To save a kingdom

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  1. Wolfhelm, the great city of the northern tribes. A great fortress nestled into the lower ridges of the mountains. Snow lay upon the great stone path into it, a gentle fall of the soft white crystals coming. The great stone walls loomed up at the entrance, stone etchings depicting great dire wolves of old carved into the timeless rock. Within the great ebony wood gates a small cohort stood, all dressed in heavy carmine cloaks. Great bearded pole axes in strong hands as they stared at the princess and her envoy. One male stepped forward, heavy cloak almost dragging the ground. The male was short, a long grey beard decorating his chin. "Greetings."
  2. The princess's image, (open)

    The soldiers which surrounded Princess Adalia nodded in return the the dark cloaked mans greeting. Today was a day that Adalia had to be brave, no one could be brave for her.. her kingdom was in trouble and at war -the only way to ensure her own safety, was to be given away to a kingdom far away from her own, the right distance to ensure safety and a place that their enemies would never suspect her to be. Wolfhelm. Adalia could only hope things would go over smoothly. The princess suddenly felt warmth all around her as one of her 5 guards placed his own warm cloak around her -she wasn't used to having to be so clothed -for her own kingdom was a place the sun always shown and showing skin was encouraged. She thanked him with a warm smile and then turned back to the man who had greeted them, clearing her throat a little before speaking "We are here.. to speak with your king.. I am Princess Adalia.. of Gallia"
  3. The bearded male looked her over, appraising the delicate southerner with a careful eye. He sighed, nodding to her, "I know who you are." He spoke with a nod, slowly he dipped his head in a bow, simply out of respect to her. "My name is Revous VonCarth, sergeant of the watch. Lord Ravenor sent me to meet you, sadly he is away on one of his hunting trips so I am to show you to the council to meet them in his place." He spoke, voice deep, bellowing. His eyes stared to hers, a certain kindness within the time hardened eyes. "If you would follow me." He spoke as he turned upon his heel, the rest of the carmine cloaked men spreading out to allow her and her party through only to form an extra layer of protection around them. He led her through the town, children looking on in awe of the strangely dressed people mixed in with the city's watch.

    He took her up a flight of old stone stairs, the flight leading into the mountain itself, large men wearing great pelts and weilding spears were carved into the mountain side, guarding heavy ebony doors that Revous pushed them open with apparent ease, hot air blasting out from the fire lit room, revealing a large great hall, meant for feasts, defense, council meetings, utilitarian but beautiful with the great granite pillars, the banners of the families that lived within Wolfhelm hanging from them. At the end a group of men stood, each wearing a different cloak. They all bowed as the group approached, one stepping forward after the courtesy. "Greetings, I am Lord Aldair of the Marcell family," The male spoke, he was young, bearing fine features. Stark white hair lay upon his head and a cobalt cloak hanging heavily from his shoulders. "Welcome to Wolfhelm M'lady." He spoke with a certain flair, the male looked like he had never held a weapon in his life. "These are the other counselors, Lord Carnus of the Denell family," The male was old, leaning upon a cane, fire burned in his cataract covered green eyes, a bright red cloak upon his shoulders. "Lord Vesor of the Quinn family," This male was middle aged, a heavy broad sword slung across his back, long red hair wild about his head and a pure white cloak upon his shoulders. "Lord Kell of the Sinnar clans," the man simply nodded, piercing blue eyes on a strong featured head, his hair shaved away, his cloak a pattern of diagonal black and red stripes. "And Lord Larco." The man offered a nod, he was young, still in his teens, yet he seemed far older in his eyes than he ever should, his body hidden beneath a goldenrod cloak. "We are the council of Wolfhelm, filling in for Lord Ravenor while he is away. If we can be of any use to you, please ask." He spoke, "But first, we would like to hear the exact reason you have come."
  4. The warm welcome was much to Adalia's relief - Even though they all knew of each other, she had never herself been inside of Wolfhelm, so first impressions were everything. She smiled as Sir VonCarth led her through the kingdom, watching as the townspeople stared at her in awe, and she smiled back politely -all she could be was humble because of the situation she was in, not that she wasn't a humble person already it was just that this wasnt the time to act too high and mighty even though she was indeed a princess.

