To Bring Back What Once Was Mine

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  2. Nathan sat in the chair beside Sage's bed, hunched over, arms laying on his legs as his fingers laced together. His hands clenched with sudden anger, and stayed that way, until his knuckles were white. Two months. Two months she'd been in this damned coma. Nathan peered at the floor, eyes puffed up due to recent crying. It was hard, to see her laying there in such a weak state. Her body was so battered and broken. That lively girl he once knew hardly had life in her anymore.

    "Sir, it's past midnight. Why don't you go on home and get some rest?" A nurse murmured quietly into the room, as she opened the door.

    Nathaniel cast her a hateful glare. "You'd think after every night of me giving you the same answer, you'd quit asking."

    The woman shook her head, and closed the door, leaving the room with only Nathan in it to make sure Sage was okay. "How to be brave," Nathan murmured, glancing over at Sage, "I'll wait everyday for you. If you hear me, I need you to know that."

    Nathan stood, and took a step closer to her, falling to his knees next to her bed. He took her hand in his and pressed his forehead to it, closing his eyes. "If it takes a thousand years, I'm not going to leave you. I wouldn't for a thousand more."
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  3. Sage didn't know where she was. She just wished the incessant beeping would stop. It rang in her ears. It rang out through the darkness for what felt like forever. How long had she been there? In the darkness? It only seemed like yesterday her and...She couldn't remember, but she remembered a car. That's all she could remember, a car. She felt so stiff. Her whole body ached, but she couldn't piece together why it ached.

    Slowly, she managed to open her eyelids. It felt like she putting two pins directly into her eyes, but she pushed through her pain. The light was blinding and she attempted her bringing her hand up to shield her eyes, but something prevented her from doing that. It was a man, a man she didn't know. Her eyes widened as she listened to what he was saying. She didn't know him. Why would he be saying such things to her? Now that she truly thought of it, she wasn't sure of her own name, where she was, why she was there, she didn't remember anything.

    Sage let out a weak cough as she attempted at pulling her hand away from Nathan. Hoarsely, she called out, "H-Hel-p" Her voice was barely above a whisper, but it was her only attempt at trying to get away from the man beside her. Were they married? Surely, not.
  4. Nathaniel's eyes popped open like a sudden burst of a firework in the blackened sky. Quickly, he laid Sage's hand down beside her, and stood, gazing down at her with vibrant eyes that were swarmed with many emotions. Happiness, concern, sympathy, excitement, but most of all, fright. Why had she whispered for help? What was wrong? Nathan was frozen, unable to talk from the shock that her awakening had provided him.

    The young man's eyes locked onto hers, and finally, a joyful smile was placed on his lips. "Sage," he breathed, "Sage you're awake."

    Nathan had to refrain himself from hugging his best-friend- she was probably still sore. "You're awake!" He repeated a bit more loudly, voice hoarse as laughter suddenly shook his body. "Sage, h-how are you? Are you okay? How are you feeling?"

    Nathan began bombarding her with worried questions.
  5. "Who are you?" Sage attempted at backing away from him, but she could only go so far in a hospital bed. She was terrified to say the least. Why was this man calling her Sage? Was that her name? She didn't know, but she highly doubted it was. Tears began welling her in her eyes as she shook her head, "Get away from me! Someone help!" Her voice was still a hoarse whisper as she desperately wanted someone to hear her. She tried to sit up so she could get a better view of where she was. Where was she? Looking around her eyes grew even more wide. Was she in a hospital? How had she ended up there with a stranger beside her bed? Wiping furiously at her now wet cheeks, she continued to move away from Nathan.

    Sage let the tears fall as her eyes darted around the room. Why was she left alone? Why was there so many unanswered questions? She didn't know, but it terrified her. Everything about this situation terrified her. She had been alone in the darkness for so long. She wanted to return to her sanctuary. It would make her feel safe and whole again.
  6. Time seemed to slow down as Nathan's blood ran cold and the realization entered his mind that she didn't know who he was anymore. The smile faltered into a broken one, the kind of smile that distorts your face when your beginning to cry. That bittersweet smile. Nathaniel felt a tear tumble down his cheek, and then another, as he staggered backwards. "No," he murmured brokenly.

    Nathaniel's face was suddenly pressed into his palms as his shoulders bounced with the signs of sobbing. "You can't do this to me," he said angrily, voice slightly muffled. Though it wasn't Sage he was talking to. No. It was someone else. "You can't do this to her. How could you do this to her?"

