To Save a Beast

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  1. During the night, in the woods outside of town, a <a href="">wolf</a> runs freely. The residents of the town avoid the woods at night, claiming that a beast roams there. The don't dare to cross it's path; they fear that the beast may hunger for their flesh.

    The wolf finds a cliff and howls. It will leave this area soon.

    A gust of wind flows through it's fur, a whisper flowing in it reaches it's ears.

    "One day you will find love. Hopefully, you find it before you lose yourself within the beast."


    <a href="">Kara</a> was sitting on the bus going through the city staring out the window. Her backpack was on her lap, filled with her few clothing items and a few other personal things. She didn't carry much due to her nomadic tendencies, but as the bus drove through the city heading for the terminal she felt a surge of hope. It was a large city, with looming buildings and crowded, busy streets. There was a lot of traffic, sure, but it wasn't too congested. The area felt comfortable.

    The bus pulled into the termal and the passengers departed. For those who would be getting back on to continue to another destination, this was a chance to stretch and maybe catch a bite to eat. For Kara and a couple, this was where they would be staying. The couple wandered off, talking about their hotel and the friends they would get to see while they were here for the next few days. Kara stood for a moment, breathing deeply and looking around.

    Finally, she shouldered her backpack and started walking down the street. She had some money, and would be looking for a place to stay later on. For a day or two, though, it wouldn't matter. There were other places she could sleep while she explored the city.

    Wandering, she came across and old, used bookstore. Intrigued, and a lover of books and especially older books that just needed to be cared for, Kara decided to go inside.

    "Welcome, dear," the older lady at the desk just inside greeted her, the smile on her face very welcoming and warm. "Can I help you find anything?"

    Kara shook her head. "I'm mostly just looking. I just came to the area, and the store caught my eye. I wanted to take a look."

    "Welcome to the city then," the woman told her with a little bit more cheer. "Feel free to look around, and please let me know if you need anything."

    With a nod and promise, Kara walked further into the building. She saw a set of stairs in the back, and a few open doorways as well as a larger room with more shelves. There were books, both worn and new looking. A few even seemed to be very recent publications too. Kara browsed, not really looking for anything particular. Eventually she made her way up the stairs, where she found a hall with more open doorways and rooms beyond them. She entered through one at random, and looked absently at the titles there.
  2. “For the last time, N-O Martin,” Faye Danvers said spelling out no for emphasis and one of her few friends begged with her for a ‘small’ favor. “But you’ll have a really wonderful time,” Martin said in a whinny voice trailing after her as she slipped between tables refilling drinks and cleaning up in the small diner. “That’s what you said about the last twelve dates you’ve set me up with!” Faye exclaimed exasperated trying to get him to see that she wasn’t going to budge on the subject.

    “Excuse me Faye, could I get some more coffee please dear?” An elderly woman asked with a shaky breath. “Of course Mrs. Beasley,” the young woman said with a kind smile as she filled the cup up and added in two sugars just the way Mrs. Beasley liked it before continuing on. “And what are you getting out of me going on a date with . . . whoever it is this time?” Faye asked after saying goodbye to the staff and grabbing her light jacket before clocking out. There was always a catch when it came to Martin setting her up on dates. The last one she’d been on he’d gotten a 5 % discount at Best Buy because the guy was the manager.

    Martin mumbled something that Faye didn’t quite hear but sounded like tickets. “Tell him I’m sick,” Faye demanded taking a deep breath of air relieved that another day of work was over with. She loved working at the old-fashioned diner because she got to interact with all the customers, the food was amazing and it had a . . . safe feeling for lack of a better word. “Please, Please, Please!!!” Martin begged in his deep voice even crouching down so that his knobby knees practically touched the ground. “Not interested,” she said with a laugh having long ago learned how to resist his begging. With that Faye shook her head for her finale no and started to walk down the bustling city streets.

