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    Hidden deep within the twisted Hemlock Forest lies a castle lost to society. After tragedy struck the residence it was unknown whether or not the castle remained occupied. With a new government running the country it was no longer a concern of the nearest of villages as to whether or not an heir to the family still resided. There were no carriages that went to or from the castle frequently enough for anyone to be signs of occupancy, but suspected that someone simply tended to the castle grounds once in awhile to check on the condition and left. So long as a noble wasn't demanding taxes from the village it wasn't important enough for anyone to snoop and find out.

    Unbeknownst to the village the castle was indeed occupied by an heir to the noble family Westwood, Lady Amelia Westwood and her servants that tended to the grounds. The young and beautiful Lady hadn't left the castle grounds since the tragedy that took away her parents. It was believed that she had went to live with her uncle, an even more wealthy noble that lived near the capital. She however refused to leave her immediate family's estate or to even so much as visit the man. The carriage that came once in awhile was merely a servant checking in on her and providing her with supplies, gifts, and anything else she desired, hoping it would change her mind about leaving Castle Westwood.

    The Lady was as stubborn as she was beautiful and eventually was given-up upon by her uncle. Her small staff of servants and a groundskeeper that were the most devoted to her parents were the only ones that even knew what she looked like or why she remained there. They endured the growing temper and cruelty that slowly consumed her. To them she was a force to be reckoned with when angry and a face of an angel. Whatever inner turmoil she had inside she took out on them, yet they remained at her side. They still could see the beauty within her even though it was lost to her.

    The mystery of her had long ago faded away and she was forgotten as she longed to be by the world....until now.
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    Name: Lady Amelia Westwood
    Age: 25
    Birthday: December 4th

    Name: Flynn Agustus
    Age: 22
    Birthday: June 17
  3. Flynn had stolen from a local stand, a few apples and a small jug of water. He hated stealing, yet it kept him alive. He had ran along a different path he usually had, on accident, and stumbled onto a almost faded path. It was still visible enough for him to see in the darkening sky. He had his small knife out, ready to attack anything which didn't want him around. He had traveled many minutes before coming upon a small opening that broke the forest area. He looked on and in the distance a building could be made out on the horizon. It was then that rain began to drop, quite heavily. He started running, trying to avoid soaking his outfit. He almost tripped at the sound of the thunder and after awhile the building became more visible. It was a castle he saw. It was quite beautiful, but seemed to be aged quite a bit. Why startled Flynn was the fact that as far off from society it was, it seemed tended to. The grass around was cut, the castle itself rather clean. He made his way to the front entrance. It's overhang relieved him of the rain and he sat on the front step for a moment. Flynn couldn't help but bite an apple, for he was starving. He sipped some of the water and washed down the apple. He soon turned to look at the massive door which towered over him. Perhaps someone still lived here? The thought made him shiver quite a bit.
  4. Amelia and her highest-ranking handmaiden sat upstairs in her room. The servant, Mrs. Winters brushed out her long, wavy, silvery locks. She held in her hand the only mirror allowed in the castle. It was made of the finest quality silver. It belonged to her dear mother who was sadly deceased. The majority of the servants were either in the kitchen preparing dinner for the Lady of the house and then for themselves, or tending to her prized Rose garden. There was a maze created of rosebushes and rose trees. There was every type of thorny flower imaginable and it was the only place Amelia would venture to beyond the refuge of her castle. Or at least that's what she thought. She had no idea of the downpour outside. "Mrs. Winters, you did instruct your husband to pick me a dozen of the most beautiful roses for display at dinner, correct?" She nodded, "Yes my Lady, but the storm." Amelia turned and glared at her, "Storm? What storm? I don't care if there's a storm. I ordered them this morning when I had breakfast. The sun was shining then!"
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    Flynn noticed a man rushing into a side entrance and his heart jumped. "Who was that?" He thought to himself. Lynn traveled to the side where he saw the man enter and looked around. A few flowers were on the ground, as if he had dropped them. He collected them and held them in his hand. He tried peeking into the windows but saw no one. As he walked along, he did not notice a lamp on a barrel and bumped into it. It fell to the ground making a rather loud crashing noise. Lynn held his breathe and quickly disposed of it in the barrel. His heart was racing, but he couldn't decide if he wanted to run or just stay. It was pouring and he needed a place to stay. Perhaps the inhabitants were nice, and would let him stay for a night, or two. He walked back to the front entrance and took a breathe, knocking. Flynn was almost shaking at this point. What if this was filled with bandits, he would surely be murdered.
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    Mr. Winters, the groundskeeper, had brought the flowers from the garden in the rain and placed them in a beautiful crystal vase as Amelia sat at the head of the table. She stared at him with a cold look, "Next time you delay an order I'm afraid that your dinner will be cut short." she said with an almost sleepy voice, definitely not amused. As the dinner of roast pheasant, vegetable soup,various fruits, breads, cheeses, etc. were presented before her, on of the only guards burst into the dining hall with a look of urgancy on his face, "Pardon the intrusion my Lady, but there is someone knocking on the castle door." Amelia took a deep breath, obviously bewildered by the news. "Don't just stand there, open the door!" She finall commanded. She tossed her cloth napkin to the table and stood up, "Mrs. Winters, my hair. Is it covered?" She asked. The lady moved some of her long bangs in front of her eye, "There you are my Lady." Amelia stormed off with the Winters following at her side. She wanted to see personally as to whom so rudely showed up unannounced and interrupted her meal.

