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  1. ‘The God above; The God below; the war begins with warm, black snow. Run, little ones, Fast and Far! To escape the end we’ve earned.

    The God above; the God below; the war begins with warm, black snow. No hope remains, . Not while the Gods remain.

    The God above; the God below; the war will end with a return to the void. We've forgotten our place, us mortal men. Are place below the Gods.’
    -Passage from the last chapter in 'The Exalar'
    The religious text of a forgotten faith
    No translated copy exists in modern times

    The origin of the world:
    In the beginning, when the world of Vardus was first incepted, there was darkness in the void. Pure, quiet, darkness. Two Gods existed: The God of pure, living energy. The God who was above the darkness, who's name was Uvabalg. The other embraced the darkness, and the void that followed. His name was Nevagast, The God who's presence was hidden below the veil.

    As both floated through the desolate cosmos, they eyed a particularly empty space. They wanted, above all else, to leave their mark on the universe, and so they began their work. Nevagast formed twenty three planets with his power, while Uvabalg created the sun at the cluster's center. They decided on a small, modest world. The seventh from the center of the solar system, and they both went to work. Uvabalg, the God above, created all life on the planet: from the plants, to the animals in the sky and in the sea and on the land. Every living thing was created by the God above.

    His brother, Nevagast, created the rest: the water in the oceans, the land that separated the seas and the wind. As the planet became stable and began to function, all seemed well and right. Life was good, and the world was abundant with life. The planet itself created the perfect habitat.

    The world was at peace. But it was not meant to last.

    Nevagast, the God below, became jealous of his brothers creations. For while his own creations were a marvel to behold, none of them were alive. They could not recognize his glory. On the other hand, Uvabalg's creations went so far as to worship him outright for a time. This infuriated Nevagast even more. But he held back, biding his time. Soon, the religion that worshipped Nevagast's brother became lost to time. The people on Vardus had forgotten about the God above, and Nevagast took this to his advantage. He explained to his brother Uvabalg that his creations were unworthy of the gifts they had received from the Gods. Nevagast said they should have to prove themselves, that the people of Vardus should be tested. Uvabalg reluctantly agreed.

    One individual, chosen by each brother, would be gifted with the other Gods power. The chosen would be turned into what was called a 'Tzadik', or a holy man (or woman). Nevagast's Tzadik would be called a Dybbuk, and would have the ability to steal life; to manipulate the energy and create something...inhuman. This creation would then subsequently seek out more life to replace that which it had lost, and would make the Dybbuk more powerful. This ability wasn't without a cost, however. Whatever energy the Dybbuk stole, would be destroyed and completely lost. It would slowly erode the world into a dead, shriveling husk of its former self.

    Uvabalg's chosen, however, would have the opposite ability, by rallying the people created by Uvabalg behind them. This Tzadik would be called an Ibbur, and would have but one purpose; to prevent that apocalyptic scenario, to defend against the onslaught created by the other Tzadik, and to restore as much life to the world as they possibly could.

    All this would come to pass without the Gods interference, who would leave the world to its fate. If the Dybbuk won, then the world will burn, showing that humanity wanted power, no matter the cost and were unworthy of the gifts they had been given. If the Ibbur won, the world would be restored by the Ibburs power.

    The deal was struck, and the Gods both created their respective Tzadik. And the world was left to its fate...

    Or so the legends say...

    The world itself:

    Currently on Vardus there are three continents. Our story begins in the capital city on the Southernmost continent of Coval. The City of Bastion, located at the eastern edge of the continent, is a bustling center for trade, culture, and military might for the entire region, surrounded by smaller towns and farms. There are three other major cities on the continent; Icuran in the southern forests, Yvandl occupying the peaks of the western mountains ranges, and Pelunal in the northern planes. There is a large and uninhabited forest surrounding the base of the dormant volcano at the continents center, The Forrest of Alungahl. The continent itself is separated from the other two land masses by a large expanse of water, and generally has no contact from the other two continents, known only as 'The Outer Lands'.

    The Republic of Coval is governed by an elected parliament of eight members, each city sporting two representatives, who vote on decisions based on majority rule. Technology of Coval varies: Firearms range from single shot, black powder pistols and rifles to revolvers and lever action rifles. Bladed weapons exist as well, and the combination of firearms and blades during combat is not unheard of. It's more common to specialize in one of the two. There is electricity, but it is mainly used for transportation in the metropolitan areas in the form of trollies. Gas is used for lighting and heat in the winter, the continent having natural gas pockets in the mountains near Yvandl, which uses the train routes and boat transportation available to get the gas to the other cities. Trains are common long-distance transportation, and get product from the farms and other cities and towns with great efficiency. There is talk of making ships that will float on the air, but they are, as of now, rumors only.