    The door burst open and a doctor as well as a few nurses erupted into the room. "Sir, you have to leave," a nurse said firmly, putting a hand on his shoulder- in which he jerked away from her and glared at everyone.

    "Nathan, she doesn't remember you. You can't force this on her, she's scared! You need to go!" The doctor snapped.

    "I'm not going anywhere! I'm not leaving her!" Nathan spat back, voice raised; his fists were clenching.

    The doctor huffed, and strode up to the eighteen year old, clearly pissed off, "Get out!"

    "NO!" Nathan shouted, jerking that fist back and launching it forward; his hand collided with the older man's face sending him stumbling back and landing against the wall. Blood began to stream from his nose, and of course, the doctor appeared to be shocked.

    Two of the nurses took to action and drew Nathan back, dragging him out of the room as he cried out, "Sage! Sage you can't do this to me! Tell them you know who I am! You can't forget me! Sage, I need you! Please! Sage!"

    Nathan had been a crying fit, voice strained as he screamed and pleaded for her to remember him. He was heart-broken. It was evident in his eyes.
  7. Sage curled her knees about halfway to her chest, her legs too stiff to move any closer. She buried her face into her legs, her hands over her ears as she shook her head furiously. They were being too loud. She wanted them all out of the room. She was scared and she didn't know why these random strangers were there. Why were they screaming? Why should she remember the stranger who had been at her side? She began to cry as she buried her fingers into her hair. She didn't know what to do. Should she have? She didn't know. She just wanted to be out of the room. Looking down at the wires that lined her arms, she began pulling them out. Each time a needle slid out, she couldn't help but to contort her face in pain. Once everything was out of her body, she slowly tried to stand up. They were distracted, they surely wouldn't notice her getting out of the bed. As the stranger landed a punch on the other stranger, she froze in her spot. Her eyes were like saucers as she stared at him. Had he really done that? She fell from the bed as she legs couldn't support her and she slowly hid herself away into the corner of the room. Not looking up, she repeated over and over again, "Stay away from me."
  8. Finally, they managed to get Nathan out of the room, leaving only a nurse in the room. It was the same nurse that had checked on her every night, as well as Nathan. The woman looked tired. She sighed, and glanced at Sage. She offered a light smile.

    "They're gone, dear. No worries. But you need to get back in bed. You're still weak from the accident. If you calm down, I'll answer all your questions and clear everything up, okay, sweetie?" The nurse's tone had been friendly and full of warmth; her eyes had been kind and honest.

    The nurse walked over to Sage, stopping a few feet away and extending a hand to help the young woman up. "Take my hand. I'm here to help you."
  9. Sage looked up at the woman warily. She wasn't sure who to trust at this point. For all she knew this woman was there to hurt her. Looking her over, Sage made the quick decision to trust her. The woman after all did have scrubs, so she worked there right? By that point, Sage had established she was more than likely in a hospital. It didn't make sense as to why, but she guessed she would have to accept it. Taking the nurse's hand into her own, she smiled weakly, nodding, "Um...Thanks. I think." She leaned against the woman for support as she sat down on the bed, looking up at her, "You'll answer my questions?" She had so many questions. It would take hours, and what if this woman couldn't answer them all? Sage did know what her first question would be. She needed to know who that man was. Perhaps he was as delusional as she was, because that could be the only explanation as to why she woke up with him next to her.
  10. "I'll answer as many as I can," The nurse smiled, strands of her blonde hair falling in front of her face. "Though, I think it'd be best for me to explain to you what happened and why you're here. I can't tell you much about who you are."

    The woman sat down beside the young girl, and smiled hesitantly. It was clear that this was hard news to deliver. "Your name is Sage; I was informed that you had amnesia. In case you aren't sure, that means that you don't remember anything about the past of yourself due to a horrible head injury. Your memory has a high chance of coming back, but it's uncertain. If it does, It'll be a while and it will happen slowly. You have amnesia because of a car accident you were in. Your sister was killed, pinned to a tree. It's actually a miracle you lived, sweetheart. Consider yourself incredibly lucky. As for the young man that was in here, his name is Nathaniel, but he is commonly referred to as Nathan. You two have apparently been friends since your early childhood. You were in a coma for two months, and he hasn't left since. He spends every night in here and makes sure you're alright. I was loosing hope that you'd come to. We didn't want him staying here the rest of his life under false faith. You two are seniors, and he basically dropped out of school to be here with you. I can tell he cares deeply about you, so don't be so quick to shove him away, dear. I hope that cleared some of this mishap up."

