To Music or Not To Music

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  1. Everyone has their own preference out there on what they like to do when they're entering a RP or beginning a plot with another and well, some people have different things that help get those imaginative juices flowing!

    I know I myself love to listen music by Sindrannaras or New World Music whenever I'm writing a plot or entering a RP- Even if I'm just chilling here alone and writing random plots or short stories just because well. I can!

    The question is! Do you like to listen to music when you are Role-playing? If you do- What's your favorite type of music?! :O Epic Musicals, Classicals, Classic Rock- Etc!

    If you don't, What do you do when you're role-playing to get those juices flowing or are you just that epic and talented?! x3
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  2. I roleplay SO much better when I have my headphones on and I have some mood music going! Not only is it inspiring, but it helps block out the distractions and sounds in the house so I am locked in my little muse bubble. >:3
  3. Same here! I personally find my creative juices all blocked up if I don't have some good mood music going or even Asian Chillout music T.T And it does help block out the distractions! And the barking of both my dogs x.X
  4. I have to agree with you guys. It's why I've joined Pandora iHeartRadio, and Slacker Radio. xD There is almost never a moment I don't have headphones on; not only does music help me focus and inspire moods and better writing, it helps to further take me away from reality and almost put myself into my character. I guess it's why I write with more emotion whilst listening to music. I know Coldplay really inspires me. Besides, it only helps I listen to every genre except rap, that is, excluding Eminem whom I listen too. Though I love alternative. I have an entire paragraph in my profile about mah moosics. x3 Music is life. Music is love~

    Also, movies tend to inspire writing as well. I dunno why. Especially those heart-wrenching ones where your favorite character unexpectedly dies, and you begin crying like a beached whale. Yep.
    *cough*Red Dawn*cough*The Amazing Spiderman 2*cough*
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  5. I like music-ing because I just like music.

    Also, epic music makes me think we're RPing a movie or something.
  6. I first started role playing with music in chat rooms. Whether it was a fight scene or someone getting married I was like the DJ. ^_^

    I love instrumentals when it comes to different moods of the story that I really want to connect with. My favorite video games music, anime music, movie songs, Spanish, flutes, harps, guitar solos oooh you name it I love it! ^_^