To Nirvana: Verbatim Beginning

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  1. * Under development with Endless Night, Jacques Snicket, and myself. *




    The Nirvana War swallowed the lives of three realms into burning chaos for centuries. Dalmas: The realm of the winged beings that soar for eternal peace and gratitude. Sontriak: The realm of the reptilians that cover the grounds to find rest and home for peace. Lenabrasse: The innocent victim of the war raging between the merciless Dalmans and Sontriarks. Lenabrasse was merely a realm full of peaceful men, women, and children who do not know how such a bloody war had started between the conflicting realms that spread onto their soil. Battles and wars fought between the birds and reptiles reached for an innocent world where oblivion was inevitable.

    Dalmas and Sontriak were leach realms--or so they have been called--that waged battle on another realm other than their own. They use that battlefield realm until it all desolate and broken that it will soon be forgotten into the oblivion. Many wars and conflicts between Dalmas and Sontriak resulted in the death and failure of a realm. The number of realms caught in the chaos and destroyed is unknown, but Lenabrasse is their current battlefield realm. Lenabrasse and its guardian, Ult, were dying.

    Yes, a guardian of Lenabrasse exists. The same for Dalmas and Sontriak, but because the burning rage towards each other was so strong and fierce, they were known as war maidens. They were also distastefully called Nirvana demons by the Lenabrassians. The Nirvana demons had a great hatred towards each other for many centuries, and they are the absolute cause of the murder of innocent people in realms larger than theirs, sending species into extinction and families into nothing. Their own guardians' mindset of maelstrom made it nearly impossible to change their behavior. None can speak to a guardian face-to-face, so there was no point. However, no effort was made for any accomplishment of it, so their natures became absolute hate, or so many have told. Their own hate was so powerful that it actually spread unto their own people, wanting to hate each realm's people. It is only because the Nirvana demons have such a link to its people that they could send their people the message that they must eliminate one another in order to obtain peace and justice.

    Histories tell that the realms are closely connected and that their people used to have contact to each other. Relations used to be good until something in the histories between the maidens changed their views toward each other. The result of such an event in time caused the maidens to displayed such hatred and anger until they both sent their people to cause mischief and harm to each other's world. As threats and detrimental acts became more frequent and costly, an all-out war began.

    Gateways to each other's realms finally and successfully became blocked. However, they still used their gateways to enter other mediums and realms to fight and only fight.

    A mere realm, a peaceful dimension, that soon passed within the dimensional, enigmatic energy that ties both the realms of those Nirvana demons together. Using that passing realm, they fought to their bitter end, a bloody end--an end usually of naught. Nothing was amended nor much was won as they fought and fought and fought on every battlefield realm. There was no victory or loss on either Dalmas or Sontriak. The one thing the battlefield realm gets at the end of war is oblivion. Eternal oblivion. Destruction. Detrimental end...

    Ruthless are the Nirvana demons that have no consideration on the realm. "Mere battlegrounds," they say. "Mere, fruitless battlegrounds." Monsters have they become, both the maiden of Dalmas, Nadia the Pennae, and the maiden of Sontriak, Aidan the Squama. Guardians of great worlds became demons only existing to set the onslaught for each other's demise. Their selfish reasons to kill have brought them to nothing but gods of hatred and dismay in hidden reality. Were they to go for any time longer, they could spread to other worlds and destroy them with much more ease and much more in dreadful quantity. Their potential power of that ruining worlds and tearing them asunder is only at a very minimum displayed in all the other dimensions that fell victim to their plots and conflicts.

    Ult, a peaceful guardian lays in distress and hardship, having no way to escape the Nirvana demons' havoc on Lenabrasse. A complete stranger, like Ult is, is now dying for having nothing done wrong. Never has that poor guardian wronged its people in anyway nor set forth animosity on any other species of another world. For nothing Ult has done to deserve such a ruthless force of two former maidens that will soon send everything into complete nothingness--emptiness. Cold, dark, and everlasting emptiness where nothing thrives, where nothing grows, where nothing lives, and where nothing dies. Stuck in either time with no way out, or wiped out of existence in the entire stretch of the universe.
    Loneliness. Darkness. Inexistence. Death. Hell.

    What is this war?
    What exactly caused it, and will it be stopped?
    What is the life for all these people who think they are going to live in hell?

    To Nirvana, and you will find out if you are born in one of those worlds. Once you know, you will realize--or remember--that you were born to live in Nirvana.


    *~The Dimensions~*



    This is the dimension of the feathered folk who soar the skies endlessly in their life.