    Once they were in the warmth of the inside of the mountain, which was assumable their castle, a very exotic way to build a kingdom, she had never been on the inside of a mountain before, only traveled around them to get places -but never through. She smiled and curtsied each time someone knew introduced themselves, smiling brightly -remembering that her father told her that her best trait was her just that -her smile, hopefully it would lighten the mood and ease what she was about to say into their minds rather than just laying everything out on the table flatly. Once she heard of their lords being away, she frowned slightly, not knowing whom to deliver the message to now -she had strict orders to do so to him and only him, however time was of the essence and she had no time to sit around and wait until he returned. Since the council said they were filling in for his absence, then they would be the ones to hear of her request. "My kingdom is under great attack.. by forces much stronger than our own and a kingdom that will stop at nothing to destroy our land, rebuild it and take it for their own.. my father the king knew their was no way to defeat such a powerful force, our army simply wasn't ready.. on his deathbed he made me swear that I would seek refuge somewhere far to ensure my safety.. that kingdom is your own -its the farthest, and the safest.. In return for your protection I will give myself to your Long Ravenor -its to my knowledge he has no queen... since he is not present, I guess its you that will be making the decision as to whether or not.. you will accept my offer" Adalia spoke softly, and crystal clear. She could feel nervousness building up inside her, but this was something she had to do. Quietly she waited for a response.
  5. The council stood, watching, appraising. Each milled over the answer before they began to speak to eachother, raising concern, each seeming to take it further. "You know you may bring war upon us as well." The oldest of the council spoke, his eyes narrowing upon her. The rest nodded, looking to her skeptically, wondering if she understood the dire nature that she was bringing to their land.
  6. Adalia knew this question would rise, and she had yet to figure a way to answer it, so she was quiet a few moments before speaking again. "I know this is a possibility... but along with me youll also recieve our soldiers -our whole army, which are brilliant fighters... Jaken here is the chief of our army... and he is a brilliant leader -the only reason we failed was because we are outnumbered... and outsourced...” Adalia sighed, patting Jakens back who was looking down the whole time. For men of course it was harder to put the pride aside and admit that they need help. "I understand the consequences I could bring to you, but Ive ensured not even the civilians knew where I was going..... but if worse comes to worse and they do find out I am here... then I will turn myself over to them." She concluded.
  7. More discussion, raised voices, anger. Revous was growing tired of this, no matter what it still fell back to Ravenor to decide what would be done. "Come, Adailia... your men will be taken care of, I will show you to your quarters." He spoke nodding to her before the council turned their displeasure to him. "It is not your choice council members, for now she will be treated as a guest and a dignitary." He growled at them, rather frustrated with their bickerings. Politics wasn't his forte. Turning his attention back to her he offered his hand and a slight smile behind his thick beard, "if you would..."
  8. Adalia was shaking on the inside with nervousness, and could tell by the stares, whispers and shouts that many people didnt agree with the plan she had come up with at all and she could understand.. there was no guarantee that she could keep them out of trouble if ever the threat found out about her being here with them, all she could do was offer help if they were going to get a declaration of war. She smiled when Revous offered her his hand, and she took it gladly, anything to get out of this tension filled room. She nodded towards her men, letting them know that she was fine to go by herself and then went off with Revous to her quarters she assumed.
  9. Revous offered her a small smile and the council one last bow before he began to lead her. "Forgive them, they are just a group of blowhards and bickerers." He spoke with a small sigh, leading her out of the main hall and through smaller hallways, open windows allowing the cold air in, a slight frost on all of the stone work. He spoke little, aside from commenting on how nice the weather was as he led her up a series of steps and to a heavy oak door, the frost not clinging to it, showing warmth behind. "Here you are." He spoke softly stepping aside to allow her to push it open and enter. "If you require anything there is a system of bells, just pull the cord by the bed." With that he turned and left her.

    Once she oppened the door she'd be hit by a wave of comfortably humid and warm air, the initial room being akin to a large study, a fire already going in the corner. A few books on a shelf and a chair and table adorning it, the floor covered in bear pelts. The next room was separated by a thin blue curtain, a large pool fed by a hot mountain spring lying within the middle. The next room after was like the last, partitioned off with a curtain, the inside floor covered in softer and finer rabbit pelts, almost demanding the lack of shoes. In the middle a large bed lay, a dresser in the corner, large stained glass windows allowing the fading light of day to cast soft muted tones across the room.
  10. Adalia wasted no time opening the door and then closing it behind her after thanking Revous for all he had done for her. This was the first time she had been alone since early this morning; not that she didn’t want to be surrounded and protected by her men, but a woman likes her alone time as every man should know. After exploring the room, savoring all it had to offer, she began to strip until she was completely naked, putting her hair up into a messy bun and then grabbing an interesting looking book off the shelf labeled 'The Fountain of Youth.' which she knew little about save the fact that many journeyed to find such a fountain, and she believed there was a slim chance one even existed.

