    Character sheet

    Name :

    Age: [10-25]


    Sex :

    [CHARACTER JOINTS - out of 30]
    Strength :
    Intel. :
    Speed :
    Endurance :
    Perception :
    Mentality :

    Life Before OR :

    Personality :

    SIGHT ABILITY : [this ability has to be connected wth sight. x-ray, seeing lies, the dead, future, past, fears, seeing solutions, seeing ways of fighting with success, ect]

    Life Now :

    Gang/House/Job :

    Fears :

    Strengths :

    Weaknesses :

    *Complete Backstory :

    *Sexuality :

    *Triggers :

    *Mental Illness :

    This is just the information I have to have, You can graphically set it up however you wish.
  4. [​IMG]

    Name : Carena Parker

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    [CHARACTER JOINTS - out of 30]
    Strength : 3

    Intel. : 6
    Speed : 5
    Endurance : 6
    Perception : 5
    Mentality : 5

    Life Before OR : Before everything happened, Carena lived the life of a normal twelve-year-old middle school girl. Well, sort of. Ever since the age of five, Carena found her new ability to speak with the dead and accepted it openly. She loves communicating with those from another world. They are always there for her and she's never lonely. Carena never told anyone about it, deciding to keep it her little secret. Yet, it somehow got out to the government that she had this ability. Government enforcers broke into the house during dinner and stole Carena. In the process, they burned the house and everyone inside so no news about this got out to anyone. Carena was conked on the head and passed out. When she awoke a while later, Carena was in a cell. They used her and six others for their own gain then a few months later, threw her and the others into the OR to defend for themselves.

    Personality : They say experience in the best way to do things. If you wanted to meet this little rascal, you'd have to find her first. Yep, she is everywhere and is never one who's easy to find. Good luck in your search fella's

    SIGHT ABILITY : See and communicate with the dead

    Life Now : Nowadays Carena is a total rogue. She does dirty work for money and is making her living on the move. She doesn't have a permanent home and instead goes from place to place. She's learned the way of the OR and is a total badass.

    Gang/Job/House : Assassin, Thief, Gambler, Ninja, Scout, etc. // Place to place

    Fears : Spiders,The Nightmares, People Knowing Her Ability, Public Speaking, Cells

    Strengths : Quick Reflexes, Fast on her Feet, Knows Martial Arts, Skilled Swordswomen

    Weaknesses : Not Sociable, Can't Swim, Bad Eyesight, Wings It

    *Complete Backstory : Not needed seeing as how her backstory was pretty much already told up above

    *Sexuality : Heterosexual

    *Triggers : Fire [burning house], White Coats [experiments], Small Rooms With A Single Window [her cell]

    *Mental Illness : Claustrophobia, Nightmare Disorder
  5. @XxDreamingxX Youve benn accepted, adding you to the cast now. IC will start once I and another person submits there character.
  6. Would it be OK to make 2 characters or is it 1 each? If the answer is yes, 2 is OK, then can they start in the same place? If they have to start separated, that'll still work, but the characters would work best as a duo...
  7. @Karakui Its 2 characters per person. Yeah its fine if they start in the same place.
  8. [​IMG]

    Name : John Smith
    "Original Name - Jessica Simon"

    Age: 17

    Gender: Non-Binary

    Sex : Female

    [CHARACTER JOINTS - out of 30]
    Strength : 6
    Intel. : 7
    Speed : 1
    Endurance : 2
    Perception : 7
    Mentality : 7

    Life Before OR : Lived inside a very wealthy family and was always pampered. Forced to dress and act like a lady was a painful life for them. And with parents
    who worked 24/7, a feeling of loneliness controlled there life. John told there parents of not being in a gender, and was immediately shamed for it. There very religious parents, who did
    not believe in such a thing, sent him to therapist, psychiatrist, even electroshock therapy. But through all attempts, he would just disappear, hid, or escape.This was eventually reported to the Government due to missing fines by the parents. The Government confronted the parents and sold John to them. After being experimented on and forced to use his Sight Ability to break into countries, they dropped him into the OR, without an identity, cash, or a home.

    Personality : Lone Wolf, quite type. Easily mistaken for you eye tricking you kind of person. Loved spicy foods and hotdogs.

    SIGHT ABILITY : The ability to see escape routs and ways of hiding.

    Life Now : You can find them going around and scaring gang members and thieves by disappearing. Taking there gun, money, and life in a flash. An expert pick pocketer and a horrible runner, they will most likely be found
    on top of buildings or inside alleyways.

    Gang/House/Job : Pick Pocketer, Gang Fighter, and Robber.

    Fears : The dark, electricity, doctors, hospitals, and needles.