    Magic does not exist in the world (at least, the people don't believe there is. A Tzadik will be the closest to a mage this world will see.) but there are 'abilities' that can be harnessed by mentally linking with a trinket of some kind. Usually a piece of jewelry, like a necklace, a ring, or a broach. They can even be attached to a weapon of any kind. However, the synchronizable item cannot be made to be any larger than a small trinket, so the weapon itself cannot be made to sync with the individual. This 'synchronization' is achieved through a psionic link with the device, providing anything from minor elemental manipulation (such as causing fire to form around a sword. Sync with the rounds in firearms allowing them to be imbued with an elemental property upon being fired), to providing a mental energy like shield. It depends on the individual the ability they manifest, but its strength depends on the users intelligence and mental fortitude. The longer the ability is manifested, the more strain is put on the mind of the user. If a user forms a headache in the middle of using a synched item, it is recommended that the user cease its use immediately and wait for their mind to rest. Due to the mental stress, One should only sync with one trinket at a time.

    (Effects include, but are not limited to: minor elemental manipulation and utilization, minor telekinetic and psychokinetic abilities, or the ability to augment the senses. The possibilities are great with a psionic connection with these trinkets. If you want to ask about an ability, run it by me. Asking questions is a great thing! :3)


    The story for Part 1:

    The basic premise is thus; according to legends and lore that haven't been translated in centuries, the end of the world will begin with a 'warm, black snow' like substance falling upon the land where the event will begin. Not many people know this, and when it happens, the players themselves will be witnessing this event (which will be revealed in the opening post). The characters will gradually learn that there is someone who can stop this from progressing, but thy dont know who it is. The characters and the Dybbuk (as well as his undead minions) are hunting for the Ibbur. But for the most part, outside of the events I have planned, I want you to use that time between events to develop your characters. Part 1 will be occurring in Bastion exclusively, where your characters are all living, and the event will occur in the square of the Market District. This will be where the characters start. The Dybbuks ability in basic terms is the ability to suck the life out of a person (or use the living energy in the plants or living things around him to perform feats of necromancy like magical effects), so there will be undead of the supernatural variety looking to suck out the life force of others in an attempt to regain their lost energy. This will subsequently make the Dybbuk stronger the more people he corrupts.

    The city itself, where this part of the story takes place, is a large walled city that forms a great circle, which is then divided into three districts; The Market, Residential, and Industrial districts. The main exit was to the west in the Market district, the eastern part of the city being a port along a great river leading to the coast where the Industrial district lies. Train entrances and exits are at the north and south of the city, and there is the parliament tower in the very center of Bastian. The tower is surrounded by a small part of the residential district, and connects the southern and northern residential areas. Tan stone buildings with red, clay tiled roofs dot the city, giving it a uniformed, welcoming feel, even in he Industrial district.



    1.) Koek'enin: A moderately numerous people who have been rumored to hail from The Forrest of Alungahl at the center of the continent, the Koek'enin are a race of humans who have distant ancestral ties to a long forgotten religion. The fact that the churches were tor down long ago doesn't keep them from adhering to their old traditions of conduct; polite, loyal, and very focused on keeping ones honor intact and wearing traditional dress (Similar to kimonos in Japanese culture). The only difference between the Koek'enin and a Bruina is the Koek'enin's signature ears and bushy tail, similar to that of a wolf's on an otherwise human looking body. They have a tendency to fight with skill rather than strength, speed, or with sync technology.

    Personality: For the most part, very optimistic. Taking the brighter look at a situation, Koek'enin need to be in a truly hopeless situation to be brought down. Once a Koek'enin gives their loyalty to someone or a cause of any kind, they stick with it until the very end. Whatever it may be.

    2.) Undradr: Hailing from the western mountains, the Undradr are the most physically imposing race of Coval, even their women stand at least a head above the other races. They wear ceremonial and intricately forged heavy plate armor and are experts in hand to hand and blade focused combat. Not that it's unheard of, but Undradr, firearms or sync technology don't usually mix (mostly due to the Undradr being not so imposing in the intelligence department. Not saying common sense escapes them, they just prefer simplicity). An Undradr prefers up close, brutal combat, which stems from their warrior heritage. The men are usually bearded, their genetics making having a beard a dominant trait of their race.

