To HELL With These Feelings!....sorta.

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  1. Having feelings for someone is NOT FAIR! >.<

    ...well it is fair...but that doesn't mean i like it.

    So basically...i have a question...

    What the hell do you DO!?!?
  2. If it's love/like/crush...


    No, seriously, it helps. o___o You tell them straight up that you like them. They'll either tell you whether or not they reciprocate right away, or take some time to think about.

    Then you know is it's a "yes" (yay!) or a "no" (aww D:) and you can react accordingly.

    It's always better to know how they feel about you as soon as possible. >>; That way if they DON'T like you, you can get over your feelings faster and move on.
  3. Was gonna chip in, but Diana's pretty much nailed it with this, I'd say. It takes some guts to be able to admit such feelings up front to the person in question, I know, but in the long run it makes life a lot easier.
  4. This woman knows romance. Be strait with her, let her know how feel. Its better that she knows and you know how she feels. Don't keep it bottled up, trust me been there. Three year friend zone veteran with the scars to prove it before that roller coaster his a brick wall. It you like her it mean you know her at least a little, so you'll know what to do. Its ok if you're shy or nervous, anyone in your shoes would be. No matter what happens, in the long run you'll be glad you told her.
  5. It's a lot better to be up front with your feelings or you never know how the other person feels about you and there's a certain cleansing to getting it over with and being rejected or to (yay!) being accepted. It's so much less frustrating to get your feelings out there and into the open, even if it makes things awkward for a bit.

    I have lots of awful stories if you'd ever love to chat about it sometime~
    I've had my share of silly crushes, but the moral is that no matter what happens, it's always been my experience that telling them your feelings is much better. And the worst response I've ever heard (thankfully not to me!) was "ew". So... >w<
  6. O.o wow... i'm so dense.

    i actually tried to drown out the words "i love you dammit!" with music (which worked actually)...that is until the wrong song came up and then it was all like D: noooo!

    i understand what you're all saying, and gosh you guys are brave! rejection hurts. -.- but i shall suck it up and tell him when the time is right....

    ...i'll probably never know when that is though... *sigh* stupid unintentional proscrasination!
  7. The time is right when you tell him. Not the other way round. And yes rejection hurts but its fast and blunt and better than a long drawn out process of unrequited love.
  8. Like most of the others have said before. It's always best to say something to the person, and get it off your chest. It really is, no bullshit about it. As for the right time? Hell that can be tomorrow, today, seven at night, or even fifteen years from now. Each one of those times could be when you worked up the courage to say something, so do yourself a favor, and saddle up, crack the reigns, and ride into the sunset to see if you get burned or not, ya dig?

    Huh... I should probably take heed of all the advise in this here thread myself, and say somethings to a girl I know.
  9. God speed to both of you.

  10. Good luck to both!
    It's all about finding the courage. No time ever seemed right to me and sometimes, that means that things will pass you by. You just have to take a deep breath and plunge into it.
  11. It does, I was rejected before I even had a chance to tell that person. That is the reason why I never talk to friends about who I like anymore.
  12. I have lots of stories where just telling someone worked out really well. Except I'm not always the type to tell.
    I started dating the guy I dated to prom because when we were sitting together one day, I just reached over and held his hand.
    When I'm nervous, I tend to sort of get a little bit (read: very) high pitched and sort of incomprehensible, so this works better for me. xD