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  1. The young woman stood off the the right of the room. She had been called here because she had one of the better grades out of her class. She was starting to wonder when the teacher or the Hokage would appear here to tell her what was going on. She was all right with waiting really, but at the same time she could be off hanging out with the few friends that she had. Hadn't the letter afte rall said not to be late? Maybe she shouldn't have come--but it had been a call from the Hokage herself, and if Tayla wanted to get anywhere in her life as a ninja, it would be better if she just went along with the Hokage's whims.

    With that in mind, the young woman sat down in her little corner. Her black shorts stopped about mid-thigh and hid more skin that her friends' did. she had never understood the short short's that some of the other ninja girls wore. A gentle blue-grey shirt covered her upper body. Comfortable but fashionable boots wound their way up to meet the ends of her shorts.

    Keeping her mind on the things to come before her, she sighed and scanned the room. She wasn't going to be alone at least. She had been told that at least. keeping that in mind she closed her eyes and relaxed back.

    The Hokage had been late. She had been stopped half-way out of her office to discuss the latest requests for teams with one of her subordinates. She rolled her green eyes as she walked quickly down the hallways, passing by people with a look of anger on her face that made the people get out of her way as fast as possible. Grinding her teeth, she entered the room she had directed people to take the two new students and the teacher to when they arrived.

    The woman looked around as her black hair swirled around her face. She was finally getting the ones that she wanted to pass her knowledge down to and she had been late. She internally kicked herself several times. How had one request confirmation created several more and more until she had been late? She wanted to kick someone else--probably the one that had first stopped her.
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    he sighed as she strolled through the streets of Konohagakure no Sato. The sun warmed her slightly dingy looking flesh, the air wisped her dreadlocks along its breeze like fine rain. She walked with such elegance and grace, yet at the same time had a tomboy type appearance to her. Her skin was dingy her clothes discolored from dried and wet sweat. She wore a black bodysuit that gripped her as tightly as she could get it, making it appear as though her body were going to burst from the fabric. Soft purple eyes, a pair of thigh high boots that gripped her legs and feet. The bodysuit working like a leotard, stopping just at the shoulders making it sleeveless, and traveling all the way down the legs, giving it a pants like look. She wore her leaf-headband on her waist like a belt, the item was stitched into the very spandex of the bodysuit. Her lips were full and lush her skin a dark chocolate brown. This Genin was Kusai Karie, the second to top ninja in her class, keeper of the Kusai’s Kekkei Genkai.

    Her journey to the academy wasn’t different in any way than normal. She walked by the downtown area, as was required since the Kusai lived so close to it, receiving her usual number of glares, glints, and stares. The business workers of that area knew her family well, after all they lived just two city blocks down and were the closet clan to the downtown area, this was done to appease the Kusai’s terms of agreement with the village when the clan was first established and annexed into the village roster. The reason for the glars was that good old Kusai perfume, sweat, body odor, and whatever else your body could naturally generate. You see the Kusai didn’t bathe much, if at all, the prime reason was because of their Kekkei Genkai. Not many bacteria could live in the skunk-like oil that was excreted with their sweat on a regular occasion, ironically almost all disease causing bacteria died on contact with the super-viscous super-dense royal-gold liquid. This meant that the Kusai stank, yes, but were as healthy as an OX.

    You see, the Kusai focus on a certain aspect of the human body. An aspect that no matter how strong the fighter, no matter how brilliant, how cunning, no matter how resourceful or how witty, they’d fall prey to it; smell, the enemies sense of smell. Sneezes coughs and gags all caused by bad smells, smells of which they could release at a controlled rate and enhance with their chakra. This went along with the oil that they gave ff which gave a bad odor. The Kusai were masters of wind jutsu of the body, blowing air, waving a hand, all of this was easily in the Kusai grasp. Because of that some forty two generations ago the Kusai began their techniques. It started first with a breath of air, it evualted into a burp, and was now commonly seen as a fart, a burp, a breath, a kick of the foot, a wave of the hand, even a lifting of their armpits. As long as you could smell them, which wasn’t that hard because of the Chakra enhancement causing a whopping Kusai record of five miles. Yes, one Kusai at some point in their life was recorded to have enhanced their smell so foully it matched the African Zorilla.

