To catch a thief: Ragged ritches

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  1. The upper City

    The upper city, where the rich dwell apart from the poorer classes and nobles call their home. Streets paved in white and banners in the royal purple flutter everywhere. To one used the squalor outside it's walled perimeter they might think they had stepped into heaven.

    Even with nothing but the moon to light it bright colors bled through, grand houses surrounded by lavish gardens, closed shops full of luxuries and finery worth more than the average citizen outside saw in a year.

    One of the smaller houses close to the wall belonged to the Windsell family, Once knights serving the royal court for generations they were elevated to nobility and granted lands outside the city. Now they were much like any other noble family.

    Gileon Windsell, a young nobleman raised on the stories of his grandfather was no knight, but wanted to be. Young enough to dream and yet old enough to have the determination of an adult he was restless, and often wandered the halls of the house at night, looking at the collections of heirlooms, armor, and weapons he was forbidden to get near during the day. On this night in particular he was i a room where the spoils of wast wars were kept on display. Leaning over the crown of a long dead king.
  2. The night seemed darker than usual, but that didn't bother Akai, because darkness was what she loved. The shadows were her home. She had slept a few hours at a small room in the local inn, and now that full night was upon the city, she was ready to move. Splashing water on her face, she adjusted her dark grey tunic, ran fingers through her messy auburn hair, and slipped her dagger into her left boot. Tonight she had an important mission, one she had been waiting for for a long time. For the last week she had been hiding in the shadows outside a local nobleman's house, watching his every move, spotting a treasure that would make her not have to live in the cheap rooms of inns. Possibly even buy herself a new tunic.

    Dropping a few silver coins on the front desk, behind which was a sleeping innkeeper, Akai slipped out into the thick darkness of the midsummer night. Warm, humid air pressed around her, and she sprinted through the backalleys, ducking past a window which still had a light on despite the late hour. Her target came into sight quickly. The small yet still grand house. Something she could only ever dream of living in.

    Skirting around to the side of the house, she found the window she had figured would be easiest to get in through. At this hour, the house should be silent, and all should be asleep. However, upon peering through the window, she saw a dim light on, and a figure near the prize she sought.

    Drat. This would not be as easy as she had planned.
  3. He did not know what the time way, only that it was late and he was tired.

    Extinguishing the light he yawned and loved to the door, giving the room one last look before pulling it closed. In the corridor he shivered as a draft blew through.. a window must have blown open. He sighed and looked down the corridor for it and was some curtain blowing.

    Looking down the other passage towards his warm bedroom then back at the curtain he stretched and began heading for the open window. Someone had to close it or the entire house would be cold when his parents were waking and then the servants would never hear the end of it. They had enough on their plate.

    He didn't know he was being watched or that the window hadn't opened on it's own. They were in the upper city and there were guards on every street corner. Who would even try to rob here?
  4. Had someone noticed her? She’d never been caught before. Her heart started pounding with nervousness, something that was usually only excitement. Who is awake at this hour? Daring to peek in the now-closed window, she saw a figure walking away down the hall. She wasn’t about to give up.

    As soon as he turned a corner, she gently pushed the window open again, climbed up, dropped down silently, and closed the window again. Her worn leather boots made no sound on the smooth marble floor. Crouching low, she made her way down the hallway, her keen eyes adjusting quickly to the darkness. It wasn’t long before she reached her goal, and there in the display sat the prize she’d been waiting for. Stopping for a moment to listen to the silence and make sure there was no one around, she reached into the case with her gloved hands, grasped the crown, and slipped back down the hallway.
  5. He yawned as he moved back along the corridor his eyes half closed and hr stretched his hands reaching for his... wait...


    He stopped, he had left his bedroom key on in the displaying room... well if it was found there he would be in trouble. There was nothing else to do but go back after it. He turned, and walked back mumbling to himself until he rounded the corner he had just passed and saw something in the darkness. Something moving something...


    He was dressed in nothing but pajamas, unarmed, and had never been in a fight what wasn't a sparing match in his life but where many other soft nobles would back down Gileon was braver, or perhaps more foolish.
  6. Shit.

    She had never been caught in her entire life. Should she fight? Turning to catch a glimpse, she saw that it was a young man, quite handsome. She didn't want to hurt him, so she opted to turn around and try to run. Boy was that a mistake.