    You, a Dalman, seethe the Sontriarks with raw hatred. You seek their demise and your victory. You wish to see them disappear while you keep soaring. You will rise victorious if you keep fighting.

    The fellow realm-men you have at your side are from the smallest of sparrows, swallows, and fishers to the great griffons, simurgh, and avion men who all have the heart of Dalmas and the great maiden Nadia the Pennae. You are all loyal avions who will protect the realm and its rich culture and architecture.

    Like none other, your home is of cities of art. One city is a magnificent masterpiece, but only one. Many cities on the earth and even above the clouds have an array of precious stones, pottery, forms, natural features, and many natural arts and riches. You live in such a realm that you must not let it go unto the wrong hands--scaly hands. Your land is much more than a small fantasy told in worlds that know nothing of mystics and magicks. A natural world like yours is something worth to fight for. As you fight, you can hear the song of the Suspended Waterfall and its villages underneath, the Crystal Perches where the avion council give their magnificence to the Dalmans, the white-capped, magicite-rich Mounts of Avioness, and the Celestial Nadia Pinnacle that stands tall beautifully overlooking its world throughout days. What a world to be wasted so is a sin to all your realm's religions and maiden Nadia herself. You will force the wretched snake maiden into shame with your strength if she dare shows its people into any harm.

    The mark of the Phoenix is your symbol for the Nirvana War. It resembles eternity. Dalmans will always live. They burn with passion, bravery, and valor with every breath it has in its lungs. A light of hope it also is, feathers of light and fire that gives it the beacon to all Dalmans that the war is still in motion, and that the Dalmans will see to success at the end of it. Using the Light of the Phoenix they will prosper and propose eternity. Even though all things die, the Phoenix will be reborn into another Bird of Fire so that it will keep flying in search for victory. In reality, the Phoenix never dies out, and the Dalmans shall prevail.

    Nadia the Pennae




    This is the dimension of the reptilians who bathe in the sun and scour for each a pleasant life.

    A noble reptilian Sontriark you are, defending your precious land from the gruesome gargoyles and wicked avions flying above your head. You would like to see them burn like their precious Phoenix figure and see how many will live. You just want to get a chance to reach one of them and just poison them however you can. Victory comes in any way that happens in your realm. Victory comes cheap or costly, but you know that a fight will bring victory. Your goal is to be the absolute victor until all time ends.

    You a your world welcomes all but the feathered fold of Dalmas. What started in your home were the small pygmy snakes and lizards and all the way to the alligators, boas, and Komodo dragons, and not to mention the great dragons--an asset to your side of the war. A great realm you live in and must protect at all costs. Intelligence, technology, and even preserved beauties of your land must abide by protection from Nadia the Pennae and her Damans, ben one with the magnificent maiden of Sontriak: Aidan the Squama.

    You and your fellow Sontriarks have just as much culture and artistic values like any other realm, bringing knowledge and cleverness to everything. Your world is of grounded cities rich with Sontriak sorcery and even technology gained from the battlefield realm. Valleys and mountains of crimson life--a bright and beautiful crimson--with scattered gleams of iridescent stones: The Skye Region. Solemn yet magnificent at night is a canyon and crystalline fissure for young dragons: the Lung Passages. Vast lands with trees of a purple and blue hues in certain times of the season bear a stone of a wispy and flaming green with white trails of a light smoke; the trees are everywhere, scattered. The Humbled Aidan Shrine, a lovely area of an entire island dedicated to the wondrous and powerful maiden. All these riches of your kind, by your kind, will not be to waste when Dalmans come. A precious world must be preciously kept.

    The mark for the Nirvana War for you and the Sontriarks is Ouroboros. This snake eats itself, eating its tail and appearing to vanish, but never vanishing at all. It is an eternal loop, the sign for infinity. This is just the actuality of Destruction and Rebirth, never dying. This describes what all Sontriarks must be: eternal beings never to vanish but to thrive. Everlasting will the realm and Aidan be with the Infinite Destruction from Birth, and Birth from Destruction. This mark is of not only that, but of obtaining knowledge of the universe as time passes on. Knowledge if a hope for you all, and you will definitely rise above to claim victory over the Dalmans.

    Aidan the Squama



    This is the dimension of many species, but the most that thrive are humans, or humes. They are the realm-men of the battlefield realm. They are just survivors... for now.