    “This isn’t over!” Martin yelled at her petite retreating figure thinking of how he’d convince her to do this for him. Faye hummed a catchy jingle as her feet took her through the city blocks on her way to one of her favorite places in the city. She’d been living here for about three years ago. Thinking back to the day she arrived on a bus with little money and nowhere to go but desperate for a new start. With a shiver she ran her hand through her all-nature flaming red hair she sighed pushing back unpleasant thoughts as she stepped into the old bookstore.

    Few people came here; most didn’t even notice it nestled between two other more modern and bright buildings. Perhaps that was why Faye felt so safe here. Saying hello to the elderly woman who owned it she passed a small take out dish with pancakes and extra bacon to her before walking up the staircase. She came here most days when she wasn’t helping out at the youth club or working. It was one of the few places in the city that Faye liked to be. It was filled with books. More books than any one person could read in a lifetime even however Faye had read quite a few rooms already.

    Walking into the first room with nothing on her mind other than finding a new book to read having finished the last one she’d picked up Faye became instantly confused. One minute she’d been walking and the next she’d landed on her back with the air getting knocked out of her lungs. Taking a deep breath Faye sat up rubbing her lower back. Blowing a loose strand of her curly hair out of her eyes her piercing green eyes looked around for what she’d tripped over. Instantly it fell on a book that was lying in the floor. “Well well you definitely don’t belong there,” Faye said to it as she reached out and picked it up.
  3. There were a lot of books that Kara had never even heard of, filled with stories she had never even dreamed could be imagined. It wasn't until she came across a book about werewolves that she paused and took a seat in the corner farthest from the door to read.

    The book was fairly interesting, talking about how the main character struggled to be separated from the others of his kind. Kara was fascinated by the concept... until he found his mate and started to assimilate into a pack to be with her.

    Frustrated, she tossed the book away, not paying attention to where it landed. And then got up with a sigh and started browsing again, flexing her right hand a little.

    When she was just enterring a little room that branched from that room, she heard someone fall and then speak. Curious, she stepped back in the room. It was a young woman with vibrant red, curly hair. She didn't get much more of a look at the girl, except for the slight curves visible from her profile. Kara watched as the woman lifted the book she had tossed and felt a little guilty, realizing that the girl must have tripped over it.

    "Are you all right, miss?" she asked a little quietly. Her voice was low, but still distinctly feminine. She had her head bent down a little, trying to convey her guilt and apologies. Kara didn't dare move too close though. She didn't want to insult the woman by invading her space so quickly.
  4. Faye jumped nearly off the floor completely when someone asked if she was alright. Her breathing and heart rate sped up as fear gripped her mind freezing her in place. 'No. . . can't be. . . not possible. . . ' Faye thought frantically not daring to look at who had spoken. 'Come on mind snap out of it. It's not her, not here, not now. Different voice and definitely a different response than what I used to get.' After a few moments she forced herself to relax and stood up gracefully still not looking at who had spoken. Taking a deep breath and getting ready to bolt from the bookstore if necessary Faye glanced up at the other woman. Sighing with relief that she didn't recognize any part of the new comer Fay instantly relaxed. "Yes I'm fine," She said with a warm smile hoping the woman hadn't picked up on her momentary panic. "I was thinking about books and happened to trip over one," Faye said with a chuckle.

    Picking up the book Faye say that it was one on werewolves. "That's odd . . .' Faye muttered to herself. She could distinctly remember this book being sold to someone last year. 'Perhaps it's another copy,' she thought shaking her head and replacing it on the shelf. The owner did have the basement filled with rows and rows of extra copies so perhaps when it was sold she'd brought this one out. Turning her attention back to the newcomer in the room Faye flashed another dazzling smile and said, "I haven't seen you in here before. This bookstore isn't usually spotted by many people. It's a great thing the rest of the world has forgotten sadly . . . but perhaps that's why I like being here so much.
  5. The woman seemed almost frightened when Kara spoke, and it made her shrink just a little more. She didn't mean to scare the woman, just check on her well-being. Especially since she was the reason for her fall.