    Strengths : Can sneak away easily and sometimes just disappears. You may find them upside down somewhere. Is very passionate about the human brain. Can go into the extent of manipulating your identity and emotions. Good with explosives.

    Weaknesses : Thin, no muscle. Can run away, can only hide or escape. Little to no strength, can get knocked down immediately. Cant work under stress.

    *Complete Backstory : (optional already explained it)

    *Sexuality : Pansexual

    *Triggers : Screaming, Yelling, and Lab Coats.

    *Mental Illness : Schizophrenic
  9. Can I reserve a slot with the ability to see in the future/past? I'll work on a CS later. Also, could you explain what the points are for?
  10. Yeah I can reserve a slot for you. The points are so that you can balance out your abilities, like if your strength is 3 you cant fight off a gang. it to make sure that in the role play your character doesn't get out of hand or gains random abilities that don't match up with the points.
  11. [​IMG]
    FURY BEATS - Sophie

    Name: Scout

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Sex : Female

    [CHARACTER JOINTS - out of 30]
    Strength : 8
    Intel. : 4
    Speed : 6
    Endurance : 7
    Perception : 3
    Mentality : 2

    Life Before OR : In a fairly large suburban house, Charlotte rushed her manicured nails through her wavy crop of dark hair. She chewed on a biro pen nervously; three meetings in one week for the next project, and she knew that her manager will be present on the second one this Thursday. She quickly checked through her designer handbag for her car keys as her husband, Simon, came wandering into the room.

    He was doing up his cufflinks and briefly caught sight of himself in the mirror. With a coy grin, he gave himself a little wink and knelt down to put on his oxfords. "Charlotte, honey, the nanny's been complaining about Annabelle again." he announced to his wife, who was currently ignoring him completely, scrolling through her phone's notifications to see if Phil from accounting had anything to say about the upcoming project next month. Her response to the man she married was a noncommittal noise of vague intrigue, a confirmation that she heard sounds coming from Simon's mouth but they never quite made it to her brain.

    "She demands a raise, Charlotte."


    "A raise."

    Charlotte nearly dropped her phone. She tottered in her heels as if physically struck, reeling around to stare at Simon in utter horror. "B-but why?! Annabelle is so well behaved when we come back! She just keeps to her own business and she's getting decent grades at school!" sputtered the woman, rubbing at her forehead wearily.

    Simon shrugged. He was already halfway out of the door. "She says the only reason Anna gets away with it is because she has some sort of...'sixth sense'. Swears the little scamp can see things coming and stops whenever she knows she'll get in trouble."

    Charlotte sighed. "She's -six-, honey. Just fire that nanny and get a new one, she sounds a little...creepy and paranoid." She raised her voice a little. "Annabelle! We're going out now, we're locking you in and the nanny will be around in a few minutes, okay?!"

    Quickly, Charlotte leant in and gave Simon a quick peck on the cheek before climbing into her car. Simon did up his tie and something seemed to ruffle in his mind, some vague notion that perhaps he could go upstairs to see his daughter and ask what the matter was. But a knee-jerk reaction caused him to look down at his watch and he realised that if he did that, he would be late for work. The clink of Simon's keys in the lock were the last noises a six year old girl would ever hear that originated from her parents.

    Upstairs in a pastel green room, a six year old girl listened to the clink whilst playing with her father's lighter. Several discarded dolls lay around her in various stages of destruction, singed and cut doll hair strewn across the carpet. The smell of melting plastic permeated the area. She screwed her eyes shut for a couple of seconds, then looked up, grinning. "Traffic jam? Gives me enough time to clean up..." she hummed, skipping down the corridor for the vacuum cleaner.

    Personality : Inherently unpredictable and undoubtedly dangerous, the 'glass cannon' that is Scout has such a distorted view on reality that causes her actions to differ wildly. She tends to show very little empathy, and her relationship with others relies solely on how much one "entertains" Scout. If something or someone is deemed "boring", Scout will no longer care for its wellbeing and safety - unless, of course, it manages to entertain her once more.

    This outlook on life means that Scout views her entire existence as a GAME, in which she is the player and everything else is degraded into toys, objects to be manipulated, or puzzles. Consequently, she is difficult to work with and hard to trust. Her disregard for anyone's emotions also makes it hard to become friends with Scout.

    Why, then, would the group take in such an apathetic, dangerous lunatic?

    To put it simply, Scout's high social status, coupled with the invaluable ability to see through time, make her an invaluable - if unreliable - ally. Her crippling mental instability may also be cause for pity.

    SIGHT ABILITY : Temporal Vision
    The rules for this ability are as follows:

    - Scout may choose to look forward or backwards in time, but cannot choose how far in either direction she will look. She does get a vague idea of how large the gap is, however.

