To Darkness (M/M / Psych. Horror)

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  1. Hello hello! I have an idea floating about in my mind regarding a homeless young man and the wealthy gentleman that takes him in.

    NOTE I've checked all the possible themes we could include in the role-play. None of them are necessary.

    Basic premise:

    Character A is a wealthy man who lives in a large home in an otherwise unpleasant neighbourhood. He's the man the young kids whisper about potentially being a killer, a pedophile, or some other kind of horrible monster. He knows several of the "bad kids" and homeless folks around the area, mostly by faces. One particular street rat (Character B) is continuously getting into fights, and takes a particularly nasty spill in front of Character A's house one evening. Seeing this, Character A comes out into the street and offers to take Character B in, if only temporarily.

    Character B is hesitant due to rumours, but being hurt and rather senseless, agrees. He finds that Character A is not very scary after all; in fact, he's a very kind, generous man, who treats him very well. This continues on as Character A builds Character B's trust, all the while keeping a very dark secret to himself.

    I have a character in mind for Character B, so that's who I'm asking to play. Seriously though, this character is hella old (like 12 years, man) and developed and I've just been really wanting to do a role-play with him, and having done a similar story with him in the past, I'd like to use him here.

    Additional themes:
    - Age difference. My character in this role-play would be 19-20 and I dig the whole age difference thing so I'mma just put that down here. Things more pertinent to the plot, I.E. potential 'dark secrets' for Character A:

    - Human trafficking/sex ring
    - Organized crime
    - Unidentified serial killer, who would be grooming character B to be his next victim (quite open ended, here)
    - Some kind of supernatural: demon, vampire, whatever.
    - Some strange amalgamation of all three.
    - Character A can be a sociopath or not, depending on your interests.

    - Due to the nature of this role-play I'm looking for a partner that is comfortable with darker themes and, if not already experienced in writing them, is willing to learn!

    - I'm not interested in 'seme/uke' dynamics or flimsy, one dimensional characters. I put a lot of thought into my characters; I would appreciate it if you do, too.

    - I don't mind doing more than one role-play with the same partner, especially if we get along well!

    - I would appreciate a good grasp on grammar, spelling and the ability to tell an engaging story. I like to talk with my partners and exchange ideas; I want to get excited about the role-play with you! I get very sad when my partner is just passive and doesn't communicate with me. :(

    - I tend to write quite a bit, but please never feel pressured to match me exactly. I have no 'word minimums' or expectations, other than 'no one liners.'

    - I'm not 'rapid fire'; I'll sometimes take a while. However, once I'm really into the role-play, I can get out multiple replies in a day.

    That's it. If you're interested, let me know!
  2. Ah~! I shall contact you shortly!
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