    The nurse grinned weakly, "My name is Angela."
  11. None of it made any sense to her. It didn't make any sense. She but her lip in thought as she asked, "Where are my parents? Shouldn't they be here instead of Nathan...or Nathaniel, whatever his name is?" She couldn't remember anything. It was like this dark hole that didn't make sense. None of it made sense. She ran her fingers through her hair, shaking her head, "I don't believe you. I don't believe you." None of it could be true. Sage believed that wholeheartedly. But then again Angela had said she had amnesia. Then could it be true? Sage didn't know and in her heart, she knew she didn't like the feeling of uncertainty. All of it made her feel sick to her stomach, or maybe that was the after effects of waking up in a hospital with a strange man at her side. Sage closed her eyes, asking softly, "May I speak with him?"
  12. "Of course," Angela nodded, quickly standing up. The nurse exited the room, and then everything was silent for a few moments. The door opened again, and the tall eighteen year old came back in, face expressionless as he walked over to the chair, sitting down in it and crossing his arms.

    The young man's frantic pleads and cries had faded into sheer anger. Anger that Sage didn't remember him. Anger that this happened. Anger. The doctor had yelled at him, as well as some of the other staff. The people outside had looked at him like he was some kind of monster. He didn't mean to have that temper, but he did. He just wanted his friend back. That's all he wanted.

    Nathan said nothing, and simply stared blankly at the wall, unsure of what to say and to angry to say anything that wouldn't come out too harsh.
  13. "Angela said that you're name is Nathan and that we were childhood best friends. Is that true?" Sage looked up at him, immediately flinching away. She could feel the anger rolling off of him and she regretted allowing him into the room. What had she been thinking? This man clearly had anger issues.

    Sage reached out her hand in an attempt to comfort him, but she pulled her hand away before their hands could touch. She didn't know this man sitting in front of her, so she shouldn't be the one to console him.
  14. "Of course it's true. Why in the hell else would I be wasting time with someone who doesn't remember me?" Nathan snapped. After a moment, he exhaled deeply, as if he was letting the anger go. His fists slowly un-clenched, and his palms opened. Nathan shook his head as if the whole situation was worthless as well as hopeless.

    "We grew up together, Sage," he murmured, glancing at her as he turned his head to see her. Nathan's eyes were saddened and disappointed, "It was us against the world. Then this happened and you can't even look at me the same. I know I'm a monster. But you used to know me differently, you used to know why I have this damned temper. I can't get rid of it. Not now. I stayed with you for two months, and you have amnesia. I don't know how to handle this. I just want my friend back."

    Nathan shook his head, and glared at the floor, "You'd be selfish to say you're going through a lot. That I should feel bad for you. You don't have to watch the person you care most about completely forget you and stare at you like you're a maniac. It's the worst feeling in the wold."
  15. Sage jumped back as he yelled at her. They had been friends? That nurse, Angela, hadn't been lying? Hanging her head low, Sage felt the tears welling in her eyes once again. She couldn't do this. She just couldn't. What had she been thinking about inviting him back into the room? She must have been insane. That had to be the answer. She felt no connection to the young man sitting in front of her. She began wiping at her cheeks furiously as she tried to contain the sobs that began to wrack her body. Shakily, she ran her fingers through her hair. She didn't know why she ran her fingers through her hair, perhaps it was a nervous tick, but she didn't know. That was the scariest thing to her about her current situation, she didn't know anything. Murmuring softly to Nathan, she said, "I don't know you, I'm sorry."
  16. Nathan winced, and he was almost sure he heard his heart shatter after it had been so badly cracked and broken. The boy leaned back in his chair, taking a shuddery and quiet breath as he tried to keep his temper under control. This was hard for him. How was he supposed to handle this? Was there any right way to handle this?

    Nathaniel stood, and began walking towards the door. That was the thing about him. He was always so quick to give up when something mattered- as his hand rested on the doorknob, he close his eyes and pressed his forehead against the door. "I wish I was the one that was in a car crash and had amnesia. You don't deserve what you're going through, Sage."

    As Nathan turned around and looked at the young woman, he realized what exactly he was about to give up on. Not this time. Quietly, his hand was taken away from the exit's handle, and he walked over, sitting on the bed beside her.

