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  1. The air was cold and brisk as the sun began to rise from its slumber. Clouds were scattered across the sky, meaning it was a great day to start a boat trip. As the women walked, her boots echoed off the wood of the docks. Lylexiea's long blond hair blew around her as the wind tried to push against her. Her eerie green eyes looked at the large ship that rocked in front of her. The odds of there being another women on the ship was minimal, and could only imagine what was going to happen when all the men realized that there was a female on the ship.

    She hoisted her bag back up onto her shoulder, as she started her way to up onto the deck. The ship would be leaving soon, and she just wanted to find her room, and get this journey started. When she got closer, she pulled her hair around the right side of her neck, hiding a brand mark of what appeared to be an M. It was a story that she never told anyone. Most people that she asked never got an answer, or she would make up some bogus answer to get them off of the subject.

    Once her boots hit the deck, she felt like all the men turned to face her. She did not wear the typical dress as women wore, but instead leather pants, and a shirt that laid off her shoulders. She knew better than any, a dress when exploring is bad news. She wasn't going to wear normal clothes until she got to know the crew and figured out what they were going to try with her. She rested her hand on the hilt of her sword as she walked through the sea of men, finding her way into the room that specifically marked, as agreed upon, for her. She wasn't going to sleep with the other men. She didn't trust this load of scum, much as they probably didn't trust her.

    "So are you our cook for this wondrous journey?" A voice rang from the door way.

    Lylexiea's lip curled up in a snarl as she drew her sword and shove the man against the wall, her sword to his throat. "Speak to me like that again, and it will be the last thing that you said." She shoved herself from the wall, and placed her sword back where it belonged. She started back to the deck, and started to wait to see what exactly was going to happen from there.
  2. The sea breeze blew past his nose and filled his mouth with the salty taste he had grown to hate. And while he had let himself sleep far too long in the back of a pub, the others were surely already well settled and planning. Planning was bad. He had rushed out the door, boots unlaced and shirt stained. His brown eyes were hidden behind his furled brow and his hair was in disarray. The filthy mess of tangled, shoulder length hair was going to have to go. When he wasn't drinking he was professional enough to be scary, even terrifying. He'd changed though, as time and old enemies took hold of him he had little left to turn to than grog and war. But with war in short supply he was being forced into the demeaning life of a lowly, money grubbing mercenary.

    He hated the cold breeze. It made all of his old injuries twinge with phantom pains. Luckily he was quickly distracted as he turned another corner, this time revealing to him the ship that would be his home for some time on this asinine quest. It was nice for what it was. He adjusted his pack, taking weight off of his left shoulder. He took hold of a large barge rope and began to pull himself aboard, heaving his way up to wake up his dulled muscles.

    It was no great surprise to him that as he hefted his huge frame onto the ship he immediately became the largest person within sight. And thus he would already have eyes aimed at his back. He walked to the center of the ship and dropped his gear.His pack was heavy and huge. As well it should be, his second skin was in the enormous black leather case.

    Breacher had been aboard the ship for but a moment before calculating when and against whom he would fight in order to let the others know he was not to be toyed with. He sat down and rubbed the grime from his eyes. The strong ones will watch wile the stupid ones pick fights. he thought But the ones I need to worry about... He spotted a man in a dark cloak, the emblem of a cult that had once poisoned the great kingdoms,

    "Are the silent..."

    He watched a man in silver armor. His shield held the crest of a proud brotherhood of knights. He knew them well. And they had once known his blade.

    "The proud..."

    He caught a glimpse of two shifty rogues exchanging rapid conversation. Their eyes were filled with greed and their lips dripped with deceit. Silver tongues the lot.

    "The shifty..."

    And walking up from the decks below was a woman with daggers for eyes. She looked pissed, but they always do.

    "And women..."

    Breacher had seen what he needed to for now. Now to scout the stupid and the strong.

    "OI'! Who wants to fight?" He bellowed.
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  3. There the one women so far stood amongst dirty old . She was a tall women, not petite but not large. As she looked around, she noticed the eyes. Her hour glass figure both her blessing and her curse. It helped her in certain situations, and in one's like this she was only stared at. Lylexiea noticed a man getting closer to her, but before she could act on it, what appeared to be the largest man on the ship started yelling about who would fight him.

    "Calm down cannon. At least wait till we have started to move. That way you can just toss people to their death."

    She couldn't believe how angry the man already was. As she took her attention off the original man for a moment and directed it to the much larger man, they took advantage of it. She felt his breath before he was actually able to grab her. She pulled a dagger from the inside of her shirt and spun, the hair moving away from the light white scar on her neck. She froze, forgetting for a moment her want to hide the scar. The dagger was at the man's neck, and her green eyes seemed to pierce into his being.

    "That's the last thing you should have ever hoped upon." She said with a growl. She grabbed him by his collar and led him to the large man, kicking the guy to him.

    "Here big boy. Have some fresh meat. You want people afraid of you, then show them why they should." She shrugged softly and stepped back, unsure of what to expect from the man who she had to look up to talk to.
  4. Breacher watched the surprised man stumble towards him. He clearly didn't have much courage, couldn't muster more than a nervous laugh as he slowly backed away from the veteran. This party was a queer. It lacked the typical lot. This would be interesting.
    "Alright, times up..." Breacher grumbled.
    He rose and grabbed his pack, turned to head for his room. Which would be any room. He coughed up something nasty and began to walk. His shitty boots slapping against the wood were loud, and final. He made it to the entry way to the lower deck rooms. There was that woman. He didn't know to which group of liars she already belonged to, but it was worrisome to imagine he'd arrived to late for teaming up. He pushed past without a word and spotted a room that had no one going in or out. It was a bit nicer so he opened the door. It was alright.
    "Let's be sure."
    He opened the door immediately across from this one. It was not alright. In fact it was almost as bad as the filth he had slept in the night before.
    "And now we're sure."
    He stepped inside the nice room, tossed his gear. He unlaced the top of his enormous black sack and reached within it. From the darkness emerged his legacy, the great crimson War Axe. He smiled a cruel smile and began to undress in preparation to dawn his true skin.
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