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  1. Travis is your typical male for the most part, complete with an unknown admirer who leaves little notes in his locker.... This has been happening for the past Year and while at first he didn't mind it he has started to think it some kind of joke a classmate has decided to play on him. Being a loner Travis was the target of abuse at school though for the most part he ignored it thinking he would be left alone. When it became known that he was interested in men a new level of harassment started where a few guys would pretentious to like him and lead him on only to turn on him when they were in a group. Having been hurt through this he has closed off his emotions towards others.... Until that first note in his locker gave him hope.
    What will happen when the notes are coming from a teacher? Will Travis think the man is trying to play a trick on him as well or can it be real? Join the roleplay and find out!
    I'm looking for someone to play as the teacher who also has feelings for Travis.... Though won't admit them at first.
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    Travis recently found another note in his locker. He decided that he was going to find out who was sending them, one way or another, so he opened this note and read it. THe details in the note shocked him, either the writer really did like him, or it was some form of a game and the person was having fun trying to toy with him. It wasnt until the bell for class rang that he realized he was running late.
    Travis cursed before he grabbed his art supplies and bolted for his classroom. Hopefully his Sensei wouldnt be angry with him for being late.... it rarely happened with him.
    Once he arrived at the classroom he apologized for being late and sat down to work. He was more focused on the notes in his locker however and didnt realize that he was drawing a few of the scenes that the other had spoken of. When he did notice it he blushed a deep pink and covered it up. He had to get the thoughts out of his head.
  3. Logan sat in his empty classroom. His feet were propped on his desk, arms folde behind his shaggy black hair as his blue/green eyes stared up at the cieling.
    His mind wandered to the letters he'd left in one of his students lockers. He continuously wondered if it was the right thing to do, if it would go over well, if the feelings would be reciprocated. These thoughts filled the males head until he began to contemplate the scenarios that would occur if indeed Travis did return those feelings. When they reached that point, Logan would shut them off and distract himself with something else.
    Such situation as just occurred as Logan lowered his feet from his desk and pulled over the stack of homework he had yet to grade. He greatly required a distraction after what his mind had decided to conjure up without his consent.
    With a tired sigh, Logan began the arduous task of grading the history papers he had collected the day before. To put it lightly, they were plain awful. There were the occasional ones that were worthy of an above failing grade from his brighter students; however, there was one in particular that shone out to him. Logan was floored by what he had read. It was possibly one of the best papers he had read in his career. Glancing at the name his grip tightened on the paper. 'Travis' was nearly scrawled at the top. Without leaving time to overthink, Logan scribbled a quick 'see me after class' and continued grading.
  4. Travis entered his history classroom and looked at his teacher seeing Logan was grading papers. He had tried really hard on his most recent paper and hoped that everything went well. When he was given the paper he was shocked to see that he had a note from the teacher and he was a bit worried about it. Did he not do well on what he wrote?

    When class was over Travis went up to his teacher's desk and stood holding his paper. "Did you want to see me sir?" He asked an a soft voice a bit afraid of what he might here. Of course he wasnt always this timid, he just knew better then to act out in some classrooms. While he waited to see what the man would say he though about the letters that had been showing up in his locker. He was worried about someone finding out about them, but at the same time he wanted to say something, maybe ask what the person leaving them wanted.
  5. Logan had been anticipating this since he had read the paper but now that he had Travis in front of him he was losing his nerve. His eyes combed over the teen before him noting his nervous body language. So he wasn't the only one. That small fact made him feel somewhat better.
    Logan cleared his throat and gestured for Travis to sit. Once Travis had seated himself, Logan's eyes locked with his. The older male had to remind himself to breathe again. What was he going to say? The words failed him as his gaze was completely absorbed by Travis. 'Shit.' Logan had to force himself to look away. Clearing his throat once more, Logan took a breath to calm his scattered thinking.
    "It's about your paper Travis. I would like you to know that this was not easy. Many other kids barely passed and there were quite a few that failed. But yours.....your paper was perhaps one of the best I have ever read." Logan's serious tone broke into a lighter one. The amazement he felt from having read that and that Travis had been the one to right it slowly crept into his words. Logan even cracked a smile. "Have you considered taking a writing class? You're very talented and I wouldn't mind reading anything you wrote if it's anything like how you spoke in this paper."
  6. "You mean, my paper wasnt bad? I thought that I had done something wrong when I was called up after class." He looked up a bit excited to see that his writing was actually considered good. He didn't think that anything but his artwork was good, he had been paid to do that though so he had to make sure that it was decent.

