To Hell and Back

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    The boy was young when the demon's saw him... perhaps two years of age. His green eyes and dark curls made them grin. They came into the night and killed hs family pulling him from his mothers cold dead hands, he was taken to hell screaming in fear and given to their dark lord, he grins and tips the boys face up, "give him to wrath. I will come for him when he is prepared" he was given to Wrath who would loan him to Lust and the two raised the boy for years, it was not until the boy was 8 that he met the devil once again and he had him chained to a slab and tortured, runes carved into his skin. He was given ruined meat and demon blood for his food. He was not given clothes. When he turned 10 he was released into hell as fair game for the demons, given nothing to defend himself. The only rule was, keep the human alive. It seemed the dark lord had plans for the runt.


    Tesa was born the daughter of a lesser priestess, worshiping the Goddess of mid realm, her hair was purple like the flowers and her eyes glowed with almost luminescent light. She was a glorious child gifted at everything she was given... her laughter brought laughs from others... at 8 she was playing 4 instruments and spoke 3 languages fluently, at 10 she bega teaching the young ones song and herbology. She was the picture of a saint.
  2. The boy in question has known nothing but pain and fear his whole life. His new experiences in the demon realm are really nothing out of the ordinary for him. All his life hes been around pain and suffering. Causing a fair amount of it himself in fact. The demons beat the boy untill he starts fighting back. He learns to be powerfull and ruthless in true demon fashion. He stops careing about human morals, perhaps because he no longer views himself as human however one thing is for sure. Demons stoppoed bothering him a long time ago and brainwashing has made him utterly devoted to the one true Dark lord. the morningstar lucifer himself.
  3. Lucifer grins watching his boy run through the realm. He had grown quite cruel himself, especially after they stopped providing the boy with food. He had grown slowly and the Lightbringer grins wondering what would happen if he were offered a woman, he snaps his fingers and a succubus appears [​IMG] Reia bows looking at him, "my Lord?" he grins darkly, "go to the human brat and tell him you are my gift to him for serving me so well. Give him some pleasures. We want him loyal so we can enter midrealm. Now go do what you do best" he slaps her ass and she grins appearing next to the human boy, she bows, "my dark one, the dark lord has gifted me to you for the future for your pleasure and use, he wishes you to know that you are proving valuable to his cause. I am at your disposal" She tilts her head and smirks, he was handsome at least.
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    The now powerfull warrior reguards her. she is quite pretty as he licks his lips. Not a virgin by any reguard he puts her against the side of a bar and pins her too it with powerfull arms to hold her as he kisses her deepley."Convey my apreciation to our dark lord." He says with a deep voice as he shamelesley molests her.
  5. She shudders pleased as he forcefully takes her and her body arches, "Can do master" her tail wraps down the inside of his thigh as he thrusts into her, she wants to see how he enjoys pleasure so she can maximize, "mmmm to summon me you merely must snap and call my name master, it is Reia. He will hear of your gratitude. He also expresses a wish to see you tomorrow night in his home. I would begin your journey post haste, he hates tardiness" she would never tire, she was a creature made for carnal desire.

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  6. His fingers splay inside her body."Is that backtalk Reia? I dont think so, he can wait a few hours untill i finish exploring my new toy." He says as his fingers pump in and out of her. He is quite partial to the sins lust offers.
  7. She grins at him and shudders, " mmmmmmmm do you like back talk Master? I can... fight you if you please or.... bite into that sexual lust that your surrogate fathers have taught you so well... it is always a pleasure to enjoy Lust's teachings" she grins, the boy had been Lust himself's toy for years and years, "I was merely suggesting you do not upset our lord to greatly... I like you" she grins fangs showing
  8. He smirks."I will tell you nothing. I order three things from you Reia. One, obiously you obey my commands whatever they may be. Two, you stay with me unless orderd away. And three you keep my secrets to your grave." The last is said with a tone that assures if any of these three rules is broken he will be the one putting her in her grave. "Now, let us depart for the Morningstars lair." He tells her, hailing a carrige and ordering the demon to drive them to the fortress in question. He beckons Reia to follow him.
  9. She arches a brow what an interesting human. She follows of him of course into her carriage with a grin, she was his. She sits on the seats and leans back her breasts were bare and her tail flicks seductively between her legs almost beckoning him to fuck her. She was the physical embodiment of pleasure... such perfection. She used to be one of the Lightbringer's personal women. She took her job seriously.

