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  1. Zeniel's long tail twitched as he peered into the dark alleyway from above. His glowing eyes locked onto their target; an old drunkard, who was laying on the cold snow. The man was absolutely still. Well, that's good Zeniel thought. I don't like to have to kill. This was his first hunt in a while, and the young half-demon was very hungry. Fortunately, between his bat-like wings, demon senses, and the cold winter climate, it hadn't taken him long to find a suitable meal. Everyone knew that if you didn't want hunters after you, you had to pick a target that was dead, or close to it; usually, it was someone who wouldn't be missed, like the homeless man in the alley. Zeniel's body moved swiftly as he used his clawed hands and feet to clamber silently down the alley wall towards the man.
  2. Xavi stood in a corner and observed the actions of the young demon. It was foolish of him to be out in the open in his demon form. "This kid is not weary of hunters." Xavi noted out loud. As if on cue a man clad heavily in black with several knives crossbows and crucifixes stepped out of the fog that had fallen on most of the city. Xavi's claws extended as he moved forward to waste the hunter, but then he retracted them. "Maybe I should see how this kid reacts to danger." Xavi was just 17 and couldn't possibly be older than the other demon, but he thought himself more mature than these demons who skulked around the human world. He moved back into the shadows, his messy raven black hair rustling in the wind and his red eyes standing out against his pale skin. "This ought to be good."
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  3. Zeniel's clawed hands hovered above his target. He could practically taste the soul below him. But just as he was about to slip his claws through the old man's chest, he stopped and looked up. "Hunter" he all but whispered. He let loose a low growl and fell into a defensive position. His wings stretched out, reaching the alley walls easily. Black claws scraped at snow as he bared his teeth, now dagger sharp, at the black form coming towards him. Once the hunter was a few feet away from the foot of the alley, Zeniel spoke. "So, whats up?"
    "Do not attempt to deter me, monster." The man spoke in a low voice full of malice.
    "Oh, monster," the half-demon made a face, "really? You couldn't think of another term?" he sighed. "Listen I'm not causing any trouble, this guy is almost dead already. Just" Zeniel cut off there, diving to the left as three blessed knives flew where his head and chest had been a moment before. "Hey! What's your problem, dude?"
    "At the moment, you are."
    "Right... well then, I'm sure we can work this out." Zeniel deadpanned. He didn't like this at all; he was going to have to fight the man. He bounded backwards, and climbed up the alley wall as a crossbow bolt flew past his ear. Damn, this guy has a good aim and a sharp eye, this won't be easy. I might even have to use my ultimate. He continued to dodge the different weapons as they were thrown at him. He made sure to never move outside of the alleyway. Eventually, the hunter had exhausted his supply of bolts, and had only a few knives left. Glowering darkly, the man drew a large broadsword from its holding place on his back. Zeniel smiled, this would be over quickly. He rushed at the man, coming out of the alleyway fully now. Using his clawed hands and feet, he deftly deflected the sword as it was swung at him. Until the man kicked him, square in the chest. Tumbling back a few feet, Zeniel looked up just in time to catch the sword heading for him. The man was putting all of his weight on to the sword, and Zeniel had to use both hands and all of his strength to just keep it away from his neck. "One last chance, buddy!" he called merrily. "If you just walk away now, I might not do it."
    "You are in no place to make demands, demon."
    "Ok, first of all I'm a half demon. Secondly, I did warn you." Zeniel's mouth opened wider and wider, reveling dark jagged rows of teeth, a smile stretching almost from ear to ear as his cheeks split unnaturally. Then, he screamed. The pitch was higher than a normal person's scream, or a normal demon's, for that matter. The sword started to crack, and the man dropped it and resorted to covering his ears after only a couple seconds. Zeniel's tail whipped out and lassoed the man's neck, hoisting him above the ground, leaving his legs dangling. Despite being thin, it was quite strong, and the red eyed child used it as an extra appendage. He slowly closed his mouth while the dark flesh on his cheeks melded together and melted away, to reveal skin of a more human tint.
    "What.." the man stared in horror as he was held aloft.
    "My ultimate." Zeniel explained smugly. "Or rather, a toned down version of it, anyway. See, I have a unique little gift that lets me create certain sound waves. Each species has a pitch that is harmful to them. I've memorized the pitch for both humans and most types of demons." He stood up and moved so that he was standing in front of the man. "Now, here's the deal, you get up and go back to whatever little base of operations you people have, tell them the I, the target, had already taken the soul and then escaped sometime during the battle. Then you can go home to you're daughter and relax. Kay?" At this, the man glared at him and started to struggle.
    "How do you know about her? And why would something like you just let me go. There has to be a catch." he growled, tugging at the tail firmly wrapped around his neck.
