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  1. Really, it had been serendipity. Avery had been at sea for months. She had docked her ship, her sweet lady love Calypso, and allowed her crew some time ashore. Even a pirate needed to barter for food and supplies, and there was always the matter of needing to sell some of their plunder for a safer sort of currency. The port town was closer to the crown than Avery perhaps would have liked, but the next port was far and food was low. So they docked, and her crew rejoiced. The sea may have been their first love, but everyone needs a break here and there from their lover's grip, if only to appreciate them all the more. Not that the land didn't have her own qualities- there weren't taverns on the Calypso, and only so much ale and so many girls to go around. They needed more people, at any rate.

    "Mister Roscoe, I expect you to've replaced all we've lost in the crew," Avery had told her first mate before he'd left. Arundel, being mute, had saluted her, and took Ainsley Kellam with him as his tongue. Ainsley was an interesting one- never was overly fond of being a man, Ainsley had said. They got along best with Roscoe, who could never call Ainsley a "he", but the crew was rare to make that mistake, and quick to learn not to do it again. Ainsley was skilled at more than just being Arundel's tongue. They had also taken Myra and Zola as a sort of incentive. Zola was a beautiful woman from southern isles, and Myra from the kingdom itself. Both were regular crewmen, but months at sea made for want of company. The shipmates often spent time wooing each other while off duty. It had resulted in a surprisingly efficient community, though newcomers always had to learn to forget their jealousy.

    Avery distributed other tasks to the rest of the crew: Keyon the navigator and Gytha the cook were to take two each, after the others had sold what they could, to buy what they needed; Delphine, Rhoda, Orson, and Faxon were to sell as much treasure for as good a price they could, then accompany Keyon and Gytha, and enjoy themselves after that. And so they had. Arundel, Ainsley, Myra, and Zola had brought Ryley Crain and Dulcie Layre to join the ship. The ten took shifts on and off the shift, teaching Ryley and Dulcie what they needed to know.

    Avery came and went, overseeing as she had to, but spent most of her time exploring the town. The tavern had brought quite a few fair nights, but eventually, it was time to leave again. They all hated it. Avery, Arundel, and Ainsley had been taking one final walk on the shore when it happened. They saw, in all impossibility, a fine lady, and no guards- here! The trio stopped, and looked at each other. Avery nodded. Ainsley approached first; he was the least threatening of the three, with soft features, and a cleanliness from land. They had new, bright clothes, and no over weapons. "My lady!" Ainsley exclaimed. Avery and Arundel fled from the lady's sight, and approached her from behind. Luck couldn't have been more on their side- no one was around.

    "Tell me, my lady, would you enjoy a voyage at sea?" Ainsley twittered cheerily. Before their could respond, though, Avery slapped the back of the woman's head with the flat of her sword. Short of a headache, no damage would be done to the lady's head. Ainsley giggled. "I suppose that is a yes! Oh, we'll have to do something to hide that she is so fine a woman, shan't we, Captain?"

    Avery nodded, and looked about. She slid her sword back into her scabbard, then loosened the bodice of her dress. She wore a white shirt underneath, but pulled it over her head, and took the woman's jacket. She swatted some of the sand off of it, then slid it on and buttoned it. Avery did the bodice back up again over it and put her hat back on- it had fallen off after she'd taken her shirt off. Ainsley had figured out what Avery had planned, and slipped the white shirt onto Astra. It was crude, but a small change in clothing could make even a lady look like a mongrel. "Arundel, if you'd be kind enough to carry her...?" Avery asked.

    The large, dark man nodded. He bent down and picked her up, and the trio- now quartet- wasted no time in returning to the ship. Ainsley parted from them to retrieve Orson, Myra, and Keyon, while Arundel took their prisoner to Avery's cabin, on the captain's instruction. Arundel left to help the crew set sail again, while Avery waited in the cabin for the woman to wake up. It was a small cabin; there was a small, sealed window over a bed. A child couldn't fit through it, even if it weren't for the two metal bars that crossed over the round window. The lady had been set on a bed, lush with pillows and covers, but only just large enough for two people. There were two chests across from the bed, and some maps pinned on the walls, and a lantern on a hook by the door. It was no grand room, but it did well as a jail for a rich daughter. Avery sat on one of the trunks, and waited for the woman to awaken.
  2. (Before being captured)