    "You're not getting rid of me any time soon. You might not remember me, but I remember you. I never really saw you cry much, but you're still beautiful when you do, you know. The only bad part about it is the fact that you're sad," The young man murmured, "I'm not letting you go. I'm going to help you remember if it's the last thing I do. Don't even try and protest, it's not going to work, Sage."

    For the first time, Nathan smiled softly.
  17. "I'm clearly broken, why would you want to help me? Even if we were friends." Sage looked over at him, her light brown hair falling into her eyes. She didn't understand why he wanted to help her. They didn't know each other, well she couldn't say that. She didn't know if they had known each other before this accident that her and her sister had. In her heart, she felt a twinge of guilt of no feeling anything over the loss, but she didn't remember her sister. She didn't remember any of her life. Why should she feel guilty? For all she knew they were lying to her about what really happened. Nathan could be an ax murderer and she was basically trusting him. He did say she wouldn't get rid of him so easily, that could've been a warning right that. Sage averted her eyes away from Nathan as she looked out the window across from them. She could see the city skyline, but she didn't remember it at all. Burying her face into her hands, she let out a long breath as she tried to remember something, but nothing came to mind. It was a dark and bleak uncertainty, and she couldn't even pull one memory from it. How was Nathan suppose do help her if she couldn't help herself? Sage didn't know, but if he was willing to try, then she might as well be willing to listen.
  18. "Because I care about you too much to not to take those broken pieces of you and piece them back together," Nathan murmured, genuine certainty in his tone. "I know that if this had happened to me instead, you would have done the same. I know you."

    Nathaniel reached over and swept the few strands of her hair that had fallen in front of her face away, behind her ear. "I'll do whatever it takes to help you remember. I know all about you- well, because we grew up together and I was the first one you told when something important happened. First off, I need to see if I can get you out of here. If I can show you your old house that might draw back some memories. But- you may have to live with me."

    Nathan took a breath, "You never wanted to talk about this, but I guess it doesn't matter since you don't remember now. Your parents died when you were twelve. There was this whole big deal.. It was all over the news. Robbers broke in the house- you were actually with me, at the time. It was late at night and they murdered your dad when he tried to fight back, and killed your mom while she dialed 911. I just remember I felt like shit because while it happened, you'd sneaked out of the house to go down to the lake with me and skip stones. Then again, I thanked God because you were safe. I just can't imagine what went through you parents' head- that their little girl was up in her room and they couldn't save her. I don't know. I've always felt guilt because of it, especially since you shut down for a few months. Your sister moved back in the house- she was twenty-three at the time. So she basically raised you up afterwards, all on her own. So now, you're old enough to move in with me, but I don't think you can pay for the house and you don't need to be working in this state. You're only seventeen, too."
  19. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she subconsciously leaned into Nathaniel's touch. She closed her eyes letting out a long sigh. Even if she didn't remember him didn't mean she didn't enjoy his touch. It was soft to her and it comforted her. She didn't know what made him comfort her, but she supposed subconsciously, he was there. When he mentioned living with him, her eyes grew wide and she didn't know what to think. Why would she-but the he started his story about her parents. Her mouth fell open and she searched his eyes for any sight of his deceit. Only problem was she couldn't find it. As he spoke, she couldn't help but to feel bad. There was no pang in her heart from hearing of her parents death. There was only disbelief that it had happened. Was her family just a beacon for bad luck? Sage didn't say anything for a few moments, but eventually she asked, "Why was I with you?"
  20. "Because I asked you to be, at school. Your parents wasn't going to allow you to see me since I was grounded- I don't even remember why. So we both sneaked out of our houses to see each other and hang out and the lake and skip stones. It was fun." Nathan began laughing softly, eyes sparkling, "I just remember I pushed you into the lake and you started screaming because a fish brushed past your foot and you thought it was a snake, so I had to jump in after you and we both walked home soaking wet in the middle of September. Then it started to rain and we played in it and danced and laughed. Years has gone by since then. We used to spend so much time at the lake it wasn't even funny. I hold onto those memories."

    Nathan realized that, over the years, his feelings had developed from a simple friendly care, to a undeniable love for her. Now she didn't even know him.

    In The Middle of September (open)

    So, as I was writing this, I remember a song by one of my favorite bands and was surprised by how much it related to their story and this situation he's explaining.
    In The Middle of September (open)

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