    So you see, the Kusai were like a sixth element almost, or so they felt. And as Karie made her way into the room were she was assigned, the last to arrive for sure, she was noticed, like always. The Kusai did have a heavy curse, they stank quite foully very often. In the normal distance a humans body odor could travel, that was the area of effect for a Kusai without their enhancement. However, that area of effect was subject to a much higher level of odor, especially with Karie, for this she had little, in fact, no friends from school. They were all Kusai. And they were all quite brilliant.

    aiyuri sighed as she was the first one to arrive at the academy. She wore a all white top with blue trimmings on the edges and around her chest. Her body was lean and mean but plump and fit. Looking very mature for her age. She strutted her mid back length, sea colored, hair with such pride. It was currently bound tightly into a small, almost miscible, bun. She wore a pair of round glasses, fitting her face to make her look so cute, but at the same time on the nerdy side. She wore her earphones in, like she often times did, in fact all the time. They were a wireless pair that she charged often. The songs of which that were played were so old most people of her generation had no idea they existed. Currently it was a beautiful jazz ballid called ”Can’t Stay Here’{/i} make her body move and swoon to the beats. Her skirt was beautiful, the same all white with blue trim as the rest of her clothes and went down to about her knees. Around her waist was nothing, unlike Karie who carried many weapons. It was as if she wasn’t worried about defending herself.

    Saiyuri was a talented girl, top of her class, analytical and wise. She kept up with even her teachers able to be extremely complex mathematics in her head. A mistress and prodigy of physics and low grade chemistry, the only thing Saiyuri didn’t have was the ability to communicate well with others. In fact, people frightened the holy piss out of her. She would refuse to speak, to this day no Sensei even knew her voice. She’s write, or use her bloodline of hydromancy and would literally force the water vapors of the air to condensate and answer the question. Ironically many people thought her dumb, stupid, or foolish. However Saiyuri was of such talent that during her exam they passed her before performing a single jutsu. It was said she walked in and they told her to walk back out, but the changed their mind and requested she do her best so that they could judge her caliber. She was a total of two years younger than anyone around her at this present time and, for whatever reason, didn’t care.

    The fact that the teacher hadn’t arrived yet showed two things to her. The first was that the teacher was an amazing professor and was one to be studied and focused on as if her very life depended on it. That being said one could assume this because the other Sensei allowed her particular anonymous sensei to be late and still have a job. The logic was that if they weren’t good they’d be fired, or moved, or both. The next was that they were important. So important that they had a bigger job, so big that it involved them having to be late, she assumed after all that no Jounin sensei would WANT to be late, that’d make teaching a group of students down right impossible because they’d never respect you. All things put together she concluded that she was receiving some kind of excellent teacher who would put all of the other teachers to shame in one area or the next.

    she sniffed the air when Karie came in, yup still just as filthy as ever. Karie bothered her, it made no sense for a girl to walk around filthy and dirty and possibly having every filth related disease ever. Though she DID know a bit about the Kusai she wasn’t impressed, she was grossed out. She didn’t want to fight along someone who’d fart on her and caus her to go flying backwards while being cut by the filthy air that she couldn’t breath in. she didn’t want to suffocate during a sparing match as Karie dodged the attacks making her enemies vision blurry, their breath quicken causing ventilation issues. No that wasn’t what she wanted, in fact she found it kind of gross. But Karie was a sweet girl, she should say a sweat girl… And would be treated with respect because she treated others that way. So despite her distaste for the girl and her life style she showed her respect.

  3. Her gray-green eyes watched as the last student entered the room, Tayla shifted uncomfortably. She had always been a friendly person—making friends with anyone she could get her hands on. Despite all this, she had never thought she’d get put together with the two girls that were in the room besides her.

    The first was a young woman that seemed to really like blue and white had been there before Tayla and seemed to want to keep to herself. The young woman hadn’t spoken to her despite the greeting she had thrown her way. Tayla couldn’t stand people that thought that they were better than others and could get away without returning a greeting.

    The second was the girl known as Karie. Tayla remembered trying to befriend the girl before when both girls were younger but had been repelled by the smell that the girl gave off. As discreetly as she could, Tayla shifted her arm to cover her nose. Even being all the way in the corner being farthest from the door, she could smell the other girl.

    Tayla got the biggest shock of her day though when the teacher finally entered. She scrambled to her feet, trying to blend easier in with the shadows around her. She had never thought in her wildest dreams that the Hokage would be their teacher.

    The woman that was the Hokage stood in the middle of the doorway, looking at the three girls before her. Shinju hadn’t paid attention when the group had been picked for her. She had simply requested that they be the three best out of their class. Her black eyes matched her black hair perfectly as she looked the three young women over.

    “Hello, I’m Shinju and I’ll be the leader of this team. Any questions?” She asked as she stepped into the room and closed the doors behind her, leaving her in the room with the students.
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    arie stared around a bit eyeing the girl in the corner a nod in her mid let her know that the girl was the same as the women in the past. She must’ve remembered her as That Smelly Kid and if she didn’t well her own smell had gotten stronger since then so Karie was sure she’d hate her still. Yes she was certain that Tayla, a wonderful name for a beautiful girl, didn’t like her one bit, in fact down right hated her guts. All because of a lifestyle, people were so mean!

    Eyes on the Hokage who entered the room she glared a moment and then relaxed her posture, this was no time to get angry over being late.