    "I haven't thought about writing no. I don't have time to write much in my free time." He didn't say that most of his free time was spent working to pay for his food and clothing, but he had to save everything he earned or he woudnt have anything left to survive on. However, if he was asked to write, he would find time to do so, if he could make a bit of extra cash he would do so.

    "I tried really hard to do well on this paper, I have been attempting to get better grades. I know how important they are for the future." He said knowing that he wouldn't actually have the chance to go past highschool. He couldn't afford to go to college, but at least he could make the teachers believe that he was trying for that.
  7. "You should really think about it Travis. You're a great writer and if you're interested I may be able to help you out. I know a few editors and publishers, but, that is all up to you." Logan smiled hoping to persuade Travis to write. He felt a strange compulsion to reach out the boy despite everything his concious ever tried to tell him.

    "Well..." Logan looked up the clock surprised at the time. "Shit. You need a pass. I'm sorry for keeping you so long. Here." Loga grabbed a pink slip and scrawled out Travis name, the date, location, and time so he could walk the halls without reprocussions, at least administratively. Logan was well aware of what happened to Travis in the halls. Unfortunately it was only word of mouth and he himself had not witnessed anything. This left him virtually powerless to do much about it, he just hoped it would end.
    "If you ever need anything, doors always open." Logan gave Travis a pointed look. He was serious about this. "You may find, I do know what you're going through." Logan hoped that was all he needed to say on the matter. Yes, he knew first hand, having experienced it himself although not many faculty was aware. Logan just didn't deem it important information for his coworkers to know, not that he would deny it if asked.
  8. "I will think about it." He said after a moment before he looked down after a moment. He didn't know why Logan was trying to help him out so much, he hadn't done so before. It seemed that at about the same time he was starting to get the letters his teacher had started to be a bit nicer and a bit more protective of him. Or at least that was what he had thought.

    When he was told of the time he looked a bit panicked until he was given a hall pass. He knew that it was safer to go about the hallways when there were more people around but he had to get to class somehow. However he stopped when he heard what his teacher said next. "You know?"

    When he spoke again he was holding back tears doing his best to try and keep from showing that whoever it was was causing more harm then good at the moment. "I just wish that whoever it was would either stop leaving them or show themselves." He stood then knowing that he was losing his hold on his emotions. When he got into the hallway he was lucky enough to be along at the start and he was able to gain control of his emotions.

    "Hey there Travis, get a one on one session with the teacher?" He knew that voice and he turned glaring at the male that stood there. The teen was bigger then he was and twice as mean. He didn't waste any time grabbing Travis and slamming him into the wall causing Travis to gasp in pain and wince. He tried to hold his ground but he wouldn't last long and he knew it.
  9. "Maybe I-they...." Logan cursed himself for the slip up. He prayed that it went unnoticed as his heart rate nearly skyrocketed. "Maybe they're just scared."
    Logan couldn't find it in himself to work up the nerve to look at Travis as he exited his room. He let out a sigh of relieve, forehead smacking against the desk. Groaning in frustration and minor pain from letting his head fall on the wooden surface, Logan began to second guess his actions. Despite Travis's effort to hide it, the notes were bothering him, and seemingly upsetting him. But Logan didn't want to stop. He wanted to let Travis know but was utterly terrified to simply sign his name. He was so conflicted.

    It was his lunch break now. Logan cleared off his desk and grabbed his wallet from his desk drawer. He made sure the classroom door was locked as he easily made his way down the hall. In the distance he heard something slam into the lockers.
    Logan paused and heard voices. There were one of two possibilities. 1. Sloppy make outs or 2. A fight. The second nearly made his heart stop realizing Travis had left not to long ago. Logan was pretty sure he never moved so quickly in his life. Before he had time to process what he was seeing, Logan ripped the larger boy off of Travis and slammed him, non too gently mind you, into the hard concrete wall.
    The teen stared wide eyed seeing the normally calm, laid back teacher looking at him murderously.
    "Office." If he thought the glare was deadly there was no describing the pure venom dripping off of the single word Logan spoke.
    No sooner had it been uttered than the boy was left to hurry off. Logan fully planned on making sure he did in fact go to the office.
    His look softened as he held a hand out to Travis. "Hey..."
  10. Travis was kneeling on the ground as soon as his tormentor ran tail between his legs towards the school office. If he hadn't been in pain he would have laughed. As grateful as he was for Logan to come when he did, he knew that things would only be worse for him when he was alone again. Zack would probably wait for him afterschool now and he cringed at the thought.

