To Bring Back What Once Was Mine

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  1. | TΦ βRIηG βΛCK ωHΛT ΦηCε WΛS MIηε |


    This romance story centers around a teenager and his best-friend, a.k.a, you. When he finds out that the reason you haven't been showing up to school or answering his phone calls is that you were involved in a terrible car accident, his heart sinks and all he can think about is seeing you.

    Let's rewind.

    Nathaniel and your character go way back; they first met when they were in first grade. Nathan remembers everything, every event they went through since then. It's always been the two, against the world.

    There's only one problem- you don't remember.

    The accident left you with amnesia, in fact, it's a miracle you even lived. Your sister, whom was driving at the time, was pinned against a tree by the car, practically cut in half but still together- only because the car kept her together. You stayed in a coma for an entire month, and Nathan never left your side. Despite an army of people telling him to go to school or get out because visiting hours were over, he stayed, your hand in his.

    When you wake, you don't remember him, or anything else for that matter. The doctor tells them that if her memory even comes back, it has to be natural and it can't be forced. So, Nathan continues to stay at her side, broken-hearted you don't remember him. As time goes on and he tells you stories about their memories together, you slowly begin to remember- at the same time, you and Nathan fall for each other.


    • You are required not to give me history. To bring you a sense of having amnesia as well, and to help your character remain clueless, you learn about your past from Nathaniel.
    • The two are in their senior year, which means they are seventeen-eighteen.
    • Most of this Rp will take place at Nathan's house; that will be explained during the Rp.
    • Please be an advanced, detailed, and descriptive writer. I expect at least a paragraph or two.
    • Be able to write strong emotion. This is going to be a tear-jerker at moments.
    • I know sexual themes is one of the content ratings, but this means they may get a little bit closer, depending on who joins this and what you're comfortable with.
    • School does not take place within this.
    • If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!



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  2. Jeez, I'm tired. I put a romance sign-up thread in general partner requests. Please do ignore my ignorance caused by exhaustion, hehe.
  3. Would you mind if I joined? I think this would be a really interesting RP. (:
  4. I'd be glad to have you! :D Thanks for the interest, by the way. ^_^
  5. Yay! I'll have my character up soon, sorry it took me so long to respond. I was working on a reply for another RP. (:

    *cough* Roll Tide *cough*
  6. I understand. Ain't no problem. x3

    *Cough*Heck yes, Roll Tide*cough*
  7. NAME: Sage Revis

    AGE: 17

    GENDER: Female

    APPEARANCE: Click Me :3

    PERSONALITY: Before the accident, Sage was your normal teenage girl. She was happy and well rounded, clearly going off to college. She loved life and many could say that she was drunk off of it. The young girl was someone everyone could love. After her accident, things clearly changed. She wasn't the same girl everyone knew. The "new" Sage was more quiet and reserved, but there was still a spark in her eyes. Something no one could deny.

    {Okay, I don't want to go into too much detail, because I find myself better at developing as the story goes along. I hope this is okay. (: }

    OTHER: When she was first allowed to go home and she saw her room for the "first" time, the first thing she was drawn to was a small bracelet that her and Nathan had made together in secondary school. She quickly slipped it on, not realized who made it, but she liked the pretty colors. Now she wears it all the time.
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  8. NAME
    Nathaniel Adkins




    Nathaniel, when you first meet him, is a soft-spoken and quiet guy. You'll notice he won't say much and will usually let others do the talking before he will. Though, if you can manage to be stubborn enough and become his friend, he changes almost completely. Around those Nathan generally cares about, he can be sarcastic, witty, and humorous, as well rebellious, even. Very determined and firm with his opinions and beliefs, he'll stand up for anyone who needs it as well as what he is passionate about. He's not really like most guys, being that he's not afraid of his emotions and can give great advice and listen to the needs of others. Incredibly loyal and selfless, he makes for a great friend and someone that can easily bring a smile to someone's face. Though, he's far from perfect. Nathan has an impatient temper on him that can easily be reflected into hateful words he'll regret later. He also gets easily upset, stressed, and/or worried, and frets about things that are out of his control. Nathan's also very protective, which can add to the violence he tend to have at times.

    Nathan has turned out to be a rather fine young man despite his past. When he was in elementary school, his father was still around and left them his first year of secondary school. Though, even though it was hard on the family, money-wise, it was for the best. Nathan's dad had been an alcoholic whom was violent and often beat on his mother and sister- his father's attitude and temper sadly melded into some of Nathan's personality, and he hates himself when he finds himself acting like his dad- the last person he wants to be like. His little sister, Susan, is only thirteen right now, and growing up without a father is harder on her than it is for Nathan, so there are times when he has acted like a father for her when need be. The two are closer than the average siblings due to their history. Their mother isn't exactly rich, and works out of town for long periods at a time. She's hardly ever home and that leaves the two with practically nobody, but Nathan works as well, and takes care of Susan when their mom can't be home. Nathan's school life is about average, but he's never been popular or too widely-liked. All he ever needed was Sage, though.
  9. He's so beautiful. Oh my gosh.
  10. I love his character so much. ^_^
  11. How would you like to start the role-play off? Or, when, exactly, since the other mentioned she was allowed home before when we would start.
  12. I can change that or we can add it into the role play after we do start if you want to start earlier.
  13. How about we add it in to the role-play as we go? I like the idea of it. :D I was hoping we could start when she came out of the coma and he was there, and it would be a real "feelsy" type of moment. XD
  14. Yeah! I like that! :D I guess I should go and get some tissues in case there are tears. xD
  15. Hah, I have 'em ready! I'm listening to some good music that will get my emotion flowing for some heart-wrenching writing!
  16. Haha would you like to start or me? If I start I may not have a reply up until tomorrow, because I'm an over thinker and am going to really think this one out.
  17. I just got this because I was typing out a reply. x3
  18. Sorry I disappeared! I fell asleep, then my mom had to go fill stores and stuff today, so I went to go and help. Sorry. x3
  19. You're good! :D
  20. Okay, so who should start?
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