    ”So, you are our Sensei? That’s wonderful, should we all move to the front row?” This was a trick question. Karie hated being next to others that hated her, so the question was if Shinju wanted Karie to be with the rest of the team

    ow it was getting interesting. Three girls, three of them. Usually most of the teams had two boys and one girl, the girl being a medical ninja, usually. The occasional team, mostly especially rare, had two girls and one boy, However, in all of her research she didn’t find an all female team, this could e overly interesting. Eyes fixed on the Hokage she looked to the girl in the corner motions with a big hand wave for her to join her. Some how Saiyuri was going to try and communicate without having to speak for as long as she could.

    ”Come on over here, join us. Yes… You two filthy chick, we don’t like your stench but we have to be a team if we ever want to be better! So, I’ll hold my breath and you don’t do anything nasty deal?” Saiyuri thought quite loudly to herself. She could never be brave enough to say all of that, she was simply much to shy. Being so young older people, especially girls, thought they were so much better than her and so… Why bother?

  5. "Sit wherever you want," the older woman said as she walked in front of the three young women. "All I need to know is if you three can work together despite your obvious differences. I must say I'm not surprised that I got an all girl team. I always did think that women were smarter than men and I did request only the top three smartest students." She rolled her shoulders in a way to release the tension she had been harboring before getting there. "Any other questions my little ducklings?"

    Tayla looked at the girls that were with her. The three smartest? She raised her hand and stepped forward. "Why the three smartest students and not the three strongest? Everyone knows that the strongest is what any teacher wants, Sensei." she spoke slow and thoughtful. She had gone into the exams with the mentality that as long as she passed, she would be put with a decent team. She wasn't from any large clan so the likelihood of her getting onto a decent team were slip--but if she could get good grades she could get a decent team even if she wasnt' from a big clan. How had she gotten onto a team that the Hokage had requested?

    "Tough or strong is all relative. I think you all will be strong in your own way--ways that most don't understand. Say for instances this young woman here," Shinju pointed to Saiyuri. "She hasn't said a word but she has already mapped out, I'm guessing, ways to get out of this room quickly should I ask you to run a lap or something else idiotic. Knowing those exited could come in handy. You have probably already sized up your teammates and thought about how each person could be useful. And you aren't afraid to ask questions. A boy who is strong but has little wit could have lost the chance to find the exits, rather intent on fighting an oppoenent smarter and more powerful than himself. Girl's are so much more logical at this age. Any more questions, duckies?"
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    aiyuri looked at the Hokage in a fearless manner her eyes making an assured look but her body stills tiff, responding yes or now ould only disprove the Hokage’s point, or so she thought. Not ot mention Saiyuri, and Karie for that matter, were consider some of the more ‘gifted’ students. Having a Kekkei Genkai and knowing effective ways of using it meant that the enemy better beware when they went on the prowl, or so she felt. So she decided on saying nothing only on analyzing further. Escape roots were easy however, that wasn’t all she had looked at. She studied the rooms makeup, finding and noticing any and all water pipes she could use as secret traps for a fight. She memorized the locations of everyone within seconds only to use the traps she had to her advantage, she even was so slick and sleek as to watch you walk around in circles as she sat still, well depending on whom she fought.

    She raised her hand and waited to be called on patiently as she spoke up.

    ”Sensei, I do not want to be rude, impatient, or out of place. However, when are we going to leave to go train or something of that sort?”That was Saiyuri a candid girl who spoke only when it made sense for her to speak and who only said what was required to say. Some people rumored that she took a vow of silence, but in truth she just found speech a useless portion of being human.

    aire sighed as her ‘friend’ asked that dumb question. Tayla was a very intelligent girl but when it came to opening her mouth Karie often wished she would refuse. Intelligence is what mattered in a fight, not power. Intelligence was often times a dangerous weapon waiting to bite you in the rear end. For instance the ability to utilize ones sense of smell against them, sure she was being egoistical but if you don’t brag on yourself who’ll do it for you? She took a long breath as she stayed back from everyone not wanting the Hokage to notice her smell not wanting the Sensei to hate her guts yet. She sighed again her eyes looking right at her teacher again as she approached a bit more slowly moving back and then forward and then back and then forward. Until she matched stride with the other two girls. Tayla on her right, Karie on her left and Shinju, their beloved leader, was in front of her.

    ”Sensei, question? Do you think we can perform to your expectations, or do you think we won’t make it. I mean, we are just Genin, we are so new… so dumb. I was reading a book about the great ninja’s of our village, there were people who made Chounin and some even JOUNIN by our age… They were smart, maybe even smarter than us. They were strong as well. They exceeded in what they did, they were the best of the best…. A true ninja. So … I guess I’m just afraid that maybe we aren’t good enough we won’t meet your expectations.”Karie smiled a bit as she looked to her let and two her right Saiyuri had a grossed out look on her face, and why shouldn’t she, she was NEVER that close to anyone so she must’ve been at least four times worse than normal.