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  1. Welcome to the Z49PI Solar system, fondly referred to as the butt crack of the entire Universe. Inhabiting its twenty-nine planets are all forms of life, most of them being rather...unsavory. One particular planet, XR42, might as well be a giant, round bar.

    Sandy and hot, XR42 is home to intelligent life, though the intelligent part is debatable. Among these beings are bounty hunters, and they're all trying to escape the law and successfully nab a huge payout.

    Success is all in the way you look at a situation, right?
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  2. Sand. Fucking sand. Fucking sand everywhere.

    Halcom shoved a swinging wooden gate open and glowered at the remaining bar patrons. If any of them were conscious, it was just barely. Most of them laid with their heads on the bar counter, though some had actually used the floor as their beds. Hal rolled his eyes and stepped over bodies as he made his way to the tender. Short though he was, a mere five feet and five inches, Hal was still a relatively formidable young man. At 27 years old, he was stocky and lacking in excess fat, though that may have been all the running away from things his "job" required. He stood with nice posture, a side effect of his military stint, and held his arms across his lower chest. Dark red hair curled behind his ears, and framed constantly glaring blue-gray eyes. He had a strong jaw and thin lips. Altogether he was not unhandsome, but his general demeanor kept most people at arms length, just like he liked it.

    The tender looked at Hal with a tired expression on his face. "What can I do you for, Hal." It wasn't a question. The tender knew as well as Halcom what he was there for, but they played this game every time. Hal was not, after all, an avid drinker. He had a tendency to always over-drink, which lead to arrests, which lead to breaking out of jail, which lead to the current total of 67 warrants. Hal pushed an inebriated four eyed alien from its stool and sat in its place. The pink skinned being fell to the dirty floor with a thud and moaned. Hal sighed. "Listen. I need to know if there are any jobs. I'm running out of money and a man's gotta eat. You know this."

    The tender very cautiously started wiping the bar with a dry, dirty rag. He stared intently at the wood, which was rotting in some places. He looked back up, and was just about to reply, when the doors banged open again signaling the arrival of another patron.
  3. "I just want to get paaaaaiiiddd!" Jason whined as he walked into the bar- Following a... Female? The woman was dressed in leathers with a brown overcoat over it- Though her coat was pulled back just enough on the left side to reveal a revolver sitting firmly in its' holster as she made her way to a table in the bar- Ignoring the glances, cat-calls, and general attention of a few of the men- Giving most her attention to the tailing man who was dressed in similar leathers with a black over-coat and... A purple beany with little straps dangling off the sides pulled over his head..?

    It looked terrible- A disaster in the making for sure for the man's style but it was made up in the fact he was built. He bore broad shoulders and a thick, barrel-like chest that made him look rather intimidating despite the silly looking disaster of a beany. To make it worse he towered- Standing at 6'4, well over the average of most men and he carried a large looking package strapped to his back. A rifle case perhaps..? It was nearly four and a half feet long and locked up at two points- And other than that package the man didn't seem to really have any other weapon on him. A dangerous thing for someone who had been a rebel- Marked by the insignia sewn into the side of the man's left boot.

    "Why do you always have to take the jobs that never get us paid?! I need money woman! How else am I supposed to... Do my things!" He'd scoff as the woman pulled out a chair and eased herself down into it- Only to stare at the man blankly- Almost as if seeing if anyone else would come in to break the two up.
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