To Live and Die in the Wild West

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  1. June 1883, the Wild West is in full swing. The nefarious outlaw Jesse James has been gunned down nearly a year ago, the West is open for its next great outlaw. The area just around the border is a center for everything great and terrible about the West. Ranchers herd their cattle to rivers to drink, bandits ransack trains, rob banks, topple carriages and steal horses, bounty hunters then track down these outlaws and bring them to justice.

    Any man can make a living here, only if of course they have the necessary skills to avoid being shot in the back and tossed in a shallow grave in the middle of nowhere. The place is a constant danger to unwary travelers, the smartest decision one can make in this territory is to always carry a weapon on them, whether it be a revolver or a knife. Nefarious outlaws wander the land, carrying on them crime and cash payment for them to be brought to justice.

    Who will you be?

    About the RP: This RP is of course set in the Wild West, in a fictionalized version of a part of New Mexico near the border to Mexico. The area has been fictionalized to make it easier to understand for all in the RP, including myself. It is open world, with no real linear storyline at the moment, however, there more than likely will be one, but it will be added down the line in the storyline.

    1. No godmodding. Your character is a normal human being, no superpowers, etc.
    2. Romance, comedy, drama, all that stuff will be in this RP. Please don’t take the romance past PG13 while in the IC, any further and take it to messages.
    3. Proper grammar is needed to participate in this RP.
    4. No one liners, please try to post at least a paragraph each IC post. If you are in dialogue with another RPer’s character, then do a collab and put that in your post.
    5. Be respectful and kind to your fellow RPers in the OOC. Don’t be an asshole.
    6. For now, I am limiting each person to one character in the RP, maybe later on I will allow you to have more characters.
    7. Your character can die, usually only if you try something really stupid in the IC, such as charging at 40 armed men with just a dagger.
    8. Have fun. PM me any questions or concerns.

    More will be added if interest is shown...
  2. I've never done a collab post before but I am interested in this. Hopefully someone will be willing to collab if more interest is shown...
  3. A good old fashion western, i'm in.
  4. Sweet, I'd like at least three more interested people before getting more added to the OP
  5. I'd love giving this a try.
  6. I suppose I could give this a try. My RP doesn't look like it'll be going anywhere any time soon, so I guess that frees up some time for me.

    EDIT: Here's another good mood-setter.
  7. I'm interested, though I'm not too familiar with Western RPs yet.
  8. I'll probably make an OOC later today or tommorow.
  9. Hopefully theres room for me!
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