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  1. You can be ANYTHING do to advanced nanotechnology (nanobots and stuff like that) and genetic engineering and/or augmentation and aliens encountered by the colonists, immortality is common. The Earth is in danger of total destruction, colonization projects where put in to place in 2305 and in 2398 sixteen massive world ships where finished with a new tech that would allow near instant transport from point-A to point-B called a STAR JUMPER. The ships each able to hold 2,356,681 colonists each, a total of 37,706,896 colonists. The ships were finally loaded and filled in 2405 and in 2406 where sent out, each in a different direction but keeping in contact with each other.

    About a year later Earth was plagued by an incurable diseases it was called "The Gene Plague" or "The G Plague" because it attacked the genetic structure and broke it down, it was highly contagious and had a kill rate of 100%, Earth was immediately quarantined. After a mouth all contact with Earth was lost. During the time the colonists made alliances with new found alien races and colonies where set up.

    It's been 1,000 years since Earth was lost and war between many races has broken out. All info on Earths location has been either lost or destroyed over the years but a single piece of information still exists and a new group of scavengers whose only heard of Earth has found it in a deserted out post in an old experimental military starship called the Shadow of Intent with a crew capacity of 8 with weapons and shields more advanced than even the most current military vessels. And this is where your story starts

    I was wandering if any one would be interested in this so please let me know ^_^
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  2. This sounds very interesting!
  3. I'd totally be up for this!
  4. Same here! Let's do this!
  5. I would do this as well, if I'm welcome to?
  6. nice now i need some more people and i'll put up a sign-up post