To help your creepy muse... maybe?

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  1. [video=youtube;4g3-aLhRvx0][/video]

    So.. I was watching this, and I definitely found it muse inspiring. There are definitely many things in there that could have a place in a roleplay. What say you?! What place did he leave out?

  2. Those dolls are creepy... x.x They stare into your soul...
    And I wouldn't even walk into that cemetery at night... I'll probably scream like a little B** ><
  3. I love this kinda stuff!
  4. Kehv was telling me about the Island of the dolls once. I think at the time I said it would make a good horror RP.

    It would totally make a good horror rp.

    I should make that into a horror rp : )
  5. That suicide forest is just... Wow. I kinda think some of those places shouldn't be on the list, like that Twin City. Sure it's odd, but not sure if I would call that creepy.
  6. Is it bad I've know of most of these by heart? D:
  7. Probably, but I would blame Cracked, as I do too.
  8. Oooo, this gives me more places to add to my travel list!
  9. Oddly enough it has given me some interesting musings to dabble with in my mind.
  10. The fox fears no doll or grave.
  11. I found that kind of awesome.
    though I was thinking about Supernatural the whole time..

    Whenever I feel like drawing or creating something creepy the song 'Hello, My Treacherous Friends' by OK Go always inspires me.
  12. I've always had a thing for Insane Asylums. I could care less about the other places...though the cemetery gets me every time o.o

    It might have something to do with the fact that my favorite creepy char to play is insane, but I honestly have more fun that way. If only I could do an Insane Asylum RP justice. T_T

  13. Even though a picture conveys a thousand words, I found some of the places as presented in the video not very creepy. However, visiting them in real life, I would probably have a different opinion about them, especially about all those mining towns, not to mention the japanese funpark and the cemetary. I might research them in the future, but I do not know if I will ever make my way to any of these places. I hope I do, though, for they would definitely worth checking out.
  14. I've seen pictures about that closed down Japanese Theme park and the picture chosen for that video did not do that place justice. There's a lot more creepy photos about that place and you can see how much of the environment is closing in on it.