To Glorious Conquest - Mandalorian Crusade (Star Wars Rp)


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Peace, what a lie. Peace will keep you safe, a lie. Peace will see your family continue, false. The only thing that can do that is strength. Strength and power, and we have lost our way. The great history of the Mandalorian clans were based in war, conquer and glory. To keep you like a blade, sharp and honed for battle since the moment a weapon could grace the hands. Those times must return, the universe is weak and needs to be brought right once more. Get your bucket and prepare, we will begin our conquest and our people will be the best in existence. All foes will fall before our might, prosperity is not made by peace but by the glory of war.

Clan Mansil is strong and growing. With a Mandalore that wields strength and power to her name and step she commands respect. Leading her clan she will have those she counts on most. Those she holds as her closest warriors. She will need them to conquer for her clan's glory.

Spots open:
Mandalore: Ellsha Mansil (Soverign)
Mandalore's Right Hand: (Taken)
(Specialist of choice):
(Specialist of choice):
(Specialist of choice):
(Specialist of choice, possibly force sensitive):

**** Referring to the possibly force sensitive member of the team there are requirements for this to occur. 1) they must not have been apart of either faction of the force. 2) Having avoided Jedi recruitment they must have a line of work. Soldier, Bounty Hunter, ect. 3) And the level of their connection to the force must be stated. While being able to fight for themselves without the force ****

Character Sheet:

Special Equipment:
History with Clan Mansil: (This being how long they have been with the clan)
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