To feed a Vampire

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  1. Ginger stood by her master's side as she always did for whenever he needed her blood. She was always jittery around him, with his impossibly fast movements and just the fact that he wasn't human. She was also always a little on the pale side from him taking her blood all the time. She had brown hair and brown eyes, which were always bored. No matter how much she tried she just could never get used to this lifestyle. She hoped someday to be free of it, but she doubted it. She sighed as she stood next to him, always ready for him.
  2. Her master let a small sigh, glancing to his blood-slave for a moment, contemplating taking another taste of her sweet blood. "Ginger, come here..." He spoke, his voice silken but rough, dominant but alluring. He was seated at his desk, his gold rimmed red eyes looking to her while he offered a small smile, barely revealing his fangs while he waited for her. He even moved his seat back, offering his lap for her to sit on wile he waited for her to join him. It was odd for him to have a dedicated blood-slave, he was so used to hunting but now that he was on the council he couldn't afford to be gone for long or risk himself in such a way.
  3. She walked up to him, seeing him scoot back his chair a little and slowly sat on his lap, as she knew he wanted her to, gently placing her hands in her own lap, watching him with nervous eyes.
  4. He offered her a smile while she sat, gently brushing the hair from her neck. "Tell me, Ginger, do you dislike your life here?" He asked softly, leaning in and placing a tender kiss to her neck, followed by a long lick from the base to her jaw bone.
  5. The quesion surprised her. He had never asked her that before. Why all of a sudden now? She continued to hold still as she felt him lick her jawbone. She looked at him, a little confused. "It's alright I suppose. Why do you ask?" She paused then quickly added, "Master." Before she forgot.
  6. "Just curious..." He replied tasting her pale flesh before he found the vein and sank his fangs into it. He did his best to push pleasure back into her mind to circumvent the inevitable pain while he drank of her sweet blood, never taking too much to leave her unconcious, just a bit dizzy.
  7. Her neck muscles tensed as she felt him bite into the soft flesh of her neck. She could feel blood trickle down her neck a little from the puncture wounds. It was a really odd senstation to feel one's blood being drained from their system. She could feel a slight spike of pleasure as he fed from her and a sigh escaped past her lips.
  8. He soon licked the wound closed, only taking a small amount to keep him going before he turned her face to him, offering a small smile. "You flinch less now..." He spoke while he offered her a kiss to her head, appreciation behind his motive.
  9. "Do I Master?" She wondered, not really sure how else to respond. She stirred a little in his lap.
  10. He let a deep chuckle escape him, "You do." He replied whispering softly in her ear while she shifted in his lap. "Tell me, what did you do before you got here?"
  11. She thought back. "I arranged flowers." She smiled a little at the thought and unconcously rubbed at her neck. She had always loved flowers, especially the roses. They were always simple yet elegant.
  12. He raised a curious eyebrow? A but surprised by her reply, then again the council could get slaves from anywhere. With a small nod he looked her over, "I see..." He replied seeming a bit sympathetic.
  13. She nodded and stayed where she was until he was ready to dismiss her. She looked past him, out of the big glass window behind him that exposed the city.
  14. He glanced out to where she did, "Perhaps I will take you out today. How does that sound?" He questioned looking to her once more.
  15. She stared at him in surprise. "Are you sure...Master? You...uh...don't have to..." She swallowed nervously a little.
  16. He chuckled softly. "I am sure, we'll get you a nice new dress to wear." He replied with a nod.
  17. She stared at him, unsure of what to say. Finally she managed, "Thank you Master." She looked a little puzzled and asked, "But...why do you do this?" She wondered, curious.
  18. He smiled looking to her, "Because, if you are to be my slave you should look good." He replied with a nod. The man was a public figure after all, many would inevitably see her.
  19. She sighed, not really the answer she had been hoping for, though she did expect it. "Oh." She looked down at her nails.
  20. "What did you think?" He questioned raising a curious eye.