    "This." Zeniel held up a tattered photo of the man, a woman who must have been his wife, and a little girl. He had snatched it off the man during the latter part of the fight. "And no, there is no catch. I'm not going to ask you for any favors later, or come and take your soul in three years or whatever. That's contract demons. Do I look like a contract demon to you?" The man only glared. "Listen," Zeniel sighed. "I don't like offing people with family for no good reason. If you didn't have anyone waiting for you back home, I would be delighted to take your soul, believe me. I'm hungry and a clean soul like yours would be better than any of the stuff I can find out on the streets. So when I let you down, you better scram real quick. And don't even think about it." The man had reached down to grab one of his remaining knives, only to realize that they were by his feet, along with his crosses and the crossbow. Zeniel grinned. "Since I'm a half demon, I can touch religious objects for a short time if I use my human form." He held up one of his hands and waved it as the black claws retracted, leaving a perfectly normal hand. He took the photo from his clawed hand and held it out to the man, who took it silently. Slowly, he lowered the man to the ground, far enough away from his weapons to give ample time for retaliation. They stared at each other until the man slowly backed away into the mist. "Well, that's over with!" Zeniel clapped his hands and bounded towards the alley. Halfway there, he stopped. He could sense there was a demon nearby, one that was probably older than he was. "Ok, what in satan's name is up with people today! I know your there. If you're going to fight me, do it now. I'm hungry."
  4. Zeniel heard a loud blood curdling scream. From out of the fog stepped a young man that looked around his age but gave off an older aura, holding in his hand the body of the hunter he had just released. Xavi looked up and saw the expression of horror on the other boy's face. "You clearly have no understanding about how all this works kid, you don't just let a hunter go, you capture them and slowly, painfully, suck their souls from their bodies, like I did with our friend here." Xavi dropped the dead body of the hunter. "Hello, half demon. You've been causing quite a stir on the streets recently, you even caught the attention of the Academy. And by the blank stare on your'e face I can assume you have no idea what that is. The Academy, a school for young demons to further their powers and curb their appetite's for soul." If you were wise you'd come with me and face the Tribunal, otherwise, they'll probably send someone to kill you." He turned and walked off into the fog. "And you should probably go full human, there are always hunters prowling around on nights like this. They think its when the demons come out." He turned and looked at the second demon. "They're apparently right."
  5. Zeniel's initial shock at the unexpected turn of events quickly turned to anger. "How dare you! You really expect me to come calmly walking with you after seeing what you just did?" He scoffed, "Man, my dad was right. You low-levels really do only thirst for blood and souls. No wonder you need an entire academy just to help you curb your impulses." The young demon spat. "I haven't heard of this academy, but I have heard of the Tribunal, and from what I've heard, I don't like 'em." He glowered. "Especially if you're the guy they send to get me."
  6. Xavi was enraged, he spun back around quickly. Being hated was something he strived for, it meant he was worth somebody's time and energy, but being told he was a lower level demon was simply too much. He lifted his hands in Zeniels direction. "I am no lower level demon, I am Xavi, an Incubus of the highest order, of course I do not expect you to know what that is street rat." A sapphire aura began eminating from his upraised hand and soon this aura of energy was sorrounding Zeniel. "You will see just how powerful this lower level demon is." Xavi moved his hand rapidly to the side and Zeniel moved along with it, slamming into the wall. "You are weak, bred in the streets, while I am of the highest power. You will accompany me back to the school, there is no option." With that he threw the other demon into the air and slammed him back unto the ground. He looked at the grounded demon. "The Tribunal will not be denied, if you refuse to comply with my demands, I have orders to execute you". He smiled. "It's up to you wether or not you will comply, but me personally, I wouldn't mind if you just refuse me."
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  7. "He." Zeniel grinned manically, chuckling darkly as black blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth "Street rat, eh?" Black tendrils snaked their way up his arms, his form growing larger, black claws the size of truck tires smashing down on either side of him. "I guess your masters didn't tell you who my daddy is." Glowing eyes glinted as enormous wings spread forcefully, breaking the purple aura and smashing the other demon back. "My father is the highest contract demon, one of the six knights of Satan himself." His voice was deeper now, reverberating through the surrounding area. Black wings blotted out the sun, covering the entire area in a dark shadow. "I would not advise you doing much else, school boy. Neither my father nor the king of hell would be pleased." One giant clawed hand smashed on top of the smaller demon, pinning him to the ground. He dug one digit into Xavi's throat, drawing blood.
  8. Xavi was shocked at the immensity of power he was sensing from this boy. He had laughed when the head of the tribunal, his father, had told him to use extreme caution with the boy. He didn't really realise at first what had happened when the beast had broken his aura of control. It had never happened before and it sent a shock through his mind. It was even worse when the pinned him down and dug into his flesh. "Hehe, you think that having the blood of a knight flowing through your veins will save you." Xavi sputtered the words through a blood filled mouth. The area became a deep sapphire, the street lamps, cars, buildings, everything became consumed by the aura. "Well that makes you no less of a street rat, after all, were is your pathetic father now? I am the heir to the head of the Tribunal, and that little boy, makes me future leader for every last demon scurrying about on earth, while you have a legacy of slaving for Lord Satan. I'm better than you!!!" Xavi screamed through a laugh. The energy aura suddenly erupted into a violent cyclone, a twister of cars and other things it had picked up. Xavi looked the other boy in the eye and stated plainly, "Die half breed rat." The other boy was pushed by a blast oof energy into the twister.
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