To Hell and Back



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PLOT: A Templar goes through the Crusade of Jerusalem and along the way discovers a demon girl. For now, the Vatican commands that he holds the demon captive for the rest of the conquest, but she teaches him of the truth behind their Crusades. He soon decides to free the demon and runs off with her, eventually falling for each other. But will the forces of hell allow it?

Name: Nolan Wolfgang

Age: 24


Nolan was born an orphan into the Templar Order. He was raised by a priest and lived with the word of God for as long as he knows. He first proved himself worthy of Templar status when he traveled north and exorcised and killed a witch. Year 1099, Jerusalem.[/COLOR]

"Hold Vast, Knights of God! These nonbelievers shall be Baptized in the blood of their fallen and shall burn for their traitorous ways."On the outside of the city were men in armor, swinging swords, and spilling blood supposedly in the name of God. Brought to believe they were bringing justice to his name and becoming heroes. One who believed this the most was Nolan Wolfgang, a Templar of both famous and infamous reputation. His name was known by all hailing kingdoms for his work with a blade, a cross, and his life with the order. The Holy Bible and being a Knight was all he knew, being raised this way and whatnot. He stood in the center of the battlefield, making his way through each man with strong stokes of his sword. Scents of burning bodies and blood filled the air, almost thickening it with a mixed haze. It was a cleansing in their mind. Wiping the world of both heresy and mischief that threatened the holy lands.

They soon crawled at the door step of Jerusalem and started setting up the breach. Nolan was about to approach with the other knights, but soon received a dark feeling of something... watching him. Not on the field, but beyond that. He was being spied on from the distance of which he could not see. He did not know by whom or what, but he was watched nonetheless. He puzzled in his black armor and carried on with the Crusade.


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(Question: Do you have the truth behind the crusades planned out, or do I get to make it up?)

Name: Kira

Appearance: (Picture up later)

Age: Unknown

History: Unknown (for now)

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"Knights of God," she repeated quietly to herself. Kira knew of these knights, she had been keeping an eye on them for some time. None of them seemed to sense it, despite being men of God.

She wished she could get closer, see them eye to eye instead of simply seeing them. That was impossible though. She knew what they did to... Her kind. It wasn't pretty. Needless to say, she didn't want to cross their path any time soon. Then again, curiousity always did get the best of her.

Kira walked silently through the dark, destroyed town. Looking around, she breathed in the smell of smoke. "Hmm," she mumbled quietly. Something about that smell, she liked it. She knew it was bad to like things that meant death and destruction, but with her upbringing, no one would judge her.

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