    Luckily, and curiously, the woman relaxed upon seeing her and Kara straightened a little more. Whatever had the girl skittish had passed, and that was enough for her. She took a couple steps forward.

    "I'm afraid the book may be my fault," Kara explained, blushing a little. "I was... restless. I had put it down to explore a little more and return to it in a few." Sure, she wasn't telling the whole story, but telling a girl that obviously loved books that she had thrown it didn't seem like a good idea.

    Kara shifted the backpack straps a little, given that they had shifted with her earlier posture and were now a little uncomfortable.

    "I'm actually new to the area and happened to walk past here," she explained with a small grin. "Most places like this are a gold mine for interesting things. And they have a better atmosphere, I think, than most places. It's little wonder why it could be a preference for you, if you treasure books." She motioned to the book at that, which was being held gently and with care.
  6. Faye tilted her head curiously when the woman told her that the book may be her fault. After she explained however Faye chuckled a little and said, "It could have always been worse. We'll have to share the blame on this one. I was in another world instead of watching where I was going." She really hoped that she didn't feel too guilty about leaving the book there. To reassure her that it wasn't the worst thing Faye told her, "There's this one boy that comes in here sometimes. He's the cutest kid and polite too. He leaves books everywhere. And when I mean everywhere I mean everywhere. I once found a book in the freezer. One day I tripped seven times in a row!" Smiling fondly at the memory Faye continued, "He's got a bit better about not leaving books in the floor but he still has his slips. I suppose everything does really happen for a reason." She frowned at this and grew silent for a moment.

    For the past three years she'd been wondering why the things that lead her to seek a new start had happened. She had a wonderful job and this bookstore was a treasure trove for her but nothing had really made her feel like the pain from the past had been worth it. Perhaps she'd have to wait forever and a day to find out that answer which really didn't suit her. Patience was not a friend she was familiar with. Being drawn out of her thoughts by the other woman's words she smiled when she explained why Faye had never seen her before. "I couldn't agree with you more. It was actually my first day in the city when I came across this treasure trove as well. I'm Faye." Hold out her hand towards her Faye tried to seem as friendly and unthreatening as possible hoping to make her first day memorable with a new acquaintance.
  7. Chuckling at the fondness that the woman seemed to hold for this boy, Kara relaxed further. She was glad that there wasn't going to be any hard feelings over her little mishap. With as easy as she took it, Kara felt a little more guilty about the lie she gave her. Still, it wouldn't do for her first true encounter to turn ugly.

    Kara studied the girl as she turned thoughtful, wondering at what she was thinking. Was that boy important to her? Did something happen to him? Except the woman basically told her that the boy still came here.

    "I'm Kara," she replied as Faye held out a hand and introduced herself. She swallowed har as she stepped closer to take hold of the extended hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Faye."
  8. "It's wonderful to meet you as well Kara," Faye responded brightly. "You look fresh off the bus from where ever you've come from," She said giving the girl a once over. Nodding her head as if she'd decided something Faye said, "Mrs. Beasley would never forgive me for not showing a new regular our best hospitality. There's a kitchen downstairs if you're hungry. . . " She didn't know what it was but something just felt right about Kara being here. Perhaps it was because like Faye she had most definitely just gotten off a bus from somewhere and the fates had led her to this bookstore. Perhaps it was something greater than even Faye could imagine. Whatever the reasons she most definitely wanted to get to know Kara at least till she got situated in town.

    Not wanting it to seem like Faye was offering just because she was hoping that Kara would be a customer or a future regular Faye added, "I'm pretty hungry myself and would love some company even if you decide not to eat." Waiting a few seconds for a response Faye eased her way to the door walking backwards her green eyes holding Kara's in an invitation.
  9. It hadn't even occurred to Kara that she would need to eat sometime. She had been so fascinated by the city, and then by the bookstore, that she had forgotten about food. And shelter, now that she had a moment to realize her predicament.