    Before Lady Amelia arrive the guard from before along with two others stood at the door and he opened it. Looking at the man soaked to the bone he said, "Step inside the door sir." Not giving him the option. When he was in the door shut, "State your name and purpose."
  7. Flynn sheepishly entered, looking at the ground. He couldn't help but be fearful. "I-I am Flynn. Uh, Flynn Agustus. I am from the city. I...I did not know anyone lived here, I didn't even know this place existed for that matter." Flynn soon looked up, his unnatural red eyes gleaming at the guards. "I wish...I wish to ask for a night's stay. I have some money, not much, but I will give it all to you." He fumbled through his bag and pulled out a small black coin purse. As he pulled it out it fell and the coins scattered across the floor. "I-I'm sorry!" As he went to retrieve them, a guard drew his sword. Flynn froze, but returned to his original stance. His eyes soon spotted a woman hastily walking along with another woman at her side. The woman was young, and Flynn quickly looked away, nervous.
  8. "Bartholemy, who is this? A peasant?" Amelia asked as she stood center with each Winters on either side of her. She looked at the man with a cold and blank expression on her face, then to the gold on the floor. Bartholemy nodded, "Yes my Lady. A peasant, begging stay for the rest of the night." Amelia scoffed, stepping forward causing the guards to flinch and she glared which made them freeze. "What is your name peasant?" she demanded to know, "Do not look away when the Lady of the house is speaking to you boy." She looked very unamused by his presence.
  9. "Flynn Agustus ma'm. I am sorry to intrude on you. I can leave now. I will not disturb you anymore." It was more of a question. If he did not have to leave, he certainly would not. He felt tense, and everyone here had already come off as rude. He was barging in the the midst of the night practically, so he wasn't going to be rude in return. Instead Flynn tried his best to appeal to them. Already he was drying off and that was more than he could say if he was outside. He waited patiently for the lady's word, who seemed quite upset, so he did not expect much.
  10. "Flynn Agustus...hmmm. I am Lady Amelia Westwood and this is my castle." It was obvious by her voice that she was contemplating something, "Is that his gold?" She asked Bartholemy. "Yes my Lady." She commanded him to pick it up and hand it to her. She held the coin bag in her hand and studied the man before her. "Your name sounds odd to me. As does the shade of your eyes. They remind me of...roses." She had paused and changed the sound of her voice when she said 'roses' as she finally noticed the ones in his possession, "Are those my Morden Fireglow roses?!" A sudden anger came across her face. She knew the variety of any rose she ever saw. That particular variety was her mother's favorite and it was rare. It could only be found in their garden. "you dare tresspass in MY garden and steal MY flowers then dare to knock on the door and beg for a room here; as if this is just a hostel for you to rent out?"
  11. "No! No a man dropped them, I had no intentions to keep them. You can have them back certainly, they are yours after all." He extended his arms, waiting for anyone to take them. "I will give you whatever you want for just a night's stay. I do not plan to stay here. I will be off early in the morning. Please Lady Amelia." He bent to one knee, still extending his hand out. Truly he was degrading his being by offering himself and all his belongings just for a bed. He was desperate, he needed to stay out of the town until he was forgotten about.
  12. Amelia glared at Mr. Winters then down at the flowers, "Take them and place them with the rest of them." She then returned her icy gaze back to Flynn. "Why should I trust a stranger that suddenly appears in the dead of night during a storm over my servants that have served Castle Westwood longer than I have been alive?" She crossed her arms and tapped one of her feet with anger. She was thinking of punishment. She was humiliated by her staff's incompetence and displeased by his presence. "And you still beg for room after this? Ha! I have an idea. For your treachery and trespassing on my private land I will grant you permission to stay in this castle. For not one night, but many. By the power vested in me upon the Westwood namesake I sentence you to a lifetime of servitude to the Castle Westwood." She looked at Bartholemy, "Take him to the dungeon with bread and water only. That will be a lession for tonight." The other guards ceised Flynn. "If you prove yourself you may be allowed servant's quarters. Better get rest because tomorrow you began in the cellars."
  13. "What? That isn't fair! You have no power over me!" Flynn argued as he was dragged to the cellar. He was thrown roughly to the floor and soon a plate with bread was thrown as well. The water was next and most spilled to the ground. Flynn took the bread and quickly ate it. His bag with his belongings was kept, and Flynn felt empty without it. "What horrible luck." He muttered. There was no way he was to stay here. Flynn had already began planning his escape. Eventually however he felt tired and fell asleep across the cold, hard ground.
  14. "Shall I take his coins and add them to the treasury?" Asked Mr. Winters. "No, that won't be necessary. I shall keep this for safe keeping." She smiled and turned as the man was taken away. "Come, let us finish or dinner before it gets cold." The servants followed her lead.


