To Love a Fluttershy

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    So as you can see, I come to you with the preceding image of human Fluttershy. Why? Because she deserves love, too! The general plot in mind involves her as a college student, a sophomore, who becomes entrenched in a romance and shares herself with her lover. That lover, your character, may be a faculty member or another student. If this interests you, drop in a character in the thread or PM me. Note that self inserts are not discouraged here!
  2. Sure, why not? If you're willing to do this with me, I'm game.
  3. I'm willing, sure.
  4. Alright so any preferences for the character I would play?
  5. Outside of that character not being an outright Mary-Sue type, I have no preferences. Even direct self-insertion is acceptable to me. Toss up a face when you're ready.
  6. Sweet. I'll post it soon, gotta work on a few replies first
  7. Alright. Just know I won't see it for probably close to an hour. Commuting upstate for school.
  8. No worries. So how would this work? Would we still call her Fluttershy or would she have a human name?
  9. The former is alright, if it is with you.
  10. Keeping her name Fluttershy? I'm just trying to figure out how we can make it sound right as a human name without being weird xD
  11. I understand your logic. What kind of human name do you think fits her best?
  12. Hmm... Well Fluttershy would definitely be a nickname she's called for reasons we can figure out.

    But as for a human name... Shylin? Hence where the "shy" in her nickname comes from?
  13. Posting today, sowwy
  14. Heya. Okay, so I've been working on a character sheet. Still fleshing it out, but I can give you some basic info while you wait ^^

    I'm thinking we could try something like a "she's the super happy and energetic one, whereas he's a bit of a downer and struggles with his life" kind of story for them. You know, that way we can you with the "opposites attract" concept.


    Name: Dylan Robertson

    Age: 19

    Occupation: Freelance Photographer and aspiring Author.
  15. Now that I'm back in town...*examines character*...I'm liking it so far.
  16. Sorry, I'll post it soon!
  17. What would you like to know about Dylan? I'm a little stuck right now ^^;
  18. just personality.
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