    Travis didn't take Logan's hand but tried to stand on his own but fell against the wall. He didn't realize he was that hurt. He didn't want the other's help though he was fine if he was able to catch his breath. Even so, he could feel his lip swelling slightly and thought he tasted blood. He hadn't been in the hall long, but Zack had done enough damage that he would feel it for awhile.

    "I should get to class." He said though he didn't intend to go at the moment. He didn't think he should after he was just in a fight but that wasnt really an option for him it seemed.
  11. Logan lowered his hand, watching intrigued at how determined Travis seemed to move on. He would have found it admirable if Logan wasn't so worried about the kid passing out.
    "If you go, you're going to the nurse and I'm taking you there." Logan left no room for argument. He wasn't leaving Travis alone in the hall again. If Logan was honest with himself, he wouldn't leave Travis alone ever, but that was beside the point.
    Logan didn't ask for permission as he slipped an arm around Travis allowing him to lean on him if needed and guided him to the nurse. "You're a lot braver than I was, ill give you that." Logan mused softly. Unlike Travis, he hadn't came out until college. He had to hand to the kid, Travis was brave.
  12. "You don't have to help me. Im used to doing things alone." He said after a moment before realizing what he had said he cursed a bit. He went stiff when Logan put an arm around him his muscles tightening a bit in response to being touched. He didn't like getting help but they made there way down to the nurses office and the nurse was currently out to lunch which he was sort of happy about. He was laying on the bed in the office not moving much.

    "Brave? Because I let someone know I was gay and into other guys? To get beaten daily by the same guy who likes to make my life hell? How is that brave?" He asked after a moment. "It wouldn't be so bad, but I don't have anyone to help. I have to do everything on my own." Okay so he was talking about things he usually didn't talk about but for some reason he didn't care anymore. He was thinking he might drop out of school with how things were going and just work full time.
  13. Logan listened to Travis talk. A wry smirk wormed it's way on to his face. The kid had a point but he didn't see what Logan saw.
    Logan found an ice pack and held it up to Travis's swollen lips. "No, you're brave because you knew this may happen and you stayed true to yourself anyway." Logan pulled a chair up to Travis bed and sat. He rest his chin on folded arms on the edge of the bed with a kind smile. "I was too scared when I was your age. I didn't come out until college and didn't even tell my parents until about...three years ago? So yeah, I think your brave."
  14. Travis flinched at the cold as the icepack was placed on his lips before he looked away. So, his teacher was also into men? Well he supposed that was why he helped Travis out. "Considering that it would happen even if I didn't let other's know, it didn't make a difference." He said after a moment before he looked back at Logan. "You just told your parents about it three years ago? How did it work when you had a boyfriend then? Im sure they wanted to meet whoever you were dating at the time." Of course he really didn't care, but he might as well say something to the man. "Im not scared, but Im not stupid either. I don't announce it to the world, but everyone at school learned about my preference. My parents don't know about it, but they wouldn't anyways. They left 2 years ago." he didn't mean to say that but he had relaxed a bit and he couldn't help what he was saying just then.
  15. Logan frowned hearing Travis say this would have happened anyway. "It shouldn't happen in the first place." He murmured lifting the ice pack to take a look at Travis's swollen lip. It didn't look as bad as it had been before.
    A wry smile formed as the teen asked about how his parents took it. "It....let's just say I haven't been to Christmas dinner in a few years." Logan had to laugh at that. It really didn't bother him.
    "And yeah they did, well my mother did but I always made up some execuse or convinced one of my female friends come over and pretend." Logan admitted sheepishly. "How you feeling?"
  16. "Christmas dinner?" He wasn't really sure about that, he hadn't really had one, his parents didn't care about such things and hadn't cared about him. They went on vacation without him one year and never came back. Since then he was living on his own in the woods in their abandoned house and trying hard to make ends meet. He had long ago conceded to having heat, water or electricity and focused on foods that he could easily eat and store year long, as well as doing all he could to to asve money on clothing. He knew what he needed for each month and never went beyond that amount.