    The next morning Lady Amelia was awoken by Mrs. Winters with her dress laid out. She asked her to open the windows. The rain had ceased but it was still cloudy. After a moment of waking-up, her servant helped her get dressed and brushed her hair. She wanted to look her best at all times despite ever leaving the castle grounds. "What work shall we present your slave my Lady?" It took a moment for her to understand the question, having thought it was but a silly dream. "Ah yes, Flynn the thief....what shall he do?" She had never held a prisoner and didn't know exactly what to do with one. "Well for now he will assist your husband in the gardens. Make sure they clean up any debris caused from the storm and that my roses aren't damaged severely." She made her way back to the dining hall for breakfast.

    As she sat there, Amelia's mind wondered to Flynn. She had never met a stranger before. The only faces she'd ever seen were those of her servants that stayed with her or pictures from her library. He sparked an interest she couldn't put a finger on. "Guards...Philipe, Fransico, fetch me Flynn. I wish to speak of him before he becomes any more filthy from the wet gardens."
  15. Flynn was awoken by a rough boot to the side. He was told to follow them, and he did so, though reluctantly. Once they were in the dining hall, Flynn was pushed forward. It seemed the guards were having fun with him, as if this was the highlight of their day. "Lady Amelia wishes to speak to you." Flynn glared at them, then turned his glare towards the lady. "What do you need?" He said, staring at the table which now was being filled with appetizers. His cold red eyes soon met with hers, and he made sure to look away quickly.
  16. "My my, such a temper. You must not be a morning person." the Lady mused. Nobody had ever spoke to her with such a tone. It was interesting, both entertaining and slightly insulting at once. "Please, take a seat." She motioned for a servant to pull back the chair opposite of hers. "I want to talk with you Flynn. Tell me about yourself." She was curious to know who he was and where he was from. She had no other opportunities to ask such things. Her and her uncle rarely wrote to one another anymore and it was dull pleasantries.
  17. Flynn took a seat. "You don't need to know about me. You have my name and am forced to serve you. Sounds like enough information to me." Flynn kept his gaze away from her. He wouldn't even remotely give in to her demands, except work she wanted done. Still, as they sat, Flynn thought of ways to escape. He examined the castle and tried to find weaknesses. Flynn didn't like this place at all. He had been free his whole life. He constantly had avoided authority and to now be subject to a Lady's wills drove bin mad.
  18. His rude behavior shocked and appalled Amelia. "I thought I told you last night to look at the Lady of the castle when you address her." she replied as she sipped her freshly squeezed orange juice. "I want to know who you are Flynn; I demand that you tell me." She almost gritted her teeth. Mrs. Winters looked at the Lady and shook her head then spoke to the young man, "Please tell us a little information. We have never had someone in this castle that has not already lived here since my Lady Amelia was but a small child." She tried to use more kind, sincere measures to get information which caused Amelia to glare at her for correcting her in a sense. "We've had no news of the happenings outside these walls in ages."
  19. Flynn was silent for a moment, then he stared at Amelia. "I am a orphan who has lived in the city since I was young. I've made it on my own my whole life. I have no brothers, no sisters, no friends really. Anything else you'd like to know?" Flynn then returned his gaze elsewhere. He didn't like being interrogated like this. It made him both uncomfortable and irritated.
  20. Amelia's glare faded away and she was silent for a moment. She didn't know what to say or do about his sad life. She too was alone with no family, so despite her efforts she felt some sympathy for him. Looking down at the table she took a blueberry scone with lemon custard and started to eat it. "Try an Ananas Reinette apple," She said to Flynn without looking up at the young man, "It's tropical, tasting like a pineapple almost..." Several of the servants sort of glanced at one another. She wasn't known to allow anyone but Mr. and Mrs. Winters to dine with her at any meal. They were like grandparents to her and yet she barely treated them any differently than other servants. For Amelia to show any sympathy was a rare gesture indeed.