    - Without a "focus", Scout will look forward/backwards in time according to her general surroundings.

    -A "focus" translates to an object or a person. By touching an object, Scout can see into the lifespan of that object ONLY. She can see its construction, for example, or the time when it was sold. By touching a person - eg, their skin, blood, hair, nails...any organic part of a human or animal - Scout can see into their lives.

    - Knee-jerk reactions can be triggered at random. If Scout is in immediate danger or a sudden, powerful outburst of emotion is emitted from someone nearby, Scout will have a flashback/flashforward to the event in question. Touching anything with bare skin always has a possibility to cause her power to go off.

    - Scout can try to "pinpoint" a view into the time stream and aim for a certain time period, but this will rapidly exhaust her energy. It is therefore important that these required flashbacks/flashforwards are planned in advance, to avoid lowering Scout's efficiency later on.

    - Overuse of her power INTENTIONALLY will cause weakness, migraines, nosebleeds and faints. Since sporadic flashes are unconscious actions, they come as naturally as blinking and do not drain Scout.

    Life Now : Somewhere in the darker districts of the Outer Realm, a ruthless gang had carved out a section of territory - and kept it. The entire sector is run by barbaric psychopaths, hopped up on all sorts of narcotics into some sort of dystopian cult. There is no single leader, only a group of the strongest - Viper, Oxen, Gunner and Scout. Viper is the intellect behind the Curbstompers, dealing mainly with poisons and the drugs business that has kept that area of the Outer Realm in a chokehold of debts. Oxen are the two twins, ex-brawlers. One deals with weapons and the other keeps the particular troublemakers in line. Both are incredibly good at torturing and interrogation. Gunner runs the smuggling business, bringing mainly supplies to their sector and sometimes dealing with people trafficking.

    Scout holds the title of "leader", but she doesn't have a particular role. Her SIGHT brought her to where she is and that in and of itself has proven to be useful time and time again. She is also a proficient fighter, thus deterring those who think that her superfluous position in the gang should be removed. She currently lavishes herself in her landfill wonderland, picking and choosing to do anything she desires.

    Gang/House/Job : Self-proclaimed Leader of the Curbstompers

    Fears : To be Discovered

    Strengths : Brute force and incredible endurance, an innate disregard of morals, Temporal vision, a good immune system.

    Weaknesses : Sporadic migraines due to overuse of power, utter unpredictability, reckless, impulsive behaviour.

    *Sexuality : Asexual, Aromantic.

    *Triggers : Literally anything she touches with bare skin will cause a time flash. It's impossible to trigger a mental instability that is constantly present. It is rumoured, however, that hallucinogenic drugs and sedatives - moments of mental weaknesses - can bring forth moments of lucidity in Scout.

    *Mental Illness : No registered mental affliction could aptly describe the psychological issues that Scout suffers from.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Name : Relixa Valium

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    [CHARACTER POINTS - out of 30]
    Strength : 5
    Intel. : 5
    Speed : 6
    Endurance : 6
    Perception : 6
    Mentality : 2

    Life Before OR : Relxa's life before the outer realm wasn't much different to be honest. Her family was on the lower side of the wealth scale and when her father lost his job at the local meat processing plant her mother had to take on two more jobs just to feed everyone leaving Relixa as the woman of the house. She cared for her two younger brothers, Kyle and Haydex, and resorted to stealing food for them and herself because her mother would just gamble off all of the money she made. Relixa stayed in the house with her brothers until her father's drinking became too dangerous for them to stay. Taking her brothers away silently in the night she ended up selling them for a good amount of money to an underground smuggler who promised to send them to a safe-house in the OR. When Relixa was removed from her "family" as she knew she was going to. she tried to find her brothers only to find that they had never made it to the safe-house. She is the last living member of her family as her parents had both died in the last few years and her brothers are still no where to be found.

    Personality : Relixa is very strong willed and has a sharp wit about her, although she can sometimes do very dull things. She has a spark of atitude but tends to keep her temper pretty well in check. Caring deely for those who gain her trust and remaining loyal to those she deems worthy, Relixa is a very good ally to have at one's side.

    SIGHT ABILITY : Ability to see into other's thoughts

    Life Now : Relixa spends most of her time laying low in the outskirts of the OR continuing her search for her brothers. She hangs around with smugglers and thieves to see if she can get any word on her brothers and has built up quite the skill in both thieving and smuggling as well as gained an astonishing amount of connections with the ring of smugglers in the OR.

    Gang/House/Job : Smugglers, thievery

    Fears : Her greatest fear is that the government has gotten to her brothers and is somehow holding them against her, knowing she would do anything in the universe to get them back safely.

