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  1. Our community is a place of happiness. Its all about smiles and even giggles.
    We all love this community as a family, and this is our home.
    So lets spread all the love throughout Iwaku and give big hugs as well!


    You said it, Barney!

  2. *Kicks Tetsuri and Barney down the stairs!*

    IT'S HOW I SHOW MY LOVE. Really. Ask Asmo and Vay.

    Dear Tetsuri,

    You almost made me miss the south just with the sound of your voice. Many hugs to be given for more Tetsuri radio show appearances in the futures.

    Dear Gibs,

    It's really foxy when you take care of the baby for me. >:3 Really really foxy.

    Dear Lawkheart,

    I love creepin' on your roleplays and reading them. 8D
  3. -Is kicked down the stairs with Barney- D:

    I-i'm feeling the love. Also, I would love to make more appearances in shows for you, Diana. ^__^

    It was a very fun and enjoyable experience.
  4. Dear Iwaku Family,
    I love you and I have to get over it.
  5. I Barney...Love cus hes purple and hate cus he just sucks... D: I love Iwaku even though I don't know the people very well at least I know they are partly nice *coughsnotDianacoughs* xD
  6. I'm loving Iwaku..Even though I haven't been here too long.
    Still don't know everyone that well yet, but that will change in time.

    However, Barney..That is another story..
  7. Lets here this story... .__.
  8. Whelp, back when I was young little Juku...Barney helped me learn some basics about life..But one day...It was one episode where they had this giant thing pop out, scared me so bad I ran out of the room..Never watched Barney again.

    Simple..Lame story of the childhood.
  9. I love all of you guys as well. The song was just used as a symbol to say that you I love you all and that you are my big family. ^__^
  10. Dear Iwaku Family,

    Got my eye on you. Check yo'selfs before I wreck yo'selfs.

    - Koori