To Hell and Back.

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    "You'll walk through Hell for me."

    Genre: Modern w/ supernatural elements.
    Setting: College/urban area.
    Pairing: Human x Demon. MxF.

    It's summer break for all college students, and while many have vacated the premises to visit family or have fun elsewhere, one student in particular has chosen to spend their three months on campus. The first few days are rather nice and peaceful, as a light number of students have decided to stay and all are very quiet. Even better that our student of interest has their entire floor to themselves.

    However, after about roughly three weeks of being alone on campus, said student finally starts to feel the loneliness kicking in.. at the worst possible time, it seems. One late night, out of pure boredom, he/she decides to take a walk to the park a few blocks away to take in the warm night air. Upon arriving, they come across a rather ominous stranger, who is a bit creepy. Yet, they still manage to capture the student's interest, and vice versa.

    After hitting it off well on this night, they end up running into each other every day, and it doesn't take long for things to heat up... and soon after, things get a bit scary and possessive.

    Little does the student know that their newfound stalker lover has an unholy secret.

    tl;dr version:
    A college student meets a demon, little does she know, and things get a bit lusty... not to mention that the demon develops an unhealthy addiction and obsession with the human. The result? Nothing good.

    This is only the idea, we can change things here and there. It's not fully developed tbh, since I've varied it from other partners.
    I just REALLY want to do this. I can't find anyone who will actually fully commit, and it's quite frustrating. I either get a partner to do it and ends up quitting after 3-4 posts, or I can't get passed the planning stage. ;-;

    If you decide to help me out with this longtime craving, please be willing to commit. If you lost interest, at least tell me. xD I don't bite.

    Anyway, I'm really just looking for someone to play the demon. I don't care if you prefer the male or female role (I'm going to let you choose first because I play both genders equally), just be willing to play the crazy yandere demon, and everything will be eggs & bacon. c:

    Questions? Please ask!​
  2. I would LOVE to do this! I would prefer being a male character.
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  3. This is a great concept! I'm rather intrigued.
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  4. Awesome! I'll send you both PM's right now. c:
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