    Strengths : Her greatest strength is devising strategies to go right under the noes of people without them ever even knowing she was there. She has an uncanny ability to slip in and out of places almost completely unnoticed.

    Weaknesses : Letting her fear overwhelm her is one of her weaknesses along with having little to no perception of the law

    *Sexuality : Heterosexual

    *Triggers : Seeing young boys between the ages of 5 and 10, the ages her brothers were when she last saw them, causes her to go into survival/protection mode and she will do nothing but seek those boys until she discovers they are in fact not her brothers. She will also go into a flying rage if she sees people she has relationships with in pain or in distress.

    *Mental Illness : Kleptomania
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  13. @BookDragon143 RainyDays had requested to have the sight ability of future/past on hold, due to the fact they may be busy. You can either change the ability, communicate with @RainyDays , or you could wait if RainyDays gets back to finish the character sheet.

    If you decided to change it, you are added to the cast list, and will be accepted.
  14. @roubo I have changed the sight ability. I'm sorry I missed that the first time. Thank you, this is going to be quite good, I can tell.
  15. Hey @BookDragon143, thanks for changing your sight ability. I really like Relixa as a character, she seems well balanced out and the search for her brothers is a nice touch. I can't wait to see her in action!

    Edit: I've added a bit more to my CS. I'm planning to make her a mob leader; if any characters had any dealings with a particularly violent smuggling/organised crime syndicate, could I ask you to consider the Curbstompers? It would be a good incentive to meet Scout, by seeking out the aid of her gang.
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  16. Thanks @RainyDays! I can't wait for her to be in action!
  17. Is still okay to join or am I too late?
  18. @xwolfex I'm pretty sure we're still open. Go ahead and make your character!

    @roubo Cool. I'll try and get a post up either tomorrow of the day after.
  19. [​IMG]
    Name : Hunter Micheals

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Sex : Male

    [CHARACTER JOINTS - out of 30]
    Strength : 7
    Intel. : 5
    Speed : 4
    Endurance : 7
    Perception : 4
    Mentality : 3

    Life Before OR : His life was a great one before the OR. He had friends, a job, a home, a life. He doted his little brother, Nathaniel, and worked hard to help his mother with the living expenses. He did his best to help his family and one day it was just stripped away when the government had found out about about his powers and took him away. They even took his brother with them. He hated working for them and usually refused to work for them causing them to physically beat him until they eventually threw him and his brother out together.

    Personality : Hunter is one of those "big brother" types. He is extremely protective of those close to him and is also extremely loyal. He detests strangers approaching his younger brother, but will usually warm up to some if deemed trustworthy and safe. He's usually very kind and easy to get along with as long as he opens up to you.

    SIGHT ABILITY : Atom Vision

    Life Now : He travels with his younger brother. They usually steal and sleep in alleyways just to get by. They're what you call, "street rats"

    Gang/House/Job : Thief

    Fears : Losing his little brother

    Strengths : His vision powers, hand-to-hand combat, can ignore most minor pains (ex: scrapes, punches in insensitive places, minor cuts, and minor aches)

    Weaknesses : Can't sneak away easily, rash, reckless, his brother, weapons, not very smart.

    *Complete Backstory :

    *Sexuality : Demisexual

    *Triggers : Blood, mothers, whips, guns, adult males who are bigger than him, abuse.

    *Mental Illness : PTSD

    Name : Nathaniel "Nathan" Micheals

    Age: 12

    Gender: Male

    Sex : Male

    [CHARACTER JOINTS - out of 30]
    Strength : 3
    Intel. : 8
    Speed : 7
    Endurance : 2
    Perception : 6
    Mentality : 4

    Life Before OR : He was a normal kid going to school with his brother taking care of him. He always knew who to approach and who to avoid. It confused almost everyone around him except for his brother> Word got around about him around town and it was leaked to the government by someone in town. He was then taken away with his older brother. He complied to everything, but by the end, he was scarred of everyone except his brother.

    Personality : Nathan is extremely shy and hates interacting with others, so he sticks with his older brother who is like his body guard. He usually doesn't speak much and when he does, it isn't much. If he opens up to you, which is very rare, he will most likely try to communicate with you. But most times, he'll just be hiding behind his brother.

    SIGHT ABILITY : Aura Reading

    Life Now : He travels with his brother as a street rat.

    Gang/House/Job : Thief

    Fears : Being without his brother, social interactions, people.

    Strengths : His vision, he can get away quickly, good at making well thought out plans.

    Weaknesses : physically weak, his fears, and public places.

    *Complete Backstory :

    *Sexuality : Heterosexual

    *Triggers : Lab coats, strangers, large men.

    *Mental Illness : Social Anxiety Disorder
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