    When they arrive Lucifer grins, "she is quite well equipped is she not my son? Hope you like her" he grins darkly, "now I have a job for you my son" he leans forward, "after we carve you tonight you will be sent to mid realm. There are 13 seals, you must break them... each and every one so that I may enter the world. You will receive a country, full of women and lusts just for you. I will take the rest of the world. The Succubus is of course yours to keep"
  10. Fortunatly, this man is not so weak minded as to have a slave that owns him with her body, He does play with her on the carrige ride, his hand finding its way inside her. However when he gets to the dark castle he becomes pure buisness. He walks with an air of authority and bows before his lord."Thank you for the kind gifts you bestow upon me father. Of course i accept your quest for me. Such rewards would make it hard for anyone to refuse." He says as he shamlessley strips his clothing away, revealing many interlocking spiraled runes carved into his skin. Tonight is the last set to complete and activate the rituel."Father if i may have a small favour from you? May i take the succubus with me?" He inquires softly. Theres no point haveing a toy he cant use and if he isnt allowed to take her hell kill her now.
  11. She shudders and moans allowing him full access to her, perfection. "Mmmmmm master you are very good" she waits in the carriage laying provacatively for him when he returns.

    He smiles as his boy strips, perfect tool he had carved, "if you wish her to enter the realm... it is hard for a demon of her calibur to remain. Until the fifth seal is broken she will only hold a few hours. You may of course call her for your pleasures but she will have to return within three hours time or else burn. Now to the table" he takes her aside and ties him down a hand traveling the boy's legs, he had used him a few times himself... soft and fleshy this human was... he takes his knife, he will put the boy on his stomach when he finishes, slowly and sadistically he carves each rune taking hours instead of the minutes that were necassary. "You are in my bedchamber tonight my son, one last time before you go. Whip yourself, I like you bloody then get into my bed" he unties the boy and leaves to take care of something giving him time to follow orders.
  12. The boy nods. Such is the price of power in this court."As you wish milord." He will not call him father for this. He takes up a cat of nine tails and flogs his own back open and raw just as his master ordered before joining him in his bedroom. Hes not worried, whatever is done to him he will simply do to his slave later.
  13. He smirks watching the boy dripping blood, "good. On your knees, suck me and then.... I want to be inside of you. Hours. When I have released 5 times you are allowed to go. Tomorrow you will go to mid realm.... but now. Pleasure me human"
  14. The human simply nods and detaches himself, his eyes aquireing a blank look. In hell you cannot survive without a certain amount of insanity. As he gets on his knees and takes the morningstars member into his hand he wonders what will happen once he completes his task. He will of course do it...its nto that important he know anyway. He sucks on satans member with a skilled tounge.

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  15. He shudders and grips the boys hair, he releases once as the boy works him with his skill, Lust had taught him well after all, he grabs the human roughly and throws him on the bed stomach down and enters him roughly, "make sure you keep this interesting for me human" he grins and plays with the boys member squeezing it with a roughness not at all pleasant

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  16. For lucifer it will always be the same, sex with him is about domination so he lets him have it. Crying out in pain for him and grinding back against him. Sex with lucifer is nothing short of torture but he knows hes needed so he can be reasonably certain that hell survive.
  17. He smirks and by the end the boy is not capable of walking, " you'll be given a tonic before you enter mid realm". He snaps his fingers, " put him in his carriage, he and I are done" be is thrown back in the carriage with reia who glances at him. " ah, lucifer likes you master"
  18. The man, Drakir as named by lucifer himself cracks his neck and orders the carrige off."Aye, that he does and if your smart enough to do as he says you can become powerfull to a degree Reia." He lectures softly. His strong arms stroking her hair affectionetly."Put this tonic on my back to ease the pain of it." He orders softly.
  19. She smiles and comes over to him and runs the tonic on, " I can heal you master" she purrs her gaze laying on him with gentle pleasure. She was his for sure
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    Not at all bothered by his own nudity he nods."Then do so, you are to wait for me my pet. Once i break the fifth seal then you will be able to materialise in a more permanent fashion with me but untill then you will have to be satisfied with nightly summonings....and dreaming of the summonings in between are we understood?" He asks softly.