    Gwen ran back to her room as soon as her mother was out of sight. Yes! Her mother was finally letting her go to the town without the guards tailing her. Maybe she'd have the freedom to take a nice peaceful walk or something. Gwen wasted no time in getting to her room and slipping her white evening dress off. She hated the dreaded thing. Nicely made, yes, but not really comfortable. She had been forced to wear it for tea time with her mother, something she also hated. here she had to sit with her ankles crossed neatly as she listened to her mother and her mother's friends prattle on about their husbands or new fabric that their servants had been working with. Gwen had just quietly sipped her tea and made some observations.
    She noticed that Miss Merrywether wore her golden wedding band on the wrong hand and always seemed to keep her dress laced tighter on days that one of the young male servants were around. Gwen's keen eyes also spotted that Mrs. Smith had a golden tooth in the back of her mouth and always dragged out her 'o's when she spoke. She knew all of the habits of the women pretty well and guessing what their lives were like served as decent entertainment when tolerating these little meetings.
    But now Gwen had some freedom, a taste of it. She threw on her black slacks and woolen socks tucked into her boots as well as her white undershirt and nice black vest. She took a moment to fix her choker upon her neck as well as tend to her makeup. She ran a brush through her hair a few times, wincing every time she hit a knot. Then she was off with a few coins in her pocket. In the halls, she walked, but she couldn't help but skip down the stairs from her house. She gave the passing stable boy a polite nod before continuing on, a smile playing on her peach colored lips.
    In a few minutes, she had made it into the town near the sea. She bid a quick hello to the baker as she passed and took a moment to smell the scent of bread cooling in the windows. She dodged small children running around and watched as a group of ravens fought over some food scraps that had fallen to the cobble road from a merchant's stand. Gwen politely browsed the wares of the peddlers as she passed to assure they had caught her attention, but decided to wait on buying anything. Her time of freedom was limited and unknowingly about to be limited even more so,
    Gwen made her way to the shore and admired the ocean. She breathed in the sea's salty scent and wondered what it would be like to dip her toes in the lapping waves for a few minutes. She was about to when she was interrupted by someone approaching her. They looked well dressed and wore an amiable expression, but Gwen took a step back nervously, unsure of strangers. The stranger spoke, "Tell me, my lady, would you enjoy a voyage at sea?"
    Gwen opened her mouth to politely decline the offer when she felt something hard whack against the back of her head sharply. The world around her spun and grew black before she felt herself fall.
    Gwen was unaware that she had been taken somewhere until she came to. She opened her eyes slowly with a light groan. She felt that she was laying upon something that was soft. Hmm, odd. She could have sworn she hadn't been called back home yet to go to bed. Perhaps she just didn't remember it. After all, her mother warned her that the sea air did weird things to people's heads. Gwen slowly sat up, wiping the sleep from her face. Or was it sleep? She didn't feel well rested at all. She grabbed the back of her head and winced in pain. what had happened?
    As she further began to come to, she looked around. She noticed this wasn't her room. White walls were replaced with wooden ones covered in what looked to be maps. A barred off window sat in the room as well. She looked over the bed, which was nice, but it wasn't hers. Then her sea green eyes widened as they lay upon a woman who sat upon a chest.
    Gwen scooted backwards, her mouth partially agape in shock and hair slightly disheveled from her capture. "Where am I?Who are you, miss?"She asked, panicked though she had remembered her courtesies enough to call the woman 'miss.'
  3. It took less time for the woman to wake up than Avery had expected. It had still been long enough that the Calypso had long since left harbor. The captain had entertained what would happen when the lady's family found out she was missing: first, it would take hours.Her parents would grow worried as the hours passed and their daughter didn't return- and then, Avery watched the sky get dark through the window above her prisoner. They would search frantically and find nothing, but refuse to accept that their precious daughter had been kidnapped. Who could have done it? They'd ask around, to no avail, then be forced to consider how much she was worth.

    The captain smiled sardonically to herself as she sat and watched the woman. Avery began to hum, and settled back into her thoughts, but then the lady stirred. "Where am I? Who are you, miss?" said the woman, after sitting up and slowly realizing that something was wrong. Avery grinned and leaned forward to look at the woman, who still had her own shirt over her dress.

    "Well, m'lady, we are taking you on a voyage, you see," Avery explained. "Nice easy trip across my love, the sea, and we'll come back and ask yer parents how much they'll want y' for, and we'll see from there. Now- are y' hungry? It has been a few hours since ye've joined m' crew, and I've heard ye noble types eat often. An', m'lady, forgive me, for I can recognize wealth, but not always blood. Who might y' be? I'm Capt'n Avery, an' this's my ship, the Calyspo."
  4. Gwen's heart fluttered in her chest. A pirate ship, she was in a pirate ship. She could deduce this from the woman's introduction since they were apparentally sailing and this cabin did look to belong in a boat. Oh no, oh no, oh no! Gwen had read enough about pirates in her stories to know they were bad news. They scoured shores and plundered, killing the innocent. Other stories had spread, ones told to children to scare them, that pirates ate children and used their blood as war paint. Gwen didn't really doubf that they'd eat someone, though upon observation, Avery's teeth didn't look sharp enough.
    Gwen shook a little bit, unsure of what to say. She felt very vulnerable and was still shocked so it took her a while to process what Avery had said. Avery had mentioned that Gwen had joined the crew, that wasn't good. But the offering of food suggested she wasn't ready to hurt Gwen yet, Gwen thought.
    She cleared her throat quietly before replying. "My name is Gwendolyn, mam, er...captain. Gwendolyn Bixby., captain, I appreciate your courtesies, but I do not believe I have an appetite as of now."she said sheepishly, eyes darting from Avery to the ground and the bed and back again a few times.
  5. "Aye, 'tis capt'n," Avery agreed. Ma'am never had suited her. "Ah, Bixby lass, are y'? Then we shall make some fair coin off of ye," she added, with a grin, and a low chuckle. "No appetite? As it is. Would there be aught that I can offer y', then, lady? Perhaps a walk? We are a fair distance away from shore now," she reasoned, and looked past Gwen and out the window. The land was still in sight, but it was small and starting to fade. Avery knew how to handle noble prisoners, and often set one crew member or another to stay with the victim, but thought it only courteous to spend a few hours with her. They were, however, never a joy; Avery didn't know how to entertain her guest, nor did she know how to entertain herself when trapped to her quarters. She did know her deck, however, and often times her noble guests would spend some time on it, getting to know the crew.
  6. "What do you want from me?"Gwen asked in a bit of a higher pitched voice than she had intended. She was very frightened still. Shs didn't know what these pirates had in store for her. Slave labor? Torture? She couldn't imagine what some of the male crew mates would want to do with her. Suddenly she was glad to be sealed away in the cabin away from the other pirates. Though now she was stuck in a room with the captain. The captain seemed nice enough, but Gwen was not content with being near such a person anyways.
    She guessed that she would be sold for ransom,since pirates liked gold. Gwen jhoped that meant they'd keep her alive and maybe make sure she wasn't harmed. Gwen wanted to know the intentions of these pirates so she could judge how desperately she'd tey to escape.
    From one look at the window, she knew getting back to shore would be pretty impossible at this point.
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