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  1. So, I have a character named Syn, and he's... well, sinful. Go figure. XD Anyway, I've used him in a couple of rps on another site, and I've decided that I really, really want to have him captured somewhere. So, I'm looking for people who think they can play cellmates, guards, big bad villains, anything like that. =) Also, I'm pretty sure that the villain's plan will have something to do with whatever the prisoners are capable of doing, which would require stealing abilities or something like that....... Maybe even manipulation of the prisoners' emotions, etc.

    So, if anyone's interested, please sign up! ^^

    P.S. Please post a short description of the character you're going to use (or just send us off to a profile of them =D) and how/what role you're going to use them in. I just want to make sure everybody knows what's going on.
    Kthnx! =^/.\^=
  2. This seems something fun to do. Though I have a question, what type of world is this and what's allowed? I just want to make sure before I post a character.
  3. The world is based in a world similar to our own, except that we (that is, humans) are aware of other worlds and there are several otherwordly races that reside on our own and vice versa. Also, superpowers are allowed - even welcomed - however I would like some kind of explanation. For example: Syn has the ability to sense and manipulate auras as well as detct truth from lies, and he seems to have an almost hypnotic effect on people (whether he wants to or not), but he can actively increase the power of that effect. He can also (very occasionally) read people's memories or emotions. This is because he was born of a shadow realm; the place no longer truly exists, except of Syn's creating; even though he technically doesn't create it, just....... Ok, I'm rambling now. Anyway, he's not the last of that realm, because there were never any others; he's the only. He doesn't know where he came from or how he came to be, nor what his homerealm really is, he just woke up there one day. Etc. etc.
    Basically, he's the guardian of the Shadow Realm, which grants him the Shadow Power to protect it. ^^
  4. Hm, okie dokie then. I'll shall be creating a character soon!
  5. Alright! I just put up Syn's character profile in my blog! So if you want to know who he is, read it.... O.o XD
  6. Alright! My character is finally up. It's in my blog as well. Hope everything is acceptable. :3
  7. I'm liking this character. ^^ I would say she should probably be in a cell with Syn - purely because I think it would be hilarious watching her try to kill him while he sits there and dissects her aura. XD Also, it explains why he'd be captured - imagine how the Will of Shadows would interest alchemists. ^^ Do you want to throw the roles of guards and alchemists between us randomly or wait for more people?
  8. Oh that would be rather interesting to see Blaire realize that this is one guy she can't kill hehe. The roles can shift from between both of us and when someone wants to jump in as another alchemist or guard or something else, they can. :3 I know it wouldn't be hard for me to play as one of the alchemists who authorized her death sentence.
  9. Awesome. ^^ I'll just start it.
  10. It works fine. Now I'm off to post =w=
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