    She then stepped inside the large pool of hot water, making her way to the deep end until it consumed her slim body, leaning against the wall of it, and beginning to read the book. She didn’t even get to the second page before realizing she could not concentrate on it. Adalia put it down next to the pool and then dipped her head underneath the water, sinking down a few moments before resurfacing and running her hands over her face. Her thoughts were still racing, and she was nervous to meet their Lord.. Would he be as skeptical as the council members? Or more understanding like Revous? Only time would tell now.
  11. The rooms had many shadows, only growing in the late day and into the night. None the less she was alone, or so she believed. A voice grew from the subtle silence, interspersed by the trickle of water or gust of wind. "Rise," The voice demanded, curt, clear. "Why are you here?" It questioned, the deep bass echoing and dancing about, seeming to come from nowhere around her.
  12. Adalia gasped quietly as the voice told her to rise -something about it made her immediately stand up straight and out of the water, she was shivering a little and cold as if a warm blanket had just been ripped from her. She blinked a few times, not knowing exactly what to say to the voice which called out to her. She had never heard anything like it.. was it a spirit? or was someone here with her?.. she looked around the room, hugging herself and wondering exactly where this voice was coming from, but when she couldnt find a source she decided it was wiser just to answer. "I-I am Princess Adalia.. f-from Gallia.. " she answered back, wondering if she was just going insane with all the stress she was facing.
  13. "That doesn't answer why you are here..." The voice replied, almost seeming a bit annoyed as it called from the darkness. Unseen eyes remained upon her, the boy the voice had come from appraising her while it remained hidden. ((Bleh, not much can be given to an unseen voice :/)
  14. "I-I am here because I was seeking refuge.. my kingdom was under attack and I offered myself to this K-Kingdom" she answered short sweet and to the point. She didnt know what else to say after that, so she decided she would ask a question also "If I may.. Who am I speaking with?" her body was covered in goosebumps now, but she dared not get back in the water..(Yesh. This is true :/)
  15. The voice's mouth curled into a grin, silently observing as she spoke. Slowly the figure stepped forward, revealing himself naked as she. Clothes were noisy, they reflected light. Sometimes nudity was for more than the mundane tasks. "And what do you offer for such?" He questioned, arms crossed at his chest as he was revealed in the light, eyes never leaving hers while he approached, footsteps falling with catlike silence.

  16. As soon as the man revealed himself the princess immediately blushed fiercely and gasped silently, shifting her body slightly hugging herself in hopes to cover herself even in just the slightest from this man. He hadnt answered her question, so she was sure if she asked again as to who he was exactly she would get the same response so instead she decided to answer his questions. "I-I am offering myself.. to the lord of this land.. to be his queen.. because he hasnt one" she says softly, not knowing whether she should call for help or not. It was as if she was frozen in place out of surprise and fright, she blushed as her eyes swept over his bare body once more before trailing her eyes to the ground.
  17. The male cantered his head, looking almost predatorilly curious. His arms remained crossed while he observed her, taking in her words, her actions, her scent, everything explained who she was to trained senses. He let a small smile curl on his lips, stroking the bit of scruff he allowed to grow upon his features. "Allow me to get this straight, you are offering yourself to the lord of this land in exchange for protection?" He questioned making sure he was hearing her correctly.
  18. Adalia looked over the mans face once again and made contact "Yes, thats what I'm doing now since youve asked your share of questions allow me to ask who are you sir?" she inquired softly, wanting to know exactly to whom she was speaking to before going over to her bags full of clothes and pulling out a robe, wrapping it around herself tightly -all of the sudden she didnt feel so scared of the man - if he was an intruder all she had to do was scream, and if he was anything else she hoped he would explain it.
  19. He smiled, taking another step toward her before he leaned in, getting to her level. "I... I am the lord of this castle, these lands... I am Ravenor Hilfried..." He spoke with a nod, offering her a smile. "I have been watching you since you arrived, how you handled my council, the idiots, how you carry yourself, even how you act alone." He spoke giving a smile before he lowered himself to a knee before her, "I accept your offer."
  20. Adalias heart sank when he revealed his identity and how he had been watching her since he entered his land, she swallowed hard, suddenly nervous, hoping that she had acted on her best behavior. When he got on one knee she hesitantly put her hand out for him to take and kiss if he wanted to. She blushed, smiling and feeling a little more relaxed as his words replayed in her head. She had been accepted. "Th-Thank you, your highness, but this is your land.. so it should be me who is bowing before you.." she said softly, secretly also happy that he was a rather handsome and charming man.