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    • Walking home from school, another boring day in the life of Candice. The day was nice, blue skies and sunshine with the occasional white fluffy cloud passing by. It was so nice that she thought about cutting through an alley way to stop at her favorite candy shop on the way home to buy a few treats. She'd been running a little low on her snacks and she did have quite the sweet tooth. She popped a piece of hard candy in her mouth as she turned down the little alley to cut over to the next street.

      As she walked down the lane she noticed that it was longer than usual. She frowned slightly when the world started to suddenly warp around her! Everything started to twist and change as if the high schooler had just stepped into a nightmare. Startled, she quickly turned around to try and jog back to her usual route only to find nothing but endless strangeness. A shiver ran up her spine as she turned to try and cut through to the other side like her original plan.

      "I-it's probably just a circus or something...r-right?" she tried to rationalize as her legs trembled with each step, "I'm sure things are fine."

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  1. When the bell rang for school to end, Nick hoped out of his seat and ran out the door like every one else. ~Finally I can go witch hunting.~ Nick thought as he pulled out his soul gem. Nick sighed. "It's getting dark." Nick whispered to himself. As Nick looked at his soul gem, some kid pushed him and called him a gay for having that girlish jewelry. "Why does my soul gem have to look so girly?" Nick said to himself as he left the campus.

    On his way home Nick came across a strange alley way. Nick stared at the alley, and finally decided to walk down it. As Nick walked further down the alley, the scenery began to change. "I knew it." Nick said as he bent over to grab a nail. As he bent over, Nick's clothes changed into a blue suit. "At least my outfit isn't girly." Nick said as he walked further down the alley. After a few minutes of walking, Nick finally found the witch that was causing all this ruckus. "So I finally found you!" Nick yelled. The witch turned and looked at Nick.

    Nick smiled and jumped in the air. "ICE BALL" Nick said as he froze the witch in a giant ball of ice. Nick landed on his feet, and smiled. He smirk quickly changed as the ball of ice started to crack. "Man, and here I thought that this fight was going to be easy." Nick said as the witch broke out of his attack. Nick threw the nail up in the air and blew on it, turning it to an ice sword. "Let's get this over with witch." Nick said as he rushed the witch.
  2. Running along the, what could only be assumed was some sort of ground Candice noticed that there was some kind of noise ahead. There was a brief flash of blue light which made her curious enough to follow it. Though her legs trembled she needed to know what was going on. Muffled shouts made their way to her, causing her to pick up the pace. Unfortunately she couldn't get that far and spotted some creatures coming at her. A cry of fear escaped her as she tried to get away and find something to hide behind. She found a small path which went downwards and quickly followed it, unfortunately her legs were shaking so much that she nearly rolled her foot and started to tumble down the hill.

    Thinking quickly as she rolled she curled into a ball to try and minimize the pain and scratches she might get. When she finally stopped rolling she found herself near a corner. Slowly she stood up and dusted herself off before peeking around the corner. She saw the creature and a young man in a blue suit with some sort of....sword? She pinched herself to check if she was dreaming. "This can't be real...." she muttered as she tried to remain out of sight.
  3. Nick continued to fight the witch, but the witch was just to powerful to fight alone. The witch tried to slam it's fist on Nick, but Nick was just to fast for it. He jumped and ran on the witch's arm, all the way to it's head. Nick them jumped off it's arm. "ICE" Before Nick can even finish, the witch swatted Nick out of the air. Nick fell to the ground and made a huge hole.

    "Strange isn't it?" Kyubey said as he sat down in front of the scared girl. "He's what I call a magical boy. Usually their magical girls, but no this one. Nope, this one is special." Kyubey said as he stared at the girl. "My name is Kyubey." Kutbey said as he watched Nick get slammed to the ground again. "Man he's having a hard time with that witch huh?" Kyubey said as he turned to look at the confused girl. "I know what you're thinking. This can't be real, I must be dreaming." Kyubey said, obviously mocking the girl. "Do you want to help him?"

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    Candice jumped when the small cat-like creature appeared in her sight and sat in front of her. It sounded like it was talking....though it's mouth wasn't moving. She flinched as she heard the boy get slammed into the ground. So that thing was a witch? She shook her head. This little thing...Kyubey, was making fun of her. "How could I help? I don't know anything about magic or anything!" she said, "Besides....I'm not strong or anything....I...I'm sure he can do it...."

    For a few moments she watched, though she couldn't help but frown. "I wish I was strong enough to help....." She muttered to herself, "If I could be strong enough to help anyone in need.... that would be pretty cool....." She thought about it for a moment as she watched the 'magical boy' being beaten up by the witch. She was worried about him but didn't know how to help.
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    Kyubey walked around the girl. "Yes, you are not strong enough to take on this witch." Kyubey said as he continued to walk around the girl. "But if you make a contact with me, I can make you strong enough." Kyubey said as he sat down in front of her. After Kyubey said that he can make her stronger, she looked at the cat like creature confused. "Oh yes, you heard me. I can make you stronger. Just make a contract with me and I can turn you into magical girl. Of course if you accept the contract, then you are granted 1 free wish." Kyubey said as he stared at her.

