To Everyone On Iwaku.

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  1. Iwaku is our home and a place where everyone comes together as a big family.
    The community has given us all joy and excitement.
    It gives us so many things, varying from activities, challenges and so much more.
    Iwaku is always doing its best to make sure that you have a fun, worry free environment.
    Iwaku is like a big home!


    Tell me Iwaku, how does being here on Iwaku make you feel?
    What do you love about the site?
    What parts do you favor the most?

  2. Tetsuri, What have you been smoking?
  3. Yes at times I agree! Iwaku is like a home! But sometimes I view it as a Friday night when the sun has just set over the horizon. The air is cool and has a hint of nostalgia in it. I can see the nightlife picking on my way walking back from work. I pass an empty alleyway and to my surprise I see what appears to be a person in a bunny suit. It gestures me to follow and with curiosity I do. It jumps down a manhole in a very animated way and I look down the dark depths with uncertainty. With a shrug and thrill of rolling the dice, I follow and leap in it as well. Amazed by what was hidden under the streets as I see vivid colors and people who are merry and friendly! We feast and drink till my hearts content as I hear great tales and stories. And when it is all said and done, I find myself waking up Sunday morning in the sewers. I look beside me to see a passed out bum and wonder what just happened.
  4. I was gonna post pix but the denizens of Smut scared me into not doing so. Too much anonymous background.
  5. Iwaku for me is like a community park/hangout. 8D Pretty close to home, but a public space that I have to share occasionally.

    I LOVE that, for many members, Iwaku goes beyond just an hour or two of online entertainment and that people have built real friendships and bonds with the actually PEOPLE behind the characters! That's what makes up a community and not just a website. People aren't just faceless names and text. There are real connections, good and bad. 8D I've never been a big fan on anonymity, even when I tried to force myself to it.

    My favorite part... huuum... I can't pick. >:[ too many good parts.
  6. Iwaku has become something of a swiss army knife. It's a playground, sanctuary, home. Thinking about it now, the thought of how close has dug into my heart is frightening. The connections I have made leads to me to believe that if Iwaku did end today, there would still be at least a dozen people that would still be in my life. Positives vibes are everywhere and it really helps me through a bad day, when I have one.

    My favorite part, would definitely be cbox. A place for a rper to have a good time and maybe spawn plots.
  7. Marce. 8D

    No. In order? Happy.

    People, Ideas, and Creativity.

    I have no favorite part.
  8. Iwaku has become my second home. Not only is this the place to express my creativity, it's also like Diana said..A giant hangout place.

    I love how well the community interacts outside of Iwaku, like how a good number of us play League. It's very fun and enjoyable.

    Can't say I have a favorite part, because I enjoy everything here.