    "I'd be honored to join you," Kara answered. "And, I had forgotten all about food. I don't think I've eaten since the bus stopped yesterday afternoon, now that you've got me thinking about it."

    Smiling, Kara followed Faye to the kitchen. This may have been an odd meeting, but Kara couldn't deny that this woman intrigued her. And she was pleased that Faye seemed to welcome her presence and company. She supposed it was in the woman's nature to be kind, but even so she enjoyed this.
  10. “Excellent!” Faye exclaimed turning to lead Kara to the kitchen down stairs. When they arrived she took a deep breathe enjoying the lavender scent that filled the air. Most of the building smelled like leather and dust to Faye but she’d always been amazed that as soon as you came close to the kitchen entryway you’d be immediately hit with the soothing smells with no source to be seen. It was just another secret the building had to offer. Mrs. Beasley loved to tell all of the old stories about the building and there were definitely a lot of them seeing as it dated back to when this had been a small town instead of a bustling city.

    Going over to a bottem cabnit she asked, “Are you allergic to anything? Or really not like something?” There was plenty of things Faye could whip up by memory. When she’d been younger cooking had been a way to escape from the world around her. She’d zone in on the steps needed to make whatever she was cooking or baking and focus solely on that. It had probably been the only reason Faye was doing so well now. Cooking was her rope to the world, a life she could have outside of what she had.

    She kneeled down to look at all the pots and pans under the cabnit in doing so her shirt rose up to revel the infinity symbol in ruby red on the small of her back and a rich purple thong strap creeping up past her hips just the waistline of her pants. “Any requests?” Faye asked Kara turning her head to look over her shoulder and flash her another dazzling smile.
  11. The kitchen surprised Kara, who had been expecting something more of a breakroom that had the usual appliances that would make it seem a little more crowded. It still wasn't a large room, but it looked capable of serving its purpose.

    Hearing Faye, Kara stopped looking around and looked at the woman. She smiled as she watched her move through the space, making it apparent she not only knew her way around this kitchen, but any kitchen would be just as comfortable for her.

    "No allergies," Kara answered finally. "And I'll eat pretty much anything." It wasn't always easy to find food as a nomad, after all. Kara had learned to eat anything she could find. Still watching Faye, Kara felt her face warm as her shirt rode up. She turned away, but not before catching sight of what looked like a tattoo... and a thong.

    Kara had to clear her throat to answer the next question, and when she looked back over to speak, she relaxed at Faye's smile and even gave her a crooked one of her own. "Whatever you want to make will be more than fine with me."
  12. Faye nodded and turned her attention to the clutter of pots and pans under the cabinet. Pulling out a frying pan and a large round pot she sat them above her on the counter top and couched along to the next set of cabinets pulling out a few mixing bowls. “It’ll take about an hour for it to be ready but there are some microwavable meals in the freezer if you want something to hold you over,” Faye said getting up and going to the pantry to pull out her ingredients.

    As she busied herself around the kitchen Faye hummed an old lullaby to herself focusing on her own tasks. She was curious to know if Kara had any idea where she was going to stay tonight at least. Mrs. Beasley would surely offer her a room in her own house as she’d done for Faye. The woman was truly a character.

    “Mmmm,” Mrs. Beasley said coming into the room with help of her walking stick, “I wondered how long it’d take you two to come into the kitchen,” she said lowering herself into the rocking chair in the corner of the room. “I apologize for not offering you any food earlier. I’m afraid my eye sight is not as good as it used to be and I think it’s best to let others do the judging on who receives VIP treatment,” Mrs. Beasley said very matter-of-factly.