    Meanwhile, Nick was still fighting the witch. "God, why is there no other magical girls in the city?" Nick said as he flicked across the room by the witch. Nick stood up. "Just die already!" Nick said as he ran at the witch. The witch grabbed Nick, and started to squeeze him. "Let go of me you damn witch." Nick said asd he tried to get out of the witch's hand." Nick then placed his two hands on the witch's hand, and it's hand started to freeze. In a matter of seconds, the witch's arm was frozen. "Now let go of me!" Nick said as he broke the witch's hand.
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    As the creature walked around her, Candice felt a little uneasy. There was something strange about this thing and the deal seemed too good to be true....but that guy needed help. She caught his words, wondering why there were no other magical girls. She looked to the small creature. "I can wish for anything? Anything at all?" She asked quietly as she stared at the creature. For now the boy seemed to have a hold of the situation though it could quickly change. "What do you get in return? What's your angle in all this?" She couldn't help but be wary of the thing.

    Then again....the boy needed some help and she was the only one there. That creature though...if it could do all this magic and grant wishes, why couldn't it help? She frowned a bit as she stared at it.
  7. "Any wish at all!" Kyubey said as he looked at the girl. The girl then asked him what does he get in return, and what is his angle on this. "I get another warrior to fight these witch's...." Kyubey said as he turned to look at witch. "and I can't really say what my angle on this is at the moment." Kyubey then looks back at Candice. "But yes you can wish for anything you want, but remember you only get one, so I would use it wisely."

    Nick landed on his feet after he destroyed the witch's hand. "Well at least it can't regenerate." Nick said as he tried to catch his breath.
  8. Candice frowned. She looked thoughtful as she sat there for a moment before standing up. "I-if it's to help him....then...I wish...I wish I could be strong enough to help anyone," She said somewhat firmly. The wish was fairly selfish too. She wanted to help others....but also help herself. She was very goofy on the outside and when she failed at things people tended to make fun of her. She wanted to show everyone that she was just as good as anyone else, she wanted to show off her serious side. She looked to the little creature, gathering all of her strength that she could.

    "S-so can you grant a wish like that?" She asked as she stood there. She was worried about the boy and she didn't exactly have time to think about it, but she was pretty sure this would work. Something in her gut was telling her that it was a bad idea but she ignored it. For now all she could do was steel her resolve.
  9. Kyubey smiled, on the inside, and then spoke up. "Yes, I think I can grant such a wish." Kyubey then blinked. As he blinked the girl floated 2 feet in the air, and glowed bright pink. The girl then turned back to normal and landed on the ground. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that her hole outfit had changed. She was now wearing a pink dress, and she had a wand in her hand. "There you go." Kyubey said. "Now go help Nick fight that witch, I'll just be here cheering you guys on." Kyubey said as he turned to looked at the witch. "Oh, and one more thing. I wouldn't get to far away from the necklace if I was you." Kyubey said as he turned to look at Candice.

    Nick was running out of strength. "God I swear, this witch must be on steroids or something." Nick said as he dodged another one of the witch's attack. "I need to finish this already. ICE...." Before nick can finish, he saw a bright pink light coming from the other side of the battlefield. "What the?" Nick said as he got hit with on of the witch's attack.
  10. Candice felt her body start to float and she shut her eyes as a bright light filled her vision. When she realized she was on her feet she opened her eyes and looked down at herself. She gasped softly and looked at the wand. Then she looked towards Kyubey for a moment before nodding and rushing out. She took a deep breath as she put on her serious face. "Hey ugly!" She shouted to the witch, "Leave him alone!"

    The top of her wand began to glow as a spell formed in her mind. "Candy....Crush!" She shouted as she raised the wand above her head. The sky shifted to what was almost a starry sky as large star-like candies rained down towards the witch. She didn't know if it was a strong attack but it was what came to her mind. She was hoping to distract it so this Nick boy could land whatever killing blow he needed to. Anything to stop this craziness.
  11. Nick stood up from the hole in the ground that he made. "Ow, I felt that one." Nick said as he dusted his head off. All of a sudden Nick sees that the sky shifted to what was almost a starry sky as large star-like candies rained down towards the witch. "What the?" Nick said as he saw the new girl. "A new magical girl?" Nick said to himself. Nick then thought to himself. ~Now's my chance.~ Nick looked at the which and put his hands in front of him. "ICE BLOCK!" As soon as nick said that, a hundred ice spears formed around the witch, and attack it. After all the spears entered the witch's body, the witch turned into smoke. When the smoke cleared up all that there was of the witch was it's soul gem.