    Personality: Undradr are the simplest of the races; as long as they have good food, good drink, and a good woman (or man, depending on the sex) to either gaze at or have under their arm, they are content with civilian life. It's these things that keep an Undradr hearty and happy. They take jobs that require them to utilize their great strength, and tend to enjoy physically demanding work. Hot tempered and quick to take a challenge to prove their strength, an Undradr will never back down from a fight.

    3.) Bruina: The shortest lived of the races, Bruina are the most agile of the other peoples of Coval. They even have an aptitude to learn and train in most skills with a speed that even baffles the incredibly intelligent Inali. A coastal race who specialize in using the spear to fish, the Bruina have a particular affinity with fighting at distances and using pole arms or firearms to accomplish the task. Speed is their ally, and most Bruina tend to fight from the shadows using Guerilla like tactics. They look the most common and 'normal' of the races.

    Personality: Bruina's have a strange, almost obsessive-compulsive desire to try new things, whether it be new foods, training methods, or various activities. It's due to their short lifespan. This also leads to the Bruina being hot headed and making rash decisions that are obviously not thought out: they want to do as much as possible before they become too aged, and want to experience as much as possible.

    4.) Inali: The Inali, who's origins come from the northern forests, are the race most skilled in the use of sync technology due to their highly evolved intelligence. They even discovered the origin of this technology, which is a type of metal found in the roots of the trees in the north. They are the longest lived of any of the races, yet the most scarce: Inali don't believe in reproduction on massive scale. Inali children are extremely rare outside of the northern part of the continent. Their ability to synchronize and use their latent psionic abilities with the trinkets they forge are on par with what anyone would consider a 'magic' user, and the Inali are the only (known, mind you) race to have synced with more than one trinket. They have very little in the way of fortitude or constitution, having very slender, tall bodies, both for men and women. They have bright, blue eyes and long, pointed ears.

    Personity: There is an air of coldness, or a sense of superiority about these elegant folk, though that mostly comes from age, not intent. Inali have a tendency to not get close to other races due to their extended lifespan, the coldness is not intentional rudeness, nor is it meant to offend. It's a way to cope with them outliving these others, nothing more. Those outside of their race that they get close to will find a fierce friend in the Inali, who treat friends and allies with a warmness and almost a sense of paternal care. To the Inali, if you are worth knowing even after death, you are worth caring for.


    Character Creation Rules:

    -NO ONE can play as the Tzadik (the Ibbur or the Dybbuk)
    -You can not want the world be destroyed, and join the Dybbuk
    -You can only make a character with the four races presented. You cannot be a demon/angel/changeling. They are not available to the player in this roleplay.
    -Make sure to give your characters a diverse nature and back story. Believable is better than being a badass at everything. Nor should they brood about their past. I see too much of this, and it gets old and boring.
    -Message me ALL characters so I may double check them. Do not post them in the forum. I need to make sure we have variations in what the characters are, and I'd like to get to know my players as well. This is mainly to ensure characters don't repeat.

    Role play Rules:

    -No god-modding
    -No controlling other player characters. (If I don't see this, please message it to me
    -No player killing (unless discussed in private. If I see this, I'll require you to edit)
    -Combat is player suggestion, meaning you suggest or say you character does something, and the character (or me as the GM) will react. Actions should not be an automatic success.
    -Characters WILL take damage. No one is untouchable (kinda goes along with god moding, eh?)
    -All sensible rules not mentioned


    Character Sheet:

    Name: (Full name, please)

    Race: (The dominant race you take after, if you are mixed. However it is rare for mixed people)


    Job: (What your character does, can't get simpler than that)

    Background History: (what has you character done so far in his/her life?)

    Personality: (While I do have a template above on how the races act under normal conditions and life, things do happen, hence you background. Add any quirks, or variations you'd like. If you make your character like Cloud from FF7, I'll slay you.)

    Fear(s): (This WILL be used later in the roleplay. It is REQUIRED you have a fear(s) of some kind)

    Sync Ability (If applicable): (This is pretty obvious: it's what ability that you want your character to be able to manifest when they sync psionically with their trinket.)

