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The maker created the world in a flash of light. And looking upon the world, she said, "Give this world life, so that all may live as I do." And so human-kind had begun. <o:p></o:p>

Alisha looked upon the world a second time, and said "Give this world death, so that this life may end, and so life may begin again." And so, a third of the humans died.
<o:p></o:p>Life began everywhere, despite humanity's losses. Life sprung from every corner of the world, and animals came to live upon the earth alongside the humans.<o:p></o:p>The goddess Alisha was pleased. For this was her greatest creation. She called upon the humans, and said, "Create as I do, but do not experiment with life itself."

<o:p></o:p>As Alisha looked upon Earth millions of years later, she saw herself disappointed. In the first generation, hundreds of humans brought her offerings, each one with so much effort put inside to please their goddess. Now, there was nothing.<o:p></o:p>The humans had forgotten her. So, the goddess Alisha came upon her little world she had created, and saw it through human eyes. She would travel her world, and decide if it shall prosper through another generation.

(For those of you who are religious, please do not take offense to this material, as it is completely fake, and I do not really claim to be God.)

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Sounds pretty interesting. What did you have in mind? Also, please take a look at my latest interest check in the forum.
Basically, Alisha would go to a remote city and attend a school, specifically to see precisely what was being said about her in Social Studies. She meets a group of people and becomes friends with them, but she never reveals who she really is. One by one, they all find out one way or another.
So it's just a social rpg with supernatural themes?