To capture a Beast

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  1. Spring, 1890. In the halls of the kingdom palace, a new form of evil has begun to grow stronger. The emperor, a wise and peaceloving old man has accepted a dangerous gift from a travelling merchant without a name. This evil moves in the shadows and has never before been seen by man. The only way to destroy it, is to capture it with the use of the new technology called "Photography". These boxes are said to capture light and darkness, leaving only an image of the trapped reality behind.

    Uruna is late for the meet-up at the trainstation. Getting his hands on this new form of technology was harder than he expected. But atleast they were all there now, safely resting in his backpack. Not only had he got the "Cameras", he had the instantaneous, new model, that exposed the image in less than a minute! The clock in his vestpocket showed had taken a blow during the escape from the cameramakers house, so he had to ask the stranger standing next to him what time it was.
  2. Elsa could hardly wait to get out of the house. Her mother always made her clean up all her project before she could leave but that never helped in the creation process. Part of the process of creating or building was having things laid out so you could see what you were doing but her mother didn’t seem to get this. Giving in and doing her best to keep the peace she just took to keeping large hat boxes that were stacked in the corner of her room.

    They held mostly parts of her contraptions and loose bits of this and that. Some tools, old parts, new parts and things she knew she would need sooner or later. So un-ladylike but she didn’t care. It was covered up and she even added the nice touch of putting pink dollies over them.
    Scooping up her dog and his newest carriage she headed for the park. Today was the day she was going to try out his newest carriage. The poor thing was subject to all her creations. The perfect size four pounds, two ounces the little tan Chihuahua with one white ear sat in the center of this steam powered scooter like contraption with legs. It shimmed and hissed.
    Elsa stood by with a controller and long wire. “Hold tight Henry, here were go.” Dressed in her traditional long navy blue dress with and dark brown overcoat, matching dark brown lace up boots that went up to her knee almost. Elsa was the trademark for her class. Not the part of the upper class but certainly not poor. Her long auburn hair was tied back with many ribbons and to see her with this odd object and dog was a nearly comical. Hearing a voice she turned.
    Looking around she had to listen again over the hissing of the contraption Henry was in. “Henry you hear something?” Her companion only whined and blinked.
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  3. "DO YOU KNOW THE... I MEAN... COULD YOU BY ANY CHANCE TURN THAT THING DOWN?" Uruna asked loudly, but smiling, intrigued by the strangers unique clothing. The dog was barely visible to him, but from what he could tell it looked calm. Or as calm as one could in a contraption like that. The thing buzzed and whizzed, hissing in a way that he had never heard before. He tried to make contact again. "You wouldn't happen to be Elsa, would you?"
  4. Why yes. Yes I am. Has my mother sent for me already? I only just left.” Huffing Elsa flipped a small leaver on the carriage and it hissed and kinked over to one side coming to a dead stop. One leg didn’t go down and she looked at it.

    “Oh great, not again.” Bending down to mess with it her tiny pooch jumped out and stood by her not barking at the stranger he only looked up.

    “I know I fixed this thing. I know it.” Digging in her pocket she took out a small wrench. She tried taking it apart right there but it wasn’t coming undone. Giving up she scooped it up and waited for Henry to jump into her arms. Then she turned to face the man. Nodding to him she blushed and felt the wind kick up her hair and blow it around. Once it stopped she gave him a slight bow.

    She was short for her age and but looked healthy. “Ok, ok thank you I’m heading home. More chores I’m sure. More and more things to make me lady like…” Else mumbled under her breath.

    Slowly she turned to go not even sure what the man wanted. Her mind was going hundred miles an hour. Looking at her contraption she thought about what might be wrong.

    “Henry do you think that blue wire was caught again?” Pausing Elsa looked at it. “Maybe the joint connector is to short. That has to be it.” Mumbling to herself in the middle of the park strangers looked at her and then kept walking. Elsa missed the stares.
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