    In a whisper, as she slide behind her to get to the sink to fill the pot up with water, Faye told Kara, “Don’t let her fool you. She knows exactly what’s up and with whom it’s going on with.” Mrs. Beasley looked away from the two of them but from the side and amused smile played across her thin lips. “Mrs. Beasley is one of the good people though,” Faye said giving the old woman who had done so much for her a tender smile.

    “Oh all right,” Mrs. Beasley exclaimed and looked Kara over. “I can see and hear perfectly fine especially for an old lady.” Faye nodded her approval at Mrs. Beasley’s confession and went about her work. The woman muttered something about ‘never having any fun’ and then grinned at Kara, “Now tell me your name please.” In her eyes there was the light of energy and wisdom letting everyone who truly looked that she may be no spring chicken but she still had lots of life left in her.
  13. Even with the offer of a meal to hold her over, Kara didn't move. She would have been embarrassed to admit it to anyone else, but she liked looking at Faye as she moved around the kitchen. The dominance there was intriguing, she decided. The tune that Faye started humming while she moved around the kitchen caused Kara to take an unconscious step closer to hear it more clearly. Granted, her hearing was really good and she probably didn't need to, but she did.

    And then the old woman from the front walked in, and Kara jumped. Her cheeks pinked a little as she realized she was probably caught in the act of admiring Faye. It was never a good thing to assume others thought that was okay; Kara had learned that the hard way too.

    This situation kept feeling more out of hand the more Kara stood there, but she didn't move away. Not even when Faye stood close enough to whisper, not when the woman grumbled about not being allowed any fun, and certainly not when she was asked for her name.

    "My name is Kara, ma'am," she answered politely.
  14. “It’s nice to meet you Kara,” the old woman said with a kind smile. The child didn’t seem as comfortable as she had been when Mrs. Beasley had first came to the door way. Well that just wouldn’t do. “I’m Mrs. Beasley of course. Perhaps if you come back another time we can sit and chat for a little while. Please come as often as you’d like,” she said in her best ‘kindly old lady’ voice hoping that would ease Kara.

    Looking over at Faye as she chopped up different herbs and vegetables and hummed she wondered what Faye had seen in Kara to bring her down to the kitchen. The last person she’d brought down here was the book dropper. Faye thought he was a cute kid but his nickname would forever be dropper in Mrs. Beasley’s eyes. If Kara stuck around long enough she’d probably meet him too. “Well,” she said heaving herself up from the chair with a long sigh, “I’m going to go back to the desk and take a nap. You’re humming will soothe anyone my dear” With that she smiled at Kara and nodded before exiting.

    “Do you want a drink?” Faye asked midway through the song walking to the refrigerator and getting herself a cup of ice cold sweet tea. “We’ve got sweet tea, cola, dr. pepper, milk, and apple juice. . . ?” While waiting for Kara’s answer Faye continued, “I know that probably seemed strange. How Mrs. Beasley comes off. That’s just her way of living I suppose. She’s very kind. I don’t know where I’d be without her kindness.”
  15. Kara nodded to Mrs. Beasley. "I'd like that, ma'am. Thank you for the invite."

    The old woman seemed contemplative, studying her as well as Faye. Kara watched her, noticing when she had seemed to make a decision about whatever was on her mind and then excusing herself. She did agree about the humming, and when Kara and Faye were alone again she turned her attention back the tune again.

    "I should really only drink water," Kara said with a sheepish grin. "Caffeine and I don't really agree, and I haven't had a lot of water in too long as it is." Which meant she'd had some yesterday evening, when the layover for her next bus was a couple hours and she'd taken a chance to explore the surrounding countryside a little. But Kara felt bad enough that Faye was using their resources to feed her, she didn't want to impose as much as possible.

