to see through our eyes [IC GROUP THREAD]

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The sun peered through the window, intimidating the inhabitants of any house. Another message had been slid under the door.

"I kNoW wHo YoU aRe, I kNoW yOuR sEcReT."
- Your secret Admirer.



Welcome to Urishima City. A beautiful town that is inhabited by the extremely gifted and mature adults of the world. Run and made for business, you can only be accepted into the paradise like world through money, and intelligence. The city circles great Mt. Turo. It has been said no one is allowed to enter except government officials. Rumors has spread ever since it was first made. Though these rumors were not started by the adults, they seem too busy with there work.

They were made by the children, teenagers, and failing adults on the OUTER REALM.

Through unfortunate events this group of eight people gather in order to change the minds of the people. And to relieve the truly sadistic nature of the Government. Living inside the Outer Realm helps you slowly organize the group. Talking about what they did to you, what your SIGHT is. You organize a jumbled plan to sneak into Urishima City, and convince the people. Not only that, but you have to find your "secret admirer" thats been following you ever since your existence.

[Max Characters per Profile is 2]

[Roleplay will begin once there are at least 3 characters]


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Fantasy, magical, furry, romantic
The chattering of the bar became more dull in Relixa's ears as she quietly brewed over her glass. The strange greenish concoction before her made her head buzz and all the outward room seemed fuzzy. No longer could she smell the dirt floor or the rotting bar-stools, she could only sense her fingers on the glass.

Many nights she had spent this way, waiting for the sun to come back up over the horizon, begging for sleep but knowing it would just be filled with the nightmares once again. From across the bar she was suddenly awakened from her slightly drunken trance by the sound of glass breaking and men yelling, this would be the fifth fight in this bar tonight. Without a word and just a simple nod to the bar tender Relixa focused her gaze on the men, one large one with a broken bottle and the other with his copper rimmed glasses, and simply invaded their minds. Normally she would just do this to read their thoughts but sometimes if the person was weak willed enough she could actually instill thoughts into their brains and make them do as she wished. Luckily they were both pretty dim witted.

"I will sit down and go back to my evening..." she repeated the words in her mind over and over and over until both men carefully dropped their weapons and were seated once again at their tables. The rumble of the bar began again and everything continued as normal.

Lifting the glass to her perfectly natural lips Relixa took a swig and felt her daggers jingling in their holsters as she moved, the time was drawing near for her to use them, she was beginning to feel it. Just like last time...