    Combat Style (if applicable): (Basically, how you use weapons/what kind of weapons you use. You don't have to be a combatant. But you can fill this later if you so wish as the roleplay goes on. Just message me. :3)

    Appearance: (Pictures will do, but add some description for the finer details)


    Conclusion: I want this to be a fun, exciting, and very well thought out role play! I hope friends, new and old, will make this a great roleplaying experience for everyone involved. I hope to hear from potential roleplayers soon! :3


    Roleplay link (open)
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  2. Accepted Characters! Now with animation!

    Lonewolf (open)


    His Armor




    Celthric Rivtdale




    Bounty Hunter

    Background History:

    See bottom.


    Celthric is often very serious, and quiet, leaving the talking and friendship making to his sister. He has a strong dislike for Inali, due to their long life span. He often finds joy only when he is with his sister and is extremly protective of her.


    Celthric has a strong fear of being in very high places, such as mountains and cliffsides. He also has a minor fear of water, and keeps from swimming when ever he can.

    Sync Ability (If applicable):

    His sync ability is linked to his ring, giving him and increase in strength and speed for a sort amount of time.

    Combat Style (if applicable):

    Celthric's main weapon is his spear, and is extremly well with it. The spear is embedded with a lightning sync, giving him the ability to send and electric current to his spearhead.

    Lonewolf Char. 2 (open)

    Her Armor


    Her (Minus the arm and leg, and her hair is in a ponytail)


    Haven Rivtdale




    Bounty Hunter

    Background History:

    See Bottom.


    Haven is much more talkative than he brother, and enjoys making friends. She is much less serious and extremely flirty, half due to the fact it drives her brother crazy. She loves her brother and would do anything for him.


    Like her brother, she is afraid of heights, but to a much less degree. She also has a great fear for spiders and snakes.

    Sync Ability (If applicable):

    Her necklace is embedded with an ability to enhance her eye sight to see things clearer or slightly farther than most.

    Combat Style (if applicable):

    Haven uses a mixture of daggers, two chain knives, and two sets of pistols.

    One set of pistols includes an extra explosive type sync, making the bullets twice as messy. The other set is a toxic type sync, making the bullets make the enemy sick for a short time, making them weaker and their eye sight blurred.

    Both History

    The brother and sister Rivtdale children grew up the son and daughter of the leader of a small village near Pelunal. Celthric grew up being the older child, and on several occasions went to the market in Pelunal with his father for goods for his village. One night, the night before the brother left again for Pelunal, a scream was heard around the village. Outside in the small town square, a body laid with several arrow's in a girls back. Almost immediately, Celthric's father was dead, two arrows sprouting from his chest and another from his throat. A series of creatures began the attack of the small village, and soon Celthric and Haven found themselves being force out the house's back door and into the back of their neighbors wagon. The neighbor then road off, towards Pelunal. The children never saw their mother again. For years, Celthric and Haven worked for their uncle at a tavern off the market square, and for years Celthric and his sister heard stories of adventure from adventurer's and other traveling warriors. Once of age, the adventurous pair found work in the bounty hunting industry, taking on all sorts of jobs from creature hunting, to bandit hunting.

    Mistress (open)

    Name: Naomi Bao

    Race: Koek'enin

    Job: Stunt double of plays

    Background History:

    Naomi was born to a humble Koek'enin family in the slums of Bastion. Being the fourth child among six siblings, she was forced to work her way by her lonesome to get what she wanted. This included working odd jobs at such a young age, and finishing school with as little support from her parents as possible.

    When she was old enough (ten years old), her mother enrolled her to a local Meinu school where Koek'enin girls were taught the delicate art of aesthetics. Her mother had hoped her second daughter would become an accomplished Meinua like her eldest. But Naomi had too plain a face-- even her tail was nothing special! It was only because of her older sister's reputation that she managed to get into the Meinu.

    After a year or two, it became clear to Naomi that being a Meinua was not her calling. For a long while then, she envied the forms of the boys of a nearby combat school. Finally, fate intervened in the form of an ale enthusiast, and master combat artist, who owned the keep she started working for. It wasn't long before she left the Menua (much to her mother's dismay) and studied close combat arts with her boss.

    Many years later, while fighting off troublemakers of the keep, she was discovered by a playwright who needed her talents for his project. She was the perfect stunt double being so plain and all. To provide her family a better life, she excitedly agreed, and has been working in the theatre ever since.


    Like many Koek'enin, Naomi sees the world with the glass half full, which may be the reason why she tends to be recklessly impulsive. Fortunately, it is also her optimism that helps her endure the troubles she stumbles into.