    "She does seem kind," Kara agreed, before being handed a glass with water. She thanked Faye quietly and took a sip. "She also seem pretty eccentric. It's refreshing. I hadn't expected..." Kara trailed off, looking down into the glass and twisting it absently to watch the water move around.
  16. Faye went to the stove to check on the noodles and sauce after giving Kara a glass of water. Laughing musically about how Kara had described Mrs. Beasley she responded, “She is eccentric at times. She doesn’t worry about the costs of things, only about the cost of people themselves. She says often that there’s no point having money if you don’t have people to share it with.”

    Covering the sauce once more she came over and sat at the table with Kara humming the tune. Faye usually hummed it when she was letting her mind wander. “I hope you like what I’m making. Just some noodles and vegetables in a butter garlic sauce. I hadn’t made it in a while so I figured why not,” she said taking a drink from her tea.
  17. Kara nodded. Mrs. Beasley didn't feel threatening, just eccentric. Kara thought that if she had time with the old woman, maybe she'd enjoy her the way Faye seemed to. The two had a history, that Kara could tell by watching them. But Faye had also mentioned that the old woman had helped her when she first got here. That told Kara that she was trustworthy.

    "Human company is always more preferable than monetary goods," Kara said softly, trying not to sound as lonely as she felt with that statement. She loved traveling and seeing new places, but being a nomad was lonely. She didn't get much chance to really connect with others. Kara couldn't even begin to say how grateful she was that Faye had been so welcoming. The young woman intrigued Kara in so many ways. Their proximity now that Faye was sitting with her made Kara feel a little more nervous, which she didn't understand since she felt so close to her. "That sounds really good, and since you seem skilled with the kitchen, I don't doubt it will taste even better."
  18. Kara’s words about human company being better than things tugged at Faye’s heart. Even though Kara seemed to try to not make it sound too lonely she heard a twinge of the emotion in her voice. Faye didn’t want to pry or seem too forward but she almost felt a need to say something. She’d just about decided to when Kara spoke again about her cooking.

    “Thank you,” Faye responded her cheeks turning a soft pink from the compliment. Getting up so Kara hopefully wouldn’t see her blush Faye began to hum again as she checked the food. Seeing that everything was okay she turned the sauce down to simmer. Standing on her tip toes Faye reached up and pulled a strainer down from the top cabnit her shirt rising up a little again. Once she’d got the strainer she grinned in triumph and placed it on the counter before returning to her seat at the table still humming.
  19. Kara watched Faye as she stood, averting her eyes this time when she reached into the cabinet so as not to ogle the woman's backside... again. Looking around, she studied the smallest of details in the kitchen to occupy her eyes instead.

    "So, Mrs. Beasley... She's helped you out in the past?" Kara asked, curious but also needing more information about both women. It wouldn't do to get so close to them, and then learn that she couldn't stay near them. The comfort she already felt was unnerving, but Kara wasn't about to run away from it. She wanted to see where this would go. Maybe she'd have good friends.
  20. At Kara's question Faye nodded and said fondly, "I arrived in the city straight off the bus. I had no friends or family here. With little money and no one to go to for held I stumbled upon this store. Mrs. Beasley took me in. Fed me, let me live with her and helped me get a job which I love." Faye thought back to those first days with the kind older woman. She didn't rush Faye to get a job or find another place to stay. She said that as long as Faye needed a place to live she could stay with her. It had truly touched her soul.

    She'd never been the fighter when she was younger. She'd rather 'roll over' or 'turn the other cheek'. She'd been running from a past that took away her freedoms only to arrive here without any clue of what to do. She knew without a doubt that she would have died one way or another that first year she'd come here. Either that or she would have returned to what she had run from . . . and that, to Faye, would have been worse than any death she could have suffered. "She saved my life," Faye said softly more to herself than to Kara. Swallowing hard as she realized she'd said that out loud Faye turned off the burners on the stove and drained the swirl past in the sink. Pulling down two plates she fixed a huge pile for Kara and one for herself. Setting them on the table she grabbed two forgks and s passed on to the other woman. "I hope you like it. Please eat as much as you'd like. There's plenty here."