To Greener Pastures

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  1. Centuries of predictions, thousands of crazed prophets, hundreds of scenarios tossed around, and a few The End is NIGH signs later, it finally happened. The "Apocalypse." Governments were toppled, cities wiped off the face of the earth, millions left dead... truly a dark time for the world. It's weird what a few hundred nuclear warheads will do to a planet; yeah sure the radiation killed most of the vegetation and life, but in a way it was just what it needed. Like a big reset button the world was back to square one. But the human race is tenacious, we know that... we hold on like our lives really mean something, like what we do is important. There's nothing quite like a newly developing planet to make you actually feel like you're impacting the world.

    Years passed, people salvaged and began to rebuild. The radiation took it's sweet time to die off, you'd be lucky to find a bottle of iodine towards the end. Scientist say it was the radiation that changed our DNA... But hell I could have told you that. We breathed it, ate it, drank it, lived in it. It's had to do something right? Evolution is a funny thing, soon no one seemed to get sick from the radiation. We had adapted. Not only us, but the planet itself. Trees started sprouting up, the large wastelands starting coloring... Grass became a common sight. Where there had only been a few fields here and there soon there were hundreds of them, being a farmer was actually a profession again. The world was healing. Good times always come to an end though.

    Cities were vastly rebuilt, most of the roads had been cleared and cars and trucks repaired and re-repaired in a never ending cycle brought about by necessity. Power plants and grids were up and running again providing electricity to the surrounding areas. Before anyone realized it, civilization reared it's ugly head, and the Allied Humanity Coalition came about. Government. Soon there were laws again, regulations... This new world order sunk it's claws into everything it could and the people sat back and let it happen, I'd go so far as to say wanting it to happen. Sheep need a shepherd, even if the shepherd led them to the slaughter. What's a government without their secret police? The Drones. There was no official name for them, but that one stuck with the common folk. They were like drones working for their queen bee, the AHC, and would instantly quell any resistance. The laws and regulations began to encroach on people's human rights, but no one would stop them. Drones were everywhere, government funded death squads. The biggest offense? Drugs. Any type of drug. It soon became a type of flippant rebellion to do them, to smoke the grass cultivated in secret, to pop the pills made in laboratories... Anything this culture could get their hands on they did, simply as a big middle finger to those in charge.

    Society was now one big joke, there was constant turmoil everywhere you looked, tensions were always high on the streets as Drones patrolled doing random searches of civilians and residences. The faceless men who ran the AHC had more power than they knew what to do with. Every city was under their control, you could not get away. All cities were walled, only those given explicit permission and with the proper papers were allowed to leave and travel to other cities.

    We're a new generation though... something they didn't expect. People began to get powers, unexplainable abilities that manifested through puberty. Man were they pissed. Finally something they couldn't control or regulate. Funniest thing about these new breed of humans? They all had a burning desire for rebellion, like it was part of who they were to the core. They dressed differently, did drugs, killed Drones... anything they could to get that rush of sticking it to the man. A sub-culture was born, an underground the AHC couldn't control. The Radicals. They ruled certain neighborhoods, Drones even knew to steer clear. There were occasional busts, but over all they were left alone. It was either that or an all out inner city war.

    Who am I? I'm nobody, just another Radical who wants his freedom. That's all any of us really are.