    She is also often trusting. Ever since she joined the theatrical industry, she has also become quite a flirt but when it comes to emotional scenarios, she keeps her feelings controlled. You will have more luck seeing her angry rather than vulnerable. When you do, try to keep away as she can be physically abusive.


    Her family harmed.

    Her combat skills lost.

    Combat Style (if applicable):

    A dizzying combination of hits and evasions, her style involves using the environment, and even the enemy's own blows, to damage the opponent.



    Naomi stands straight at five foot five. She has fuzzy chestnut ears and an even fuzzier chestnut bush for a tail.

    Scrap Iron (open)

    Name: Vek Thurund

    Race: Undradr

    Age: 58

    Job: Smelter, whitesmith

    Background History: Vek decends from a relatively prestigous clan in his mountain home, training under the best around in his family trade of working gold and silver. Through his apprenticeship, he attained the title of master within the whitesmithing guild. So dedicated to his craft, he felt he needed to move on to gain from other cultures. With one masterpiece under his belt, even greater works could be only as far as the next settlement. Eventually, he settled in Bastion, content to take in the neopolitan mash of cultures a trade city provided. There he crafted everything from spoons to gem settings, waiting for true inspiration to strike again.

    Personality: Vek can be gruff, of course, and short-tempered definitely, but on the whole he is quite thoughtful and warm. He is quite genial and can even be outgoing if the stars align right. Even then, he's a fairly caring individual.

    Fear(s): Deep water, scorpions, absolute silence.

    Sync Ability: Vek syncs through a polished chunk of hematite he wears on a chain around his neck. Through his sync, he can affect gravity to some degree within a short distance of himself. With it he can lift otherwise impossibly heavy objects, disorient foes, or add extra gravitational weight to his weapon swings.

    Combat Style: Vek wields a long-handled crow's beak hammer. He tends toward heavy, wide swings with the hammer side of the weapon to take full advantage of his strength. He makes up for this relatively slow tactic with quick defensive blocking techniques with the haft of the weapon.

    Appearance: Vek is very tall and quite wide and bulky. He is bald with a large blue-black beard that is tamed by several heavy cords of silver. He tends to wear his artisan's clothes, items that are simple and thick as well as fire resistant. A small pair of spectacles with a hook for a jeweler's loupe is often found before his deep blue eyes.

    Kazumi (and Freia) (open)


    Name: Hoshino, Kazumi

    Race: Koek'enin

    Age: 22

    Job: Mannguum Graduate Student - Battle Sync Research Team

    Background History: Kazumi is the only daughter of a well-to-do family from Seira, a smaller city near to Yvandl. Her father is the owner of a prosperous mining company; her mother is a scholar specializing in environmental research. Her father did a decent job of making time for her, though her mother always felt distant. Kazumi excelled in formal schooling, both in class and out; many of the other students fawned over her because of her beauty, intelligence, and (perhaps most of all) high station in society. For her part, Kazumi did everything expected of her as a 'Good Girl'. She finished her primary education and entered the academy city of Mannguum to continue her studies.

    During the first weeks of Academy, new students were required to attend a self-defense course. Kazumi went to the class, just as she was supposed to. To her surprise, much of it was practical application--the students practiced the techniques together under the teacher's guidance. As a further surprise, Kazumi found she was quite good at it. In one exercise, all students paired off and took turns being the attacker. Kazumi was defending herself first, so when her partner approached her she did as the instructor had taught: caught his arm, lifted it high, ducked under it to behind him, twisted it back with her, and heaved up. The pin was flawless. But Kazumi lifted a little higher, and then a little more. She had this man totally in her control and at her mercy. His screams were quickly climbing as his shoulder was about to pop out, but Kazumi just held on and listened. Inside she felt a foreign pleasure, something she had never known before.

    The instructor intervened and the other student was alright. Kazumi received a stern scolding, so she was careful not to press that far again. But every time during that class she held another person at her mercy, she felt that same perverse pleasure. When the self-defense course concluded, Kazumi wanted more. She joined the martial arts team, studying close combat; she switched to a major in Sync Tech concurrently, wishing to further her little-used ability. Her weapon of choice became a seven-feet-long, iron staff with the last foot on each end shaped like a dull blade. She was a fierce, viscious contender even in normal practices. Several times she almost seriously injured a teammate, but she would force herself to hold back at the last possible moment.