    Nick went over to it, and picked it up. Once he picked it up, Nick reached in his pocket and took out his soul gem. He touched the two gems together. When Nick did this, his gem got lighter. Kyubey walked over to Nick. "Hey Nick." Kyubey said as his back opened up. "Hey Kyubey" Nick said as he threw the witch's gem in Kyubey's back. Nick and Kyubey then walked over to the new girl. "So new girl, what;s your story?" Nick said as he placed his soul gem in his pocket.
  12. Candice looked at Nick and watched him quietly as she held onto the wand. She stared as he touched the two things together before throwing the darker one to Kyubey. She felt a little nervous when they both walked up to her. Her eyes darted from side to side when Nick asked for her story. She tried to think of where to begin, after all it was pretty short. However she just decided to go for it. "I just...I was walking home from school and ended up with that thing....and you looked like you needed help!" She said trying to remind herself that there was no reason to fear him. He seemed nice enough, even a little familiar... However she shook the thought from her mind as the transformation broke and she returned to herself.

    Her cheeks turned a light pink as she stood there, feeling a little awkward just standing there. "M-my name's Candice.'s nice to meet you." She said trying to be polite, "I'm sorry, I'm not normally like this." She forced a smile onto her face, trying to hide her nerves, "I'm just a little shook up from all this."
  13. Nick looked at Candice as she told her story. "Ah I see." Nick said as the scenery changed back into an ally. "Well My name is Nick, and this is Kyubey." Nick said as Kyubey jumped up on Nick's shoulders. "I'm pretty sure he told you about magical girls and witches." Nick said as he placed his hands in his pockets. Nick then sighed. "This means I need to train you huh?" Nick said. "Yep!" Kyubey said as he moved to Nick's left shoulder. Nick then looks at his watch. "Well it's still pretty early. I guess we can go train real quick. Follow me. Nick said as he started to walk out of the ally.

    The three have been walking for what felt like hours. "Are we almost there?" Kyubey asked. "Yes, we just need to go threw these trees real quick. Try to keep up." Nick said as he turned to look at Candice. The two go threw the trees and arrive at an abandoned building. "Here we are." Nick said as he walked up to the door. Nick took out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. "Ladies first." Nick said as Candice walked threw the door. When she walked threw the door, Candice saw that it was just a big empty room. Nick walked in behind her. "I'm not done yet." Nick said as his legs turned to ice. The room then quickly filled turned into an ice room. "Sorry, I probably should have told you that it was going to get cold." Nick then made ice dummy's. "Now attack them."
  14. Candice looked away when he spoke and nodded shyly. "He sort of don't have to train me! I don't want to cause trouble. I just wanted to help," She said before sighing as he started to walk away. Reluctantly she followed after him only to end up walking for forever. She hadn't really planned to take so long to get home but she didn't seem to have a choice. She frowned more as they hiked. Her shoes weren't exactly meant for walks through the woods and she stumbled occasionally. When they finally arrived she reluctantly entered the room first. It was just an empty room.

    "It's...empty..." She said before he spoke up. When the room filled with ice she shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. "Attack? b-but....okay...." She felt something whispering inside of her. A gummy whip formed in her hand and she snapped it towards the dummies. Her magic wasn't very powerful yet and she didn't seem to know how to use it that well but at least she was able to somewhat do what she needed to. Honestly she didn't want to be so far away from her normal route home but she'd kinda been dragged along by Nick.
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    Nick watched as she formed a gummy whip, and attacked the dummies. "Very nice." Nick said as he unfolded him arms. "It seems that you were right when you said that I didn't to train you. I just wanted to see what you were capable." He said as sighed. "I guess I kinda of dragged you here huh?" Nick said as he rubbed the back of his head. "He's known for that." Kyubey said as he walked behind Nick. "We should get going huh? It's getting pretty late." Nick said as he left the building with Candice. "Sorry, again that I dragged you here Candice, as you can probably tell, I don't have many friends." Nick said as he walked besides Candice. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm glad that I don't have to do this witch hunting all by myself anymore." Nick said with a smile on his for face. "So if you don't mind me asking, what did you use your wish for?" Nick said as he put his hands in his pockets.
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    Candice looked to him when he spoke, a slight frown on her face. "Y-yeah you kinda did....I didn't exactly get a choice..." She said quietly, "My parents are gonna kill me for being so late..." She sighed and headed with him. "It's fine though....I least I made a friend today." She gave him a weak smile before he asked for her wish. She looked away as she walked with him. " was kinda stupid but....I wished to be strong enough to help anyone in need....Because that's what I be strong and help people." She said as she looked at the ground. She tried not to make any sort of eye contact with him. Most people would probably have used the wish for something they really wanted but that was all she could think of.
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