To Guard and Protect

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  1. Vivian Aruviel (the surname given to all orphans born in Aruviel's kingdom) was currently overseeing the training of the newest recruits to the royal army. They were scrawny, but she and the royal general were sure to fix that in no time. By the end of the week, these recruits would curse her with every fiber of her being.

    But they will be strong, she thought to herself with a small smile as she saw the soldiers-to-be going through sword exercises. Viv directed her gaze to the left where one recruit was tense. "Loosen your wrist, soldier!" she barked at the man, startling him into dropping the sword.

    "Not that loose!" yelled one of the soldier's companions as the man hastily recovered and sank back into his position. Vivian snorted at the comment, but tried not to let it show on her face and instead turned her gaze to the companion.

    "Focus, recruit!" She said, narrowing her eyes at him. The man quickly straightened up and went back to his drills as Viv turned around to the front of the courtyard, her medium-length brown hair slightly matted from the training session she has been directing all afternoon. For a brief moment, Vivian wondered as to where his highness was. Typically, she was always aware of where the Prince was, but today she was called in early to see to the new recruits' first day of training.
  2. Prince Brandel woke up that morning falling out of bed landing with a loud thud the guards burst into the room there swords out looking to find trouble Brandel looked at the guards narrowing his eyes.

    “As you can clearly see I feel out of bed so put those things away before you hurt your self’s.” The guard sheath their swords bowing their heads apologizing the prince rolls his eyes shaking his head.

    “it is fine where is my body guard? where is Vivian Aruviel?” the guards tell me where she is so he puts on his royal garments after telling the guards to leave and heads to the barracks where training for new recruits is usualy done he gets to the door way just as she is yelling at one of the recruits.

    “Now now Vivian Aruviel don’t be so mean I remember your first day as a recruit should I recount the day you dropped a sword on my foot?.” He said this with a cheeky smile.

    Brandel then looked at the recruits “if you follow Vivian Aruviel and the royal generals instructions you will all be fine solders you could not have a better trainer.”
  3. Vivian rolled her eyes and elbowed Prince Brandel in a way that was strange to all of those that don't know the pair. "You're a bloody liar, is what you are. I did no such thing!" She vehemently denied, but ducked her head under the praise he gave of her to the new recruits. "I came in rusty, but I could hold my own," she insisted with pride. "These men could use some experience on the streets of Aruviel like myself. They're almost as pampered as you are," she teased. Vivian cleared her throat to appear more collected and then sent a pointed glare towards Prince Brandel. "Not that I'm not glad to see you, your highness, but what exactly are you doing here? Just because the Royal Guard has summoned me does not mean you have to subjugate yourself to the rookies here," she said, turning her steely glare to the recruits who stopped training in order to watch the exchange. "Surely, there are more important matters for you to attend to?"

    Before she could say anything else, Vivian's attention was dragged away from the prince by a recruit. "Oh Lord," she mumbled as she strolled over to him. "Recruit, your enemies are going to strike you down faster than you can scream if you attack like that. Turn your body side-face, like so," she demonstrated.
  4. Brandel goes wide eyed as he is elbowed “yeah great way to treat your prince right there and last time I checked this was my father’s castle I can go where I please but your right I need to go to the castle library I only came here to let you know where I was I know you like to have knowledge of where I am feel free to meet me there when you’re finished with the rookies.”

    Brandel walked through the castle halls getting to the library he pushed the doors open walking in to the library looking through the row of books grabbing those he needs walking over to a table placing the books down as he sits at the table and starts reading the books studying the words.
  5. Vivian nodded along with Brandel's words as he told her where to find him. She wouldn't admit it aloud, but it did soothe some of her nerves knowing where her charge was. It wasn't necessarily that she needed to know where he was at all times, Vivian was not that type of manipulative person. But it did help to know that if something were to happen, she would know where to look for his majesty. It may seem like an irrational worry to many, especially considering how well the palace is fortified and guarded, but Viv was never the type to let her guard down, even amongst one of the supposed safest places in the kingdom. She had her own upbringing to thank for that, but she hardly complained. It's because she is the way she is that she's so good at what she does, after all.

    The next few hours with the recruits flew by quite fast, and before she knew it, the sun was high in the sky and the recruits' shoulders drooping low to the ground. She dismissed the men with a warning to be there early for tomorrow's training session. The men simply nodded and slunk back to the barracks and Vivian wiped sweat off of her brow before taking off the heavy armor she wore when sword fighting and training to replace with a lighter armor she wore when she wasn't necessarily on duty. The guard made her way to the library where Brandel told her he'd be and saw him perusing some books. She entered silently so as not to disturb him, and simply hung around browsing the shelves of the grand library.
  6. Brandel sigh’s running his fingers through his hair frustrated he places his hands on the table after closing the book thinking to himself thinking back to earlier in the day when Vivian called him pampered he wondered is that how she truly feels about me.

    Brandel reached over grabbing the glass of water putting it to his lips taking a couple of gulps rubbing his forehead as he looks over his the notes he has taken he picks up the piece of paper holding it standing up looking around the library he notices Vivian and walks to her.

    “Hello Vivian finished punishing the rookies? I have finished will you come with me I wish to spend time outside the castle.”
  7. Vivian didn't say anything else other than smirk at Prince Brandel's comment. "As you wish, your majesty," she said simply before setting the book she was holding back on the shelf and stretching some kinks out of her shoulder. "Now where would you like to go?" she asked as she approached the entrance to the library and held the door open for the man.