    Such violent outbursts terrified Kazumi, but deep inside she loved it. Perhaps that was what terrified her the most. Even so, she couldn't give it up; like a sweet, forbidden fruit, now that Kazumi had tasted she could never return. Now 22, Kazumi has become an assistant to Professor Kou--one of the leading researchers into battle applications of Sync Tech. She was sent to Bastion as a part of a research group to observe the newest talents the army had discovered and report back to Kou afterward.

    Personality: Kazumi spent most of her life as a "Good Girl". Perfect grades, kind to others, helpful to adults, and never causing problems. However, reaching adulthood and gaining independence has allowed her darker side to warp that personality. When she holds her weapon in her hands, Kazumi is a sadist. She finds a dark pleasure in causing pain to another, a perverse joy in having absolute control over the life of another. After one of these episodes, though, she is terrified of herself. Yet that previously unknown ecstasy compels her to return to her weapon again and again.

    Fears: Kazumi's greatest fear is to be in a position of weakness--that is to say, when someone has the control over her that she so loves to hold over another.
    Her second greatest fear is that she will irreversibly hurt someone she cares for one day.
    And third is ghosts. Kazumi is terrified of ghosts.

    Sync Ability: Ghost - Kazumi can briefly turn invisible. She can't hold it for very long--by ten seconds her head is pounding--but for that brief period she cannot be seen. A somewhat bizarre side-effect of this is that her previously raven-black hair has been whitewashed; something about the Sync ability has caused almost all her color to slowly drain out.

    Combat Style: Two-handed, double-ended staff with a dulled spear blade at each end. Most of her strikes are blunt, but if she were to put enough power and speed behind it she could stab. She has practiced to fight alone, and with a seven-foot staff waving about it isn't recommended to try to fight alongside her.

    Appearance: 5' 8" (173 cm) and an average build. Fair skin and long, white hair that has had all the color washed out of it. Kazumi's only remaining color is the violet at the tips of her ears and the lavender of her eyes.



    Name: Helmina, Freia

    Race: Bruina

    Age: 20

    Job: Mannguum Undergrad - Battle Sync Research Team

    Personality: Kazumi's kouhai and devoted disciple. She's bubbly, childish, and snarky. She doesn't hide her masochistic tendencies--her knees get weak when Kazumi hits her. Freia is the only person Kazumi will allow to use her first name, a privilege that Freia cherishes even more than their brutal sparring sessions.

    Fears: Losing Kazumi, being separated from Kazumi, Kazumi loving someone else, not having Kazumi abuse her, and being touched by strange men.

    Sync Ability: Cannon - Able to exert terrific amounts of force for one brief moment, giving an object a massive acceleration. She could fire something as small as a bullet or marble with more speed than a rifle.

    Combat Style: Projectiles while she can, daggers when it gets close. She's small, so she relies on swift and agile movements over strength. She's toppled Undradr through scores of shallow cuts, letting blood loss and fatigue do the work.

    Appearance: 4' 6" (137 cm) and a very light build. Her hair is a dark blonde and flows down to her narrow hips. She has light-blue eyes set in a short, child-like face. By outward appearance, Freia could be a 14-year-old girl.[/spoiler
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  4. I was wondering what kind of names would they have.
    Like, for a Koek'enin,
    since they're from the East,
    shall we use Asian names as bases?
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  5. That is a good point. I didnt even think if names. XD so yes, Koek'enin have eastern style names. :3
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  7. UPDATE: I added age to the character sheet. I'll message everyone accordingly to get what your relative ages are for your characters. XD
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  9. UPDATE: I am currently going to be typing up the opening post for the roleplay. Hopefully one or two more people join up, but if not, I won't sweat it. (Its going to take a while to set up the first post.)

    A few pointers before we get started:
    -I am not actually role-playing with you guys, I will be controlling the npcs and undead creatures.
    -the undead have never existed in this world before, so your characters should act accordingly.
    -itbwillbbe a moment before the 'event' arrives: take this time to set the tone for uour character.
    -lastly, lets have fun!
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  13. I always enjoy it. You're hysterical. XD and by the way, I'll put your character on here post-haste (probably when I'm at my d20 group tonight)
  14. Hmmm. It occurs to me that until that profile is posted, you don't have Kazumi's picture. And I did very little to describe her. Whoops.
  15. "Recruiting two members" is it? Maybe we'll get an Inali now.
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