To Run With Courage

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    *Nothing. Void. Darkness. Even the night sky denied her its gentle gold and silver glow. Instead, the heavens suffocated her with a heavy blanket of chilly clouds that fell low to the earth, fogging her path and coating the hair on her arms and cloak with tiny water droplets.

    As if she needed anything more to dampen her spirits.

    Her heart ached, her mind blanked with the overload and stress. Her soul seemed to stretch inside her chest until she thought surely she would burst. But she could shed no tears. Her eyes were so dry that the thin, cold air stung them as she sped down the mountain.

    She ran instinctively, no plan, no direction. Just on, down, away- far away, and fast. A hunted animal. Her mind told her that she was being foolish. Her speed would only help as long as she was on her feet. If she kept leaving such an obvious trail, her pursuers would track her to her doom. She needed to slow down, to cover her tracks, to disappear. But in her panic she could only flee down the steepening incline, disregarding the treacherous footing.

    Her boot caught on a root. A sharp pang shot up her foot and leg, and for a moment she was weightless, floating, flying through a blank, grey mist. A beat skipped in the speedy rhythm of her pulse. Her hands reached out for some purchase, some security. Then the black ground rose up to meet her face, and more pains, on her side, her shoulder, knees and wrist, her stomach lurching with the sickening change in g force as she summersaulted down the almost vertical slope.

    The fall seemed endless. She lost count of the revolutions, consenting to tumble on forever, or, at least, until she broke her neck or stuck her head open on a rock. She felt like her stomach would fly out of her mouth. She squinted her eyes tightly for fear that they might pop out of their sockets. A darkness beyond the night crept into the corners of her vision.

    And then it was over.

    She lay stunned, her mind still spinning wildly. She shakily released a breath she hadn't known she was holding, and vomited.

    A few moments passed. Her heartbeat slowed. Her locked muscles uncoiled a bit. She sat up and looked up behind her.*

    Baka. -.-

    *Her path down the incline couldn't have been more obvious if it had been lined with petals and flags.*

    Baka baka baka!

    *she stood up and dusted herself off, checking her equipment. By some stroke of luck, nothing was broken or badly torn. As for her body, a few bruises. But again, nothing serious.

    She sighed and wiped her mouth. Her eyes scanned her surroundings. Her ears strained at every sound. In the dim light, she could still make out a few familiar land marks. She was on the south side of the mountain, a few cliques from one of the Base Villages. As of yet, there was no sign of her pursuers. Still, it would not be wise to take the obvious path to the Southern Village. There was another small town on the western side of the mountain, facing the sea. It was a much further, harder journey, but the hunters would be less likely to follow her there, especially if they suspected that she was wounded. With a grimace, she kicked some dirt over the vomit and took her dagger out. A clean slit to the back of her hand and a few conspicuous drops of blood in an unsteady trail eastward later, and she had created what appeared to be enough to at least delay the hunters until she could make it to the village in the west, gather supplies, and disappear completely.

    With a sigh, she turned and started out towards the west, forcing herself into a more stealthy pace.*

    I may be forced to run for now. But I will not do so like a frightened rabbit. *she looked back up the mountain* I will come back to you one day. But until then, I will strive to run with courage. Till the day that I find myself running back to you.
  2. *her sleeping form rests against the trunk of the tree, a length of sapphire blue silk billowing in the wind beneath her, her petite feet tucked beneath her on the branch several meters above the ground*
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