    You have had your own share of battles with either humans, cats, the semi-aquatic, and whatever species are in your homerealm, but never had you seen so much blood, sorrow, suffering, and ruin. This was a war between two other worlds, and they are destroying your home, having not a single act to provocation to any of the two. You did not eve know of Dalmas or Sontriak until they came fighting right on your own soil. All of you and all other Lenabrassians ceased all quarreling and joined together to fend off the invaders. Surely, this is the world of the worlds for you.

    Such a lovey world Lenabrasse is, but its beauty is scarce after the Nirvana demons came to pillage your towns, cities, lands, waters, reserves, and all that is there. You lived once on a dimension with beautiful terrains, cities, an even people that you yearn for I back more than your own life and loved ones. You never lived in a such a world in turmoil. Forests and everglades were burned to grey ash. Mountains were carved and blown away. Waters were used and dried. Holes and craters were put into the rich earth and plundered of all its minerals. You, your family, and high authorities in Lenabrasse resided underground, scared. The dark tunnels holding cities were already deadly, monsters hidden in the earth like the Abyss was inches under your feet. Scared, hungry, crying, wounded, suffering, and dying... These describe most of the people who are afraid of the Nirvana War.

    These are monsters that you are trying to drive away. However, you are a weak creature in only one single world trying to drive out invaders from two other worlds, both of them being dangerous and powerful beings. Nevertheless, you know you will strive and fight it out, gradually winning when you can. All hope lies in you and Ult, the just and right deity of Lenabrasse. You will not let your world die; not when circumstances get thicker will you back out and succumb to defeat, death, an oblivion. You love too much to pass away like a fleeting bird... or a wounded Dalman, shot through the heart. Nor will you live lowly like a hidden snake... or a burning Sontriark set aflame by oil ad torches. Violent you have become than peace of mind you were supposed to gain. With your technology, developing weapons, soldiers in training--all in hiding away from those beasts--are now at our disposal. With the power you and your fellow realm-men have mustered, you will use it all to exterminate the beasts trying to take away your life, family, loved ones, home... birth, life and death... Extinction, deletion, extinction, oblivion, nothing... That will not happen as long as your new-found passion for the fight dwelled within you.

    Thus begins the legend of the literal war of the worlds. To the Nirvana War. To the battleground called hell.



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    We will resume from a previous post.
    (I know what you are thinking... Sure, it looks like a kids site, but I was attracted to it for an odd reason and decided to roleplay there because I was too lazy to look for a new site. Do not judge this chic.)
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  2. (I don't think we can start from exactly where we left off since I basically haven't made this thread in about a year. I doubt Jazzie and Nibs would come along to roleplay here, and Danish is iffy. I don't know if we should let others join. I would feel bad because of my tight schedule. I would probably just manage a post week if that's the case.)
  3. (Er-kay but if we're not starting exactly where we left off, where are we starting? I don't remember what was happening when stopped.)
  4. Sicarius was discovered to be a woman, and she was injured. Rei and Gavin were going to help her. Prior to that, the Seeker appeared (identity still unknown) with Echidna and fled after a large blast of a Maelstrom (I think?) bomb/cannon.
    I can't remember much.
    This place is for plot sign up and discussion. I have to make another thread on the actual place to start. We're not going to start just yet.
  5. Oh. Alright then.
  6. But do you have any preference as to where you want to start?
  7. But do you have any preference as to where you want to start?
  8. Let's start a little bit after they start moving from the disaster area.
  9. After Sicarius is found out?
  10. Okay. But I forgot what exactly is going on with Artemus, Sun, Aaron, Tamer, Seeker, King Gherrig (was that right?), Dieter, and whoever else.
  11. I don't remember either. Artemus, Sun, Takumi, and Tamer are above ground now and Takumi is human and damaged. Deiter is with the king (I don't remember is name so I don't know if you're right or not.). That's all I remember.
  12. Above ground. That really doesn't tell me anything. =__=
    What the heck were they doing? I haven't done with in a LONG time.
  13. I told you that was all I remembered.
    They were meeting the uncle or whatever. Then an earthquake happened. If you're asking about Dieter and the king, then I don't know.
  14. Can we just restart? I mean, not take from THERE exactly, but probably make up a new reasonable scenario. Like a time skip, I guess?
  15. That sounds like a better idea than starting where we left off.
  16. Good. Now let's refurbish some content. I didn't execute the Nirvana universe so well.
  17. Oh? What do you mean by that?
  18. What do you think is in that kind of universe? Is it... appealing... by just the intro? Or is it bad? I made a very, VERY long time ago.
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