    "So, you still doing that I take it or they don't care anymore." He was trying not to talk about himself of course but knew that he would end up doing that eventually. "I feel fine. I was fine before I came here." He said after a moment before looking away once again. "Don't you have class to get to?" He asked after a moment thinking that the man should be leaving shortly. He was lucky he didn't have any other class for the day and was ready to go home. He didn't want to remain at school any longer then he had to.
  17. "Yeah, we don't talk." He clarified. Logan pulled the ice pack off and handed it to Travis. He wished the teen would trust him but didn't let it show.
    Standing, Logan smoothed out te wrinkles in his dress pants and looked at the clock. "Nah, I have lunch and then a prep period before my last class." Logan only taught three classes a day, not exactly enough to make ends meet. Teacher salaries were terrible so he took odd landscaping jobs after school to fill the gap.
    "Well, I'll let you be. Hanging around the history teacher wasn't exactly my idea of fun when I was your age either." Logan attempted a light hearted joke before heading off.
    "See ya tomorrow Trav." Logan waved and headed back to his own room to eat lunch during his prep period since he had missed his lunch time.
  18. Once Travis was alone he slipped off the bed and put the icepack down before he left the school. He was able to get away from the grounds without much issue and was soon back at his home. He worked on what homework he had until he could no longer see and curled up with his warm blankets to keep from freezing at night. It wasn't so bad during the summer but it was still cold at night.

    The next day Zack was waiting for him on his way to school. The older male made up for the interruption yesterday as well as for having a teacher scare him. By the time he was done, Travis was a mess. He had torn clothing and was a bit bruised and bloody. It didn't mean that Zack got away without a scratch, but it was clear who the winner was.

    Travis was late to his first class again but it was soon clear why. The teacher had him sit in the back of the class and ignored him, which didn't bother him. It was becoming more common for him to be ignored by most of his teachers. Though his history teacher still seemed interested in helping him. He let out a sigh as the bell rang before his next class. It was history this time around and he sat in the back on his own today knowing that it was better just to go un noticed. He was going to take his things and leave the school. At this rate, he was having more trouble then he could handle and he knew when to give in and this was one of those cases.
  19. Logan had a job that night. He had to re-malch the entire perimeter of three homes in one night. To say he was tired was just a pitiful attempt at describing what he felt.
    Even so his mind wandered to Travis. No matter how hard Logan had tried the boy just wouldn't let him in, and quite frankly that was really annoying. What Travis didn't know was how persistent Logan was, if he was anything at all.
    Before Logan allowed himself to sleep that night he promised himself not to give up on Travis.

    In the morning Logan rolled out of bed feeling like he had gotten hit by a bus or something.
    He showered and dressed for class, all the while trying to think of ways to have Travis to open up. Of course he continued his daily ritual of leaving a note in Travis's locker, careful of any witnesses.
    It had started as a way to give the kid a boost. Even before Logan had always noticed how he seemed to be off alone. He just wanted to let him know someone cared and then it turned into something...more.
    Logan came in late to class that day, hair disheveled and sighing heavily. He seriously needed his break. "Uh....have a study hall." He muttered practically falling into his chair.
    There was a collective cheer from the majority of the class. It was only seconds before phones were out and chatter filled the class. Logan rubbed his tired eyes when he hear footsteps approach.
    "What's wrong Mr. Carter?" Logan looked up to see Katherine. She was a nice girl but, to be blunt, was a whore. Logan inwardly frowned seeing her lean over slightly allowin him a full, unwanted, view of her chest.
    "Nothing." Logan forced himself to keep the disgust spreading through him.
    "Are you sure? Maybe I could help?" At that Logan outwardly scowled.
    "Katherine, sit down." The girl pouted and walked away but Logan knew she would be back another day. She was just like that and it was kind of sad.
    Logan's eyes scanned over his students and landed on one in particular. Logan's scowl deepened seeing the damage done to Travis. He made eye contact and knew he would be having a conversation about this whether or not Travis wanted to or not.
  20. Travis let out a sigh as he lowered his head onto the cold desk allowing it to numb a bit of the pain in his throbbing skull. He had seen Logan make eye contact and knew the man wanted a talk with him but at the moment he just didn't care. As soon as his head hit the desk his eyes closed and he was out. He didn't even hear the bell ring at the end of class and